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  • Planmeca and Navigate Surgical Technologies join forces to launch innovative solutions for dental implant surgery

Planmeca and Navigate Surgical Technologies join forces to launch innovative solutions for dental implant surgery

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Dental manufacturer Planmeca and Navigate Surgical Technologies (NST), a provider of real-time surgical navigation solutions, are pleased to announce their cooperation. This partnership aims to provide dental implant surgeons with technological innovations that will deliver enhanced patient outcomes through improved accuracy and precision, as well as through simplified digital workflows.

Dynamic surgical navigation combines all the benefits of free-hand guided surgery and CBCT diagnostics with optical tracking technology that allows 4K cameras to track in real time the position of the clinician’s drill relative to the patient’s anatomy. The technology enables more accurate and more predictable implant placement, as well as easy identification of vital anatomical structures during surgery, resulting in a potentially less invasive procedure and an optimal restorative outcome.

The partnership between NST and Planmeca will bring dynamic surgical navigation to Planmeca dental units equipped with the new intelligent Planmeca Solanna Vision operating light. The operating light is integrated with two 4K cameras, so additional cameras will not be needed during surgery.

Dynamic surgical navigation is based on a pre-operative CBCT scan. During the surgery itself, Planmeca Solanna Vision’s integrated cameras track the dental handpiece and the patient. The precise angulation and position of the drill are visualised on the patient’s CBCT scan in real time, guiding the clinician to perform the surgery as planned.

“We are really excited about this cooperation,” says Jukka Kanerva, Vice President for Planmeca’s Dental Care Units & CAD/CAM division. “NST’s innovative real-time surgical navigation solutions combined with our high-tech dental equipment will bring completely new dimensions to the placement of dental implants.”

“We are thrilled to complement and support Planmeca’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art equipment to the dental profession with our optical tracking technology,” states Marty Dymek, CEO of Navigate Surgical Technologies. “Innovation that simplifies workflows and improves patient outcomes is a winning combination”.

Planmeca and NST will be showcasing dynamic surgical navigation with the Planmeca Solanna Vision operating light during IDS 2019. The technology is not yet available in all markets. 

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Jukka Kanerva, Vice President
Dental care units & CAD/CAM division, Planmeca Oy
Tel. +358 20 779 5848
Email: jukka.kanerva@planmeca.com

Navigate Surgical Technologies
Marty Dymek, CEO
Navigate Surgical Technologies
Tel: +1-949-350-3722
Email: marty@navigatesurgical.com

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