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Prevas has delivered profitable solutions for the future for over 20 years. At Prevas, we see the establishment of long-term relationships with customers and deep insight into our customers' operations as the basic requirements to being able to create customer benefits.


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    We have already been collaborating closely with Argeo on a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) this spring. Our consultants have extensive experience in providing assistance and advice on HxGN EAM. It’s very exciting for us to be part of Argeo's ambitious journey ahead. Prevas is seeing great demand for its expertise in HxGN EAM and, this year, we have hired several new employees who are consolidating our leading position on this platform in the Nordic region.
    Einar Alexander Andersen, President of Prevas AS
    Argeo has made an important platform choice through the acquisition of the EAM solution from Hexagon. The agreement with Prevas will contribute to better management and control of our operational activities.
    Ronny Bøhn, COO of Argeo
    It's great that we can utilize people's experience and skills to create system support that provides even higher yield from human resources. The repetitive tasks are handled automatically and this frees up time for training, preventive maintenance and work with improvements, for example.
    Erik Forsling, project manager and operations consultant at Prevas
    Our employees are knowledgeable of production. By investing in automation, we can better utilize their skills and experience.
    Niklas Lindh, production manager at Moelven in Töreboda
    We are now 13485 certified as one of the only development houses in Denmark. Certification is proof of the expertise we bring to our customers' design and development projects. Our focused work in the heavily regulated development of devices for the life science sector gives us knowledge and experience that benefit our customers.
    Henrik Møller, who heads Prevas operations in Copenhagen
    We have an excellent and long track record when it comes to developing medical devices. With this certificate we can provide additional support to companies in the design and development phases.
    Mette Dahl Meincke, Team Manager for the Life Science Team in Copenhagen
    This is a good and complementary addition to our ambitions to consolidate our position as a premium supplier in advanced product development. Not least, we are further strengthening our ability to take on product development projects in which we take responsibility for everything from innovation to development and then verification, testing and preparation for production.
    Hans-Erik Wikman, regional manager at Prevas in Stockholm.
    We are happy to join as a node in Prevas’ network. This gives us good opportunities to further develop our operations and we see tremendous potential in refining and combining our excellence with Prevas' strengths.
    Philip Nyströmer, CEO of BitSim NOW AB
    This is truly a fine diamond. The whole concept fits very well with our strategy of offering high value to our customers and at the same time offering an attractive working environment for our employees.
    Johan Strid, CEO at Prevas AB
    This ranks as a cutting edge acquisition and it is great that we can deliver on the goals we have recently announced regarding both profitability and growth.
    Johan Strid, CEO at Prevas AB
    I am very pleased to be able to present Helena as our new Prevas CFO and look forward to our continued collaboration. Helena will continue to modernize and streamline our support functions and expand the conditions for further growth in a decentralized environment.
    Johan Strid, CEO and President, Prevas
    Andreas has had a key role at Prevas and is a big part of the success we have created in recent years. I am extremely grateful to Andreas and for the great collaboration we have had. We wish him all the best with his new challenges.
    Johan Strid, CEO and President, Prevas
    With this, we make clear our growth ambitions, while maintaining and to some extent sharpening our profitability targ. The demand for our capabilities today is very high and the long-term trend is also clearly increasing.
    Johan Strid, CEO for Prevas AB
    The clients we want to attract to Prevas should have advanced expertise in their fields and want to achieve that extra quality that you recognize when you see it. We have implemented a decentralized organization and cultivate a culture of networking and collaboration based on passion and business drive. We’re striving to welcome new clients during the year.
    Johan Strid, CEO for Prevas AB
    The goal was to link the automation systems with the MES. “Previously, it was the operators who were the connection between the two systems, which entailed a risk of incorrect entries and quality deficiencies, in addition to unnecessary work. During our internal discussions, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to build the system on a configurable standard platform that can also be used in the future for other applications besides PAS-X.
    says Mårten Åkesson, head of the automation group at McNeil
    The company has solid business operations and a strong history. Following the merger with Evotech, we have together with the minority shareholders evaluated the best way forward, and determined that the company is best developed in another constellation.
    says Johan Strid CEO Prevas AB
    The payment we receive can be used in conjunction with new potential acquisitions.
    says Johan Strid CEO Prevas AB
    It is extremely important that SolarSack is inexpensive, easy to use and safe. If users do not feel they can rely on the water treated in a SolarSack to be safe, they naturally fall back into old patterns where they, for example, cut down trees to provide firewood for boiling their drinking water
    Poul Bundgaard, COO, 4Life Solutions
    Safe drinking water can significantly reduce the occurrence of a wide range of diseases such as cholera and typhoid. 500,000 people die each year as a result of having no clean drinking water. We would like to help minimize that number
    Poul Bundgaard, COO, 4Life Solutions
    That’s development at record speed. In my 20 years in the industry, I have never heard of anyone being able to launch such a complex product within this timeframe. But it was essential because Covid-19 is upon us.
    Andreas Claudi, CEO of Sentispec
    This is a highly significant product able to save lives. We are convinced that it will be a success worldwide.
    Henrik Møller, President of Prevas in Denmark
    Scatec Solar operates in a forward-thinking and exciting industry, and their choice of Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management is a further reflection of how this company is run. Now they get a scalable solution that gives them access to more of Infor’s extensive solutions portfolio in the cloud, and we are proud to be one of their suppliers in the future.
    Einar Alexander Andersen, responsible for Prevas in Norway
    We believe this will be a big step in automation for OMV.
    Geir Jåsund, Business Development Manager at Prevas AS
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