Prevas interim report January – September 2021

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Strong quarter.

July - September 2021

  • Net turnover 252.9 MSEK (158.7)
  • Operating profit/loss EBIT 31.3 MSEK (13.4)
  • Operating margin EBIT 11.9 % (8.4)
  • Profit after tax 24.5 MSEK (3.9)
  • Profit per share 1.92 SEK (0.43)

January - September 2021

  • Net turnover 867.0 MSEK (569.0)
  • Operating profit/loss EBIT 90.8 MSEK (50.1)
  • Operating margin EBIT 10.4 % (8.8)
  • Profit after tax 65.0 MSEK (31.9)
  • Profit per share 5.02 SEK (3.22)

A word from the CEO

Stability and growth.

Strong quarter

The total net turnover for the third quarter reached SEK 263 M (159), which is an increase of 59%. The quarter offered also a stable and strong profit that amounted to SEK 31,3 M (13.4), of which SEK 9,6 M refers to capital gains from the divestment of Tritech Solutions AB. The operating margin was 11,9 % (8.4), inclusive capital gains. Profit per share greatly increased to 1.92 SEK (0.43).

Operations developed

Progress in the integration work of the Evotech group, which is fairly extensive, has been according to schedule and it is planned that the work should be completed during the last quarter of the year. Collaborations have been formed, new exciting assignments have been started and several customers have experienced an even stronger delivery capability.

As previously announced, Tritech Solutions AB was sold on August 1. We also acquired MEDQURE, a cutting edge Life Science company, on July 1.

During the past quarter, we have started work with the goal of further refining our brand. This time focusing on our strategy as an employer. We have also further intensified our leadership development. These are two key areas when it comes to creating an attraction to retain and recruit employees. The ambition is to develop what we are already good at so that it becomes even better.

The quarter has also involved work with searches for new acquisition candidates - constant ongoing work. As Prevas becomes more well known and recognized, the searching does not just mean taking the initiative from Prevas' side, but also increasingly handling incoming proposals. We welcome contacts and proposals regarding acquisition from businesses that want to join our developing journey at Prevas.   

Exciting assignments that give benefits

Together with Lavabrush we have been involved in developing a sustainable brush wash. A brush wash that cleans without chemicals and saves both water and money. Prevas experts have supported the company in developing a product that is now ready to be manufactured and introduced to the market. Part of our commitment has also been to find potential suppliers, to help choose the right partner and then act as technical support in the dialog with manufacturers and other players.

Another outstanding example is FOCS, a system that is market leading within oven control. It has continued to achieve great success within the steel industry. Both nationally and internationally. For a delivery to Spain, the relatively large energy consumption was reduced by more than 3 percent, while obtaining a higher material yield and better quality. Using the successful project in Spain as a reference, we have won new projects and received about ten new inquiries. A solution that contributes to a greener world.

Final push that paves the way for the future

I look forward to reaching our goals with all customers and employees and ending 2021 in the best way. In addition to the daily work, we are also preparing and bedding in for an exciting 2022. Where we will strive to achieve high value for our customers, be an attractive workplace, maintain a strong economy and make a rewarding contribution to society and our environment.

Johan Strid, CEO Prevas AB

This information is such that Prevas AB (publ) is required to make public in accordance with EU regulations to prevent market abuse and the Securities Market Act. The information was submitted by the below contact person for publication on October 28th, 2021, at 08.30. The interim report will later on also be available in English.

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