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    The high-quality user experience and cutting edge features of RayStation made it an obvious choice for Apollo Proton Cancer Centre.
    Dr. Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group
    Together through this partnership with RaySearch, we aim to bring further benefits of high-definition imaging to the oncology continuum of care.
    Toshio Takiguchi, president and CEO, Canon Medical
    We have a strong focus on comprehensive cancer care at the Princess Margaret and uniting the different clinical disciplines is a key priority. RayCare will enable us to achieve this. It will also provide us with an integrated cancer informatics platform that builds on the significant advances we have made in this area. This is a collaboration that will shape the future of oncology systems.
    Mary Gospodarowicz, medical director at Princess Margaret
    “This collaboration agreement with RaySearch is important for the global advancement of ion beam therapy. Together we will take the technology forward to improve treatment for patients worldwide.”
    Koji Noda, Director general of NIRS
    “The implementation of the RayStation Monte Carlo dose engine has expanded our capability to serve more and a wider range of patients. For example, it enabled us to use larger range shifter to patient air gaps, which streamlined our process in the treatment rooms. In addition, the higher accuracy of the Monte Carlo dose engine allowed us to treat sites like lung, complicated head and neck, and breast with more confidence.
    Chang Chang, Director of Physics, Texas Center for Proton Therapy
    RayStation® can provide treatment planning tools for all kinds of radiation therapy so an advanced clinical partner, such as First Coast Oncology, that offers multiple treatment techniques can utilize our state-of-the-art software for a broad spectrum of cancer treatments.
    Johan Löf, CEO RaySearch Laboratories AB
    RaySearch has been at the forefront of innovative treatment planning software and has now assembled all of the most technologically advanced tools for patient evaluation into one system.
    Scot Ackerman, MD, Medical Director of First Coast Oncology
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