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    Today's announcement marks a significant step forward in our sustainability journey. We take pride in the validation of our GHG emission reduction targets by the SBTi and the evident improvement in our CDP ratings. These accomplishments underscore our unwavering dedication to reducing our environmental impact and actively contributing to a more sustainable future. Furthermore, they attest to our transparency regarding our environmental progress, as we willingly open ourselves to scrutiny by internationally-recognised third parties.
    Greg Behar, Recipharm CEO
    We are delighted to be working with GeneVentiv, an ambitious and innovative biotech who wanted to leverage not just our equipment and space, but our extensive knowledge and expertise too.
    Xiaojun Liu, Director of AAV process development at ReciBioPharm
    Gene therapies pose unique development and manufacturing challenges, so it was essential we chose the right partner to collaborate with, to minimise manufacturing risks and ensure we meet our key development milestones. ReciBioPharm quickly demonstrated that their team is the perfect development and manufacturing partner for our asset, enabling us to access their extensive experience and impressive capabilities. Our collaboration with them provides us with GLP and GMP product to meet both our IND and Phase I/II milestones.
    Damon Race, CEO of GeneVentiv Therapeutics
    Extending this agreement involves combining our cutting-edge nasal technology with Resyca’s product development capabilities. This collaboration with Resyca will enable us to bring innovative solutions to the market that will redefine the landscape of nasal drug delivery.
    Han van Egmond, CEO at Medspray
    We are thrilled to enter into this extended strategic partnership with Medspray. This move aligns perfectly with our mission to pioneer advancements in aerosol drug delivery systems. The exclusive licence from Medspray will significantly strengthen our position in the market, allowing us to bring innovative and effective soft mist nasal delivery devices to patients worldwide together with our pharma customers.
    Remko Beimers, CEO at Resyca
    We are proud to be associated with Medspray and Resyca in this landmark licensing agreement. As a CDMO committed to driving innovation, we look forward to supporting both companies in bringing their pioneering soft mist nasal delivery devices to the market to improve patient experience and expand what is possible via the nasal delivery route.
    Chris Hirst, President, Advanced Delivery Systems at Recipharm
    Harmonizing quality processes and GxP documentation across Recipharm sites will make our quality operations more efficient and scalable. With Veeva Vault Quality, Recipharm is setting a new global standard for quality management, site collaboration, and compliance. The system will enable us to provide our customers with a standard approach to quality. It forms a key part of our focus on continuous improvement, to unleash excellence in quality across our services.
    Vanessa Nardolillo, Head of Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs, Recipharm
    Unifying quality processes, content, and training on Veeva Vault Quality will help Recipharm keep contract development and manufacturing on track as it continues to scale. We’re excited to partner with Recipharm in evolving its quality operations.
    Rob Gaertner, Vice President, Quality strategy for Europe at Veeva
    This collaboration has enabled a number of Acuitas partners to rapidly progress from concept to clinic thanks to Acuitas’ deep process and analytical experience and our flexible development capability and strong CGMP execution. We look forward to continuing our work together and, with Acuitas’ licensed customer base, to bringing new mRNA-based therapeutics to patients.
    Nathaniel Youndt, VP of Business Strategy and Program Management at ReciBioPharm
    At Acuitas, we have a commitment to excellence and a high standard for quality control for our proprietary delivery technology and the ReciBioPharm team has the same dedication to the manufacturing and transfer of our LNP. We are proud to call them our partners and look forward to the continuation of this positive business relationship.
    Chris Barbosa, Vice President of Technology Development
    Oz-UK has an excellent reputation for innovation in methods and processes for accelerating the early stages of product formulation. This relationship will enable us to bring greener pMDIs to the patients who rely on them to treat chronic illnesses such as asthma and COPD more quickly than ever before. With the manufacturing expertise and development capabilities to support a choice of propellant, and a team of experts on hand at both Recipharm and Oz-UK to support our customers, we are well placed to become the partner of choice for companies developing sustainable pMDIs for respiratory care.
    Chris Hirst, President, Advanced Delivery Systems at Recipharm
    Recipharm’s agility in adapting to the challenges of the new greener propellants is impressive, and a big part of what attracted us to work with them. We’ve requested specific valve builds and have been able to put them on products and test them in our lab within a week. This is the speed that is needed for success in the transition to low-GWP propellants, and we are excited to see our clients’ programmes accelerate as a result of this collaboration.
    David Lewis, Co-founder, Oz-UK
    Autoimmune diseases affect approximately one in ten individuals, meaning 0.8 billion patients globally will be able to benefit from the drugs derived from our platform. Recipharm is dedicated to helping organisations like ours that work to develop treatments for rare diseases. This agreement represents a key milestone and the beginning of an exciting journey. Recipharm is the pharmaceutical industry’s best-in-class provider of contract development and manufacturing solutions, and we are looking forward to working closely with the team on this project.
    Dr. Martí Dalmases Arnella, CEO of Ahead Therapeutics
    There are more than 7,000 rare diseases that need a cure. We are proud to be partnering with Ahead Therapeutics and look forward to providing a GLP environment to scale up production for a vital treatment to tackle what is currently an unmet patient need. Together with our partner, we are determined to help them turn hope into reality for people living with myasthenia gravis. We have the expertise to help Ahead Therapeutics bring drugs to market faster, so they can continue to deliver on their promise to change patients’ lives.
    Ulrike Lemke, President of Recipharm’s Sterile Fill & Finish business unit
    I am delighted that both Richard and Jeremy have chosen to join Recipharm at this exciting time as we build our capabilities and capacity to serve our customers in their transition to low-GWP propellant pMDIs. Combined with our collaboration with Honeywell, and our expertise in valves and actuators under our Bespak® brand, we aim to be the partner of choice for companies developing their pMDI portfolios to embrace more sustainable respiratory care.
    Chris Hirst, President of Recipharm’s Advanced Delivery Systems business unit
    Honeywell is making great strides to offer patients who rely on pMDIs a lower greenhouse gas solution to meet their medical needs, Through our collaboration with Recipharm, the increased use of near-zero GWP propellant used in pMDIs will help reduce the environmental impact of the life-saving medical treatments patients need, without sacrificing performance.
    Laura Reinhard, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Foam and Industrial Products
    As the first CDMO to partner with Honeywell for use of Solstice Air, this collaboration significantly accelerates and simplifies our customers’ pathway to develop the next generation of low greenhouse gas pMDIs, Our collaboration is supported by Recipharm’s investment in manufacturing with HFO-1234ze(E) cGMP at our Holmes Chapel, United Kingdom site, and the further development of the Bespak® valve range to ensure the required product performance.
    Chris Hirst, president of Recipharm’s Advanced Delivery Systems business unit
    Arranta Bio is pleased with the settlement and has known from the outset that it was on firm legal ground. We will continue with our delivery of plasmid products for our customers and, ultimately, the patients that we serve. With the litigation resolved, Arranta Bio is well positioned and excited about our growth prospects and the future.
    Arranta Bio
    FDA’s approval is a major development in the biologics market. It will help shift the perception of microbiome medicines and open the door for new opportunities for patients around the world. I would like to thank colleagues, past and present, who have been involved in the VOWST project. Their hard work and perseverance over almost ten years have enabled this major milestone which has the potential to improve patients’ health and save lives. I can’t think of a better example to illustrate our mission, to be the bridge between innovators and patients.
    Raquel Fortunato, CEO of GenIbet
    We are proud to be working with MIT on this ground-breaking FDA initiative to be forward thinkers and push the boundaries of biologics manufacturing. Our work can enable new vaccines and therapies to be deployed quickly and be economically viable for patients in need. This project is yet another step towards our vision to be the CDMO of choice, for the benefit of patients.
    Marc Funk, CEO, Recipharm
    This project leverages advances made at MIT in the continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing made over the last 10+ years, as well as more recent advances in the modular manufacturing of vaccines and other biotherapeutics. MIT is pleased to collaborate with Arranta Bio and researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Pennsylvania State University to advance technologies for continuous mRNA manufacturing.
    Richard D. Braatz, Center Director at MIT
    I am delighted to welcome Joaquim to the Recipharm team as we continue to drive our business forward. Joaquim’s impressive credentials and expertise will be a real asset to the senior leadership team and to the business.
    Marc Funk, CEO Recipharm
    Recipharm’s reputation and service offering in the industry is second to none. I am thrilled to be working for a leading top five CDMO on the quest for continuous growth.
    Joaquim Mascaro, CFO Recipharm
    By leveraging Stevanato Group's integrated capabilities, from plastic injection molding and assembly capabilities to comprehensive scientific and analytical support services, we will be able to offer a turnkey solution, and accelerate and de-risk our pharmaceutical customers’ development programs. This is particularly true for novel inhaled biological products.
    Bernhard Muellinger, General Manager and Chief Operational Officer at Resyca®
    Biopharma companies are advancing patient care with new, innovative treatments, particularly in biologics and mRNA therapies. These products require specialized, high-performance drug containment systems, like our Alba® syringe platform, together with patient-centric drug delivery devices like the PFSI™. Thanks to our integrated end-to-end capabilities we are able to support our customers at scale with a comprehensive system solution.
    Mauro Stocchi, CBO of Stevanato Group
    Creating a network of strategic collaboration partners is an important element of our long-term strategy to match customers’ needs and address self-administration trends in patient care with user-friendly drug delivery devices that provide variable and accurate dosing. This agreement marks another key step in broadening our high-value solutions and integrated capabilities as we continue to diversify and enhance our presence in the drug delivery market of pen injectors, auto-injectors, inhalers, and wearable pods.
    Franco Moro, CEO of Stevanato Group
    The opening of our additional development laboratory space for RNA technologies at Watertown means we are well positioned to help our clients quickly and effectively scale up processes for successful GMP manufacturing. Arranta’s ability to support best-in-class process development prior to GMP is critically important in achieving the objective of reducing the amount of time to get into the clinic and successfully advancing life-changing medicine to patients.
    David Stevens, CEO of Arranta Bio
    We’ve been working closely with RedHill since 2015 to develop and manufacture Talicia, so extending our collaboration until 2026 marks an important moment in our partnership and is testament to the hard work of both teams. Not only this, but the Recipharm and RedHill teams have also proven their expertise in delivering breakthrough solutions to the patients through formulation and commercial manufacturing expertise.
    Gregor Kawaletz, Head of Business Unit Oral Solid Dosages at Recipharm
    Talicia® has been growing strongly since its launch, and now occupies a leading position amongst branded therapies for its indicated use. This is a position set to further solidify with a growing prescriber base and increased payor coverage, with physicians recognizing the therapeutic value it brings.
    Rick D. Scruggs, President & Chief Commercial Officer at RedHill Biopharma Inc.
    Our customers and therefore patients can benefit from Recipharm’s superior product, and we are proud to be creating a benchmark for ‘real world nasal drug delivery performance’. Our ability to offer drug formulation specific tailoring provides a competitive advantage.
    Joe Neale, Head of Innovation, Development and Programme Management at Recipharm
    By investing in new BFS technologies like Lab+, we are able to fully support our customers through both Phase I and II clinical projects. This new machinery means we can make small batches and removes the need to dedicate a whole filling line to one project. We can offer a system that is new, and rare on the market, allowing our customers to design and test their products, to see how they will look and react in a BFS system. The new Lab+ technology supports proof-of-concept, feasibility batches (cGMP & non-cGMP) and clinical I and II batches. Recipharm is proud to make such an investment and become one of the first CDMOs in the world to use this type of technology. We look forward to supporting our customers with their packaging compatibility requirements and expanding our BFS offering.
    Yves Buelens, Site Manager at Recipharm
    The investment at our Wasserburg facility demonstrates Recipharm’s commitment to meet ongoing customer demand for sterile filling capabilities. The demand for pre-filled syringes is rapidly growing, with the projected market value by 2030 expecting to reach USD 6.5 billion. We are proud to be able to offer such a comprehensive service to our customers spanning device design, development and manufacturing to drug product fill & finish, and look forward to continuing to simplify the journey to market for our customers and of course helping patients access vital medicines.
    Marc Funk, Chief Executive Officer at Recipharm
    We are continuing our relentless pursuit of improving access to important, life-saving inhaled therapies, while methodically building capabilities for new inhaled therapies which will help address areas of significant unmet medical need. With TRB-3 and TRB-4 we are demonstrating our ability to rapidly progress our pipeline in an effort to meet patient needs as quickly as possible. We are very excited to again be working with Recipharm to advance these important medicines.
    Dr. Xian-Ming Zeng, CEO of Transpire Bio
    TRB-3 and TRB-4 are exciting developments for the treatment of two increasingly common chronic respiratory conditions. Recipharm is delighted to collaborate with Transpire Bio again and we will continue to share our extensive experience and expertise in developing and commercializing inhalation products to help bring these new inhaled medicines to market.
    Jean-Francois Hilaire, Executive Committee Member, Head of Business Unit Advanced Delivery Systems at Recipharm
    Our mission is to improve access to important, life-saving inhaled therapies, and to introduce new inhaled therapies to help address areas of significant unmet medical need. TRB-1 and TRB-2 are our first offerings in development which will help improve access for potentially millions of patients. We are very excited to be working with Recipharm to advance these important medicines.
    Dr. Xian-Ming Zeng, CEO of Transpire Bio
    Recipharm is very pleased to be leveraging its broad experience and expertise in developing and commercializing inhalation technologies and products in support of the development and advancement of Transpire Bio’s TRB-1 and TRB-2 respiratory products. We look forward to the collaboration.
    Jean-Francois Hilaire, Executive Committee Member, Head of Business Unit Advanced Delivery Systems
    We are committed to decarbonisation and helping our customers meet their sustainability objectives by transitioning their pMDI products to the new propellants and helping reduce the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions from their products. Recipharm is working hard to help customers identify and reduce GHG emissions related to both product manufacturing and usage with the common aim of meeting the requirements of the Paris Agreement of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Not only that, but as other industries are also asked by regulators to phase-out propellants with higher GWP, it’s likely that the existing propellants will become less available and more costly. It is therefore important that we prepare to work with new propellants to safeguard the supply of pMDIs to patients. 2022 is an exciting year for Recipharm and our investment in these new manufacturing lines will support us in introducing more sustainable propellants to our pMDI production.
    Jean-François Hilaire, Head of the Advanced Delivery Systems business unit at Recipharm
    We are excited about the next phase of working with Recipharm. We’re really looking forward to addressing the challenges of reformulation for low-GWP inhalation products with the Recipharm team.
    Professor Darragh Murnane at the University of Hertfordshire
    This acquisition is an important step in growing our Biologics business and developing our US presence. We will be building on the pioneering excellence which lies at the heart of these companies and providing drug developers in the Biologics market with scientifically differentiated CDMO services and expertise for ATMPs. These deals, together with our recent acquisition of GenIbet, a specialist in the manufacture of biological clinical material, mean that we will be well placed to develop new capabilities in innovative technologies across gene therapy, viral vectors, mRNA/ plasmids, oncolytic virus and microbiome. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mark on his achievements in building the Arranta Bio operation so successfully. I am looking forward to working with both David as he takes over the leadership at Arranta Bio and with Tom Hochuli at Vibalogics as we move into the next exciting phase of our combined growth. We are thrilled to be closing both acquisitions and look forward to welcoming the Arranta Bio and Vibalogics teams into the Recipharm organisation.
    Marc Funk, CEO of Recipharm
    Given the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and the tragic humanitarian crisis which is now unfolding, we believe it is important to offer our help wherever it can be most effective. We at Recipharm are working with NGO partners to provide urgent aid and other humanitarian assistance to refugees. Our employees are keen to engage with this issue and to lend their support where they can, so we are setting up a matched funding arrangement to facilitate the donation process, working in conjunction with UNICEF, our chosen partner.
    Marc Funk, CEO of Recipharm
    The Monts facility demonstrates our commitment as a business to meet not just present customer demand for aseptic filling, but future customer requirements, and we are investing significant sums in updating the facility and expanding its capacity. While we are bolstering our biologics capabilities, we also continue to offer strong small molecule expertise, providing a single partner to the industry for all their commercial scale aseptic filling needs. The current experience with the Monts project suggest opportunities for further breakthroughs in productivity and line flexibility.
    Claus Tollnick, Head of Sterile Fill & Finish Operations at Recipharm
    We are excited by the opportunities that are already apparent from working with true pioneers in the area of virotherapy manufacturing. We are delighted to welcome our new colleagues from Vibalogics to Recipharm and are committed to support and even accelerate growth in the years to come and to continue to partner with customers in virus manufacturing solutions. This acquisition strengthens Recipharm’s presence in ATMPs and enables us to get closer to our US customers. We look forward to working with the Vibalogics team, building links across the wider Recipharm organisation to make this business a huge success.
    Marc Funk, CEO at Recipharm
    Since 2006 Vibalogics has developed a specialized CDMO business and a leading virotherapy manufacturing platform that has contributed to advancing our customers’ products through development and into global clinical trials, all made possible by our dedicated employees and investors. We are excited to be joining the Recipharm organization and having the opportunity to leverage the breadth and depth of its world leading infrastructure and experience.  This furthers our commitment to supporting our customers and the patients who benefit from the exciting developments we are witnessing in the virotherapy field.
    Tom Hochuli, CEO at Vibalogics
    We welcome Arranta and its team of experts who boast a strong reputation in the CDMO industry. Arranta is a leading player in its field that we are proud of bringing under the Recipharm umbrella and continue to build in line with our vision of supporting biotechs by providing process development, manufacturing expertise and bold solutions to take their programs from lab to patient. This acquisition is another important step for us in growing our biologics business and developing a strong presence into the US. We look forward to working closely with the Arranta team, building links across the wider Recipharm organisation to make this business a huge success.
    Marc Funk, CEO at Recipharm
    I am convinced that Recipharm will be a great home for Arranta and our talented team and that together we can fulfil our joint vision of building the leading ATMP CDMO. We share Recipharm’s vision of focusing on ATMP customers with novel manufacturing solutions and we see a clear opportunity to accelerate to global scale in this new context.
    Mark Bamforth, CEO at Arranta
    We’re delighted to welcome GenIbet and its talented team of experts. GenIbet is a leading player in its field so we’re proud to bring it under the Recipharm umbrella and tap into its broad offering in novel modalities and incredible scientific expertise. This acquisition is an important step for us in growing our biologics business. We look forward to working closely with the GenIbet team, building links across the wider Recipharm organisation to make this business a huge success.
    Marc Funk, CEO of Recipharm
    We’ve enjoyed a great deal of success at GenIbet, and now is a fantastic time to be joining with Recipharm to share our expertise and broad service offer. I’m thrilled that GenIbet will play an important role in Recipharm’s Biologics-focused future. Combining our experience and expertise with Recipharm’s capabilities and market reach, will make a significant difference for customers on an international scale.
    Raquel Fortunato, CEO at GenIbet
    We are proud to be involved as the CDMO of choice in this fantastic step forward for Morocco and Africa. Breaking ground on a facility of this magnitude is a significant milestone and reflects the depth of our joint commitment to meeting Morocco’s long term healthcare needs. The past two years have shown the importance of reliable vaccine supply, and we are honoured to have been asked to use our expertise and experience in fill finish manufacturing to produce vaccines and other biotherapeutics in Morocco. Together with all parties involved, we will work to ensure that countries across Africa have greater access to the healthcare they need.
    Marc Funk, CEO of Recipharm
    We are very proud to be supporting a big pharma partner in the delivery of a vital vaccine to the market. This deal is indicative of Recipharm’s successful and ongoing product portfolio diversification. We’ve invested heavily into new capabilities that have built on our BFS expertise and as a result, strengthened our biotech offering. We are now in a position to welcome new biopharma projects to the Kaysersberg site.
    Yves Buelens, General Manager at Recipharm’s facility in Kaysersberg
    We are delighted to have the Cramlington Site join the Pharmaron Group. This acquisition complements and further enhances Pharmaron’s CMC capabilities in the United Kingdom and China. We are committed to expanding the Cramlington Site to meet growing demand. Together with our API manufacturing facility expansion in China, this transaction is another important step in realizing our vision of becoming a leading global provider of integrated small molecule drug R&D and manufacturing services.
    Dr. Boliang Lou, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pharmaron
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