Kodit.io launches new service to make first time homebuying easier

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Kodit Pay enables homebuyers to live in the apartment they want to buy while saving money for the down payment, making a huge difference for homebuyers without significant savings. 

Helsinki, Finland (November 30th, 2021) One of Europe’s leading proptech and iBuyer companies Kodit.io has launched a new service, Kodit Pay. Kodit.io will now offer a unique service that allows homebuyers to rent a fully renovated apartment before actually buying it at a pre-settled price.


Out of the monthly fee to Kodit.io, only a few hundred euros covers the rent, while the rest is saved for the down payment, making it possible for homebuyers to immediately move into their dream home while saving cash for the down payment.


Kodit Pay especially serves first-time homebuyers, for whom it has become increasingly difficult to save enough money for a down payment – or are reluctant to spend all their savings to first pay the down payment and then renovate the apartment. The service also offers flexibility for those wanting to move into a new apartment before they have been able to sell their old home.


“Less and less young people are homeowners. It’s not because their attitudes would be against homeownership. It is because apartment prices in metropolitan areas have skyrocketed, while salaries haven’t. Kodit Pay wants to be part of the solution for this socio-economic problem,” says Kalle Salmi, CEO and founder of Kodit.io.


Kodit Pay wants to enable every potential homebuyer to buy their dream homes by offering a service that helps them accumulate the needed savings.


“Most people’s assets are tied into their homes, and it’s the biggest investment they’ll make in their lifetime – which is usually a smart investment, as apartments can be expected to appreciate in value over time. Millennials deserve the same possibility as their parents to buy homes. Homeownership can’t be a luxury afforded only by few,” Salmi continues.


According to Statista’s data, population numbers are rising across Europe, meaning the need for affordable housing continues. The Kodit Pay service already has 150 apartments in its portfolio, and internationally, there are over 20,000 registered potential homebuyers who want to use the service as soon as the right apartment is available. The first buyers have gone through the process successfully already in Finland and Spain, and are now happy homeowners.


It is evident that the challenges young professionals are facing to step onto the property ladder cross borders within Europe. Even if they had the capacity to pay for relatively high rent, it’s impossible for them to save money for a mortgage at the same time. This is why tens of thousands of potential homebuyers in Madrid are both interested and in need of a product like Kodit Pay to finally own a fully renovated home. As we roll out, we continue to notice the need for this offering in other cities all across Europe,” says Steven Aitkenhead, Spain Country Manager at Kodit.io.

Kodit.io is a real estate platform that aims to give maximum flexibility and a smooth experience to homebuyers and sellers. Kodit.io gives home sellers instant cash offers, while providing homebuyers with renovated move-in-ready homes. Kodit.io has recently launched a tech-driven real estate brokerage, as well as sale, leaseback and rent-to-own products. 





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If you are looking to sell, you can benefit from our instant cash offer or tech-driven real estate brokerage service. If you are looking to buy, we have a wide range of renovated city apartments for sale. You can also enjoy the comfort of a move-in-ready home within our rental offer, with the flexibility to switch or buy the moment you’re ready.


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