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Human evolution took place in natural daylight. Light being the most important factor in synchronizing the circadian rhythm – the 24h-rythm of all cells in our body. For 10 000 generations this was the light environment that formed us. Five generations ago this abruptly changed, as we moved our lives indoors. The BCL™ system – BioCentric Lighting™ patented by BrainLit – mimicks natural daylight indoors for human wellbeing using algorithm based light recipes for individuals and groups to align and sustain the circadian rhythms. The BCL™ System consists of an easy to use control system operated by sensors, keypads, touch screens and BCL™ tailored LED luminaires. It is easy to install, self-sustained and minimally disruptive to business. Being energy efficient, sustainable and upgradable, it is scalable and works equally well in a single room as for an entire building, compound or network. The BCL™ System is protected by multiple patent families under ongoing development in cooperation with our scientific advisory board to continuously incorporate cutting edge technological and medical research. BioCentric Lighting™ is more than lighting – it’s a game changing lighting system sustaining the natural rhythm of life.