It is always exciting to have the opportunity to present our company and the progress we made and disseminate info about the upcoming launch that we see ahead of us shortly. Then it is particularly interesting in this case when the presentation will be held in English as it will be broadcasted far outside Sweden which opens up for new and exciting opportunities as I see it and we want to absolutely take advantage an oppertunity like this!
CEO, Johan Olsson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
The optimization of the process and the new battery powered BERA 3.1 version improves the measurements, stability and security to a degree that makes us have to do the whole study on the newer version of BERA. The pressure from the market is large, but I keep stubbornly behind the need to make the studies on
says CEO, Johan Olson Sensodetect AB (Publ.).
This is gratifying and we see that it strengthens the protection of our product and our portfolio increases the value both commercially and for the company as a whole
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
My assessment is that it is this 3.1 Model that will be the real bestseller as it reduces the demands on the user to have a stable and good electrical environment. In addition, it makes the BERA even more mobile and easy to have with them even out in smaller clinics and even out in homes and in rural areas where there is a lack of stable and good electricity supply in many countries. There are thus many advantages to using this with battery and allows us to offer several options, with either electric adapter or battery adapter, to the same machine. The logistics and production are as simple as before and the BERA is the same device as before but in two versions.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
If one can avoid
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect Ab (publ.)
An electro-physiological marker for depression has been identified by this study. It separates depressive individuals from healthy with high statistical significance. By combining ABR results from several complex stimuli, a second marker was constructed that enabled detection of effects of treatment with Citalopram after only one week. The study is a starting point for further development that is commented on in the discussion. The ultimate goal is to achieve a method of diagnosis and treatment control. An objective contribution for these purposes in psychiatry would be of great benefit.
quote from ACTA PSYCHOPATHOLOGICA ISSN 2469-6676, Depressive State and Auditory Brainstem Response a Tentative Future Method for Diagnosis and Pharmacological Control of Depression by Jens Holmberg, Johan source Strand and Sören Nielzén, 20180705
The US is a potentially important market for SensoDetect and we have been waiting for patent notification for a while, so it is gratifying that we now have a patent granted. It strengthens the value both to customers and to the company at large. US healthcare is interesting in many ways and this opens up new opportunities.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect Ab (publ.)
The dialogue with the South Korea Distributor is very promising and we see great opportunities to establish our technology with their help in a particularly interesting market with clear needs in psychiatry. The strategy is as we have set to first verify the population against previous markers and optimize the systems. But by extension, both we and the distributor see that an introduction in the long run should include the application for reimbursement model from their authority, HIRA, so that the test becomes a sanctioned, standardized and free test. Until then, I see opportunities to get private sector started once we have received local approval
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
We take an important step further in the launch of the new BERA 3.0. I look forward to the reception of the system in Bolivia and the reactions that it will bring. I also eagerly await the first production series of BERA 3.0 which gives us completely new opportunities in the continued marketing. We will show the market that we have listened, we have acted and now presents an equipment that is upgraded based on the experience and the feed back we received from our users. Now we will take SensoDetect a big leap forward, we leave the old system's and its restrictions behind us and focus on the BERA 3.0 which gives us an opportunity to offer an appealing solution for the health care system anywhere in the world.
CEO,Johan Olson, SensoDetect Ab (Publ.)
It feels good to be able to take a step further towards the launch of the new BERA 3.0 and I look forward to us now being able to focus all resources on this so that we can reach the approval and certification of this new system as quickly as possible. The old BERA system, we have not marketed for the last year since everyone wants the new one anyway and therefore there is nothing to suggest that we should devote resources to it. Now we take a big step further and at the same time we leave the limitations of the old system and invest in a broader and more appealing solution for the healthcare system.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
It is very gratifying that we have initiated a collaboration with such an established actor as Innomedica. It opens a network of partners and distributors and I see the opportunity to get a very clear picture of potential partners and distributors in a relatively short time. With BERA 3.0 in the final stages, it is important that we focus in parallel on the market and Innomedicas Team will be an important complement to our own resources.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect Ab (publ.)
This study is very interesting and important in many ways, it will test a new population while we also will receive input on the new BERA 3.0. As the distributor in Bolivia is both knowledgeable and interested, we see that it is a good start to let them join early in the evaluation of BERA 3.0. It is also the reason why we only start up a single customer. We want to first get feed-back and test the new BERA system before we widen the amounts of clients. It feels very positive and I look forward to the development both in Bolivia and in the rest of South America.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (Publ.)
Could we offer an OCD test as a further part of the response to the psychiatry, it would be unique in its kind. It would increase the value for the psychiatry as OCD is a severe diagnosis that is diverse. A reliable and objective test does not exist as I know of since before and would therefore be a great addition to our BERA tests. However, it is too early to say when we can have such a test ready, but it is very interesting to get in solid data to work with. However, the focus is still on getting the BERA 3.0 on the market for ADHD tests and it goes according to plan.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
It's always nice when you find resources that are a little out of the ordinary and that can not only help but can add extra drive and efficiency. Knowledge of AI is something I've been searching after for a while. As we now complete BERA 3.0, we will increasingly start watching and expanding analysis of the data that are regularly entered. It feels very positive to strengthen this part of our organisation as we want to keep a fast and focused tempo on BERA 3.0 development and deliveries
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
It is very positive that we have now reached an agreement to do a study in a highly reputable hospital in Bolivia. The Distributor's commitment and experience is very positive and I would like to see an expansion further out of Bolivia to other parts of South America and it is, as I said, mutual. But first we want to establish that all tests are as good for this population as in the past and also that the BERA 3.0 gives the efficiency gain that we believe it will provide both in simplified operation but also in quick responses directly to the referring physician
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
I am very pleased that the development work has been conducted at a high pace. SensoDetect can shortly offer users a truly modern, portable and compact version of the unique SensoDetect BERA system in a brand new form; V3.0. A portable system that is also suitable for use in the field. The product has all components on a circuit board, can be machine assembled in its entirety and is therefore very cost effective. The new software makes it possible to use SensoDetect Bera V3.0 with a portable PC or touch pad, which makes the product compact and flexible. The new product has features built-in to ensure that all electrodes are properly applied to the patient and that the measurements are of optimal quality. Our validations so far are very promising, the product is stable and the results show highly reproducible.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect Ab (publ.)
It is very gratifying to be able to reach this point where we see a clear declaration of intent and where we have already developed a plan for further steps. The interest is very large from the distributor and the KOL they have engaged. We look forward to a smaller study to ensure all the data for this population and at the same time get the opportunity to connect with some of the country's KOL for further work with market introduction and further research. The South Korean market is particularly interesting for us and with the right partner I see great opportunities.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
To reach our goals we focus on finding partners and groups of clinics that can result in a faster deployment. We know that we can minimize the education and startup by targeting these groups since they are working closely together. The strategy and the goals set for 2020 is a challenge but also extremely inspiring and we are very focused!
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
ABR-technology is an exciting area and there is great need of objective markers of these situations (ADHD and ASD)
Emma Claesdotter, PhD and Cheif physician at Lund University Hospital, Sweden
It is very positive for both SensoDetect and of course for Emma that her doctoral thesis now is approved. It strengthens and increases the evidence and further possibilities’
CEO Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
I am looking forward to discuss the potential and possibillities for SensoDetect in Korea and think we can find many ways to help them in finding long term solutions and ways to alter the way people see and relate to mental illness. As we can help in early stages it is a benefit for all both in treatment and in quality. Even though Korea is not one of our first strategic markets I can see great potential and with a committed and profesional distributor I think we can have a great business opportunity and can improve the Life of many people with mental illness!
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
SensoDetect significantly strengthens its IP portfolio in an interesting and modern market. Then psychiatry wrestles there with the same challenges as psychiatry in Sweden with growing queues and the number of incidence. I am especially pleased when I note that the new patents concern markets where we can very well meet new competitors and stakeholders who see business opportunities in the area that SensoDetect operates. This is and can become a very interesting market, although it is not in the imediate plan, it may well emerge as a new opportunity. Our IP portfolio is now very strong, although it is, not always reflected in the valuation of the company today.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
- We are very pleased that we received the invitation to take part in this event and present SensoDetect, not least, to provide a picture of our new strategy and the process so far. We see this as a good opportunity to highlight our company and our view of the market going forward. I will use the opportunity to present the Board's and my image/vision on how we build a successful company.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (Publ.)
We need a clear and informative website that we can refer to and which we can also use as a communication platform towards our owners as well as customers and it's a first step in that direction. Updates will take place on a regular basis and opens a possibilty for new clients and researchers to communicate more easily with us.
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
I’m really pleased that we have now reached the point of communicating the strategy and setting off on this journey. Naturally it is exciting for us to execute on our plan to capture the opportunity and build a valuable company. But more importantly, thanks to this plan and strong evidence that we have for our technology, we can work in a dedicated manner to improve the lives for patients with mental illness.
Johan Olson, CEO, SensoDetect
We will immediately undertake a national registration in Rysssland as the market is very interesting for the future. Russia and several other countries in the former East is investing much in modern medical technology and it is important to be involved in such markets
CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
I see that we continue strengthen our IP portfolio according to plan. Now in an area that represents a very big future market. Psychiatry in these countries are wrestling with the same challenges of mental health treatment as the rest of the world. I therefore see this as a very important milestone that allows us to move forward our positions and seek partners on the Russian market
Chairman of the board, Jan Andersson, SensoDetect AB (publ.)
This is very strong evidence that SensoDetect’s technology can be used as a diagnostic aid for health care professionals. It also opens up to further broaden our potential market into other diagnoses other than ADHD and Schizophrenia.
SensoDetect CEO, Johan Olson,
These strong and very important results takes us one step closer in reaching our vision: “Improving the lives of people with mental disorders”. By using our technology as an aid, the lives of patients can be improved and the cost to society related to mental illness decreased.
SensoDetect Chairman of the board, Jan Andersson
- We are very pleased that we received the invitation to take part in this event and present SensoDetect, not least, to provide a picture of our new strategy and the process of change that has been made. We see this as a good opportunity to highlight our company and our view of the market going forward. I will use the opportunity to present the Board's and my image/vision on how we build a successful company.
Johan Olson, CEO, SensoDetect Ab (publ.)
This is a very interesting project where yet again our technology is very relevant when trying to improve the lives of patients. This can potentially improve the lives of many patients with kidney disease.
CEO, Johan Olson, Sensodetect AB (publ.)
This is one of the big challenges in renal care today. SensoDetects BERA technology is a very important tool for us in investigating the reason for the changes in the patient’s brain during dialysis and finding a solution to the problem.
Prof. Dr. Martin K. Kuhlmann, Vivantes Klinikum im Friedrichshain
The assessment process for autism today is long and demanding. The clinical assessor has rating scales, interviews and observations to his assistance but objective/diagnostic test is missing today and are in demand. SensoDetects technology allows for improvements in this area
Magnus Lindvall, Chief physician and associate professor, at the Department of clinical science in child and adolescent psychiatry
We have expectations that this study confirms the value of our technology which in this case can be of help to children and young people, and our goal is that our method can help to reduce queues and that children and young people more quickly get the help they need.
CEO Johan Olson, Sensodetect Ab (Publ.)
Sensodetect is strengthening its IP portfolio substantially on this gigantic market. Psychiatry is struggling with the same challenges as psychiatric care in Sweden, the queues are growing and the number of people affected increases. I am particularly happy when I see that the new patent relates to markets where we may well face new competitors and interested parties who see business opportunities in the area as Sensodetect operates. I therefore see this as a very important milestone that allows us to move forward our positions and seek partners on new large markets.
CEO, Johan Olson, Sensodetect AB (Publ.)