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Shawbrook is a specialist UK savings and lending bank founded in 2011 to serve the needs of SMEs and individuals in the UK with a range of lending and saving products. We are a growing UK specialist bank that challenges the conventional approach of the mainstream banks, with our thoughtful and good-sense approach to the way we do business.


As a lender, Shawbrook has been an outstanding partner to work with. The flexible facilities as well as both the insight and expertise shown throughout the funding process gave us encouragement that they could provide the close partnership that would help us throughout our growth journey.
Andrew Marr, Finance Director at Dale Power Solutions
I have been very impressed by the team at Dale Power Solutions and we are delighted to have supported the business with this ABL facility. I am really excited by what the future holds for the company.
Nick Salmons, Relationship Director at shawbrook Bank
Although sad to see Richard retire, this is also undoubtedly an exciting time for the future of the business as we prepare to begin a new chapter in the Amicus’ story.
Adam Scott, co-Founder and CEO, Amicus Insurance Solutions Ltd
We required a line of funding that would enable us to successfully complete this MBO, which is a significant milestone in our journey. Shawbrook’s finance has enabled us to do that and will help us drive our business forwards with confidence. The solution that Shawbrook tailored for us, combined with their good-sense approach, was just what we needed, and the positive impact of this funding will carry us into the next chapter of the Amicus story.
Adam Scott, co-Founder and CEO, Amicus Insurance Solutions Ltd
We are confident in Amicus’ future under Adam’s stewardship and look forward to seeing how the business develops in the coming months and years.
Steve Armstrong, Relationship Director, Shawbrook Bank
Shawbrook has high ambitions of becoming the leading specialist lending and savings bank for SMEs, micro-businesses and consumers in the UK. It’s certainly an exciting time to be joining and I am looking forward to playing my part in the Bank’s future success
Jo Edwards, Director for COO Risk and Operational Resiliency at Shawbrook Bank
As a specialist lender, Shawbrook Bank proved itself as a dependable partner throughout this process and its support has been instrumental in helping us to begin this new chapter for the business.
Dan Walmsley, CEO at Retrac Group
This EOT will recognise and reward the loyal and ambitious workforce at Retrac. Together with Dan bringing unparalleled industry insight and expertise to the business as CEO, the company has an excellent footing for growth as it supports clients rise to new challenges.
Oliver Jenkins, Relationship Director for the South West and Wales at Shawbrook Bank
The acquisition itself was subject to tight timescales and Shawbrook’s flexible approach, cash flow proposition and ability to deliver helped us complete in under five weeks – regardless of both the Christmas break and a nationwide lockdown
Jay Verjee, Managing Partner of Addition Capital
This was a fantastic opportunity to support a market-leading and growing online education provider as well as a highly credible and experienced PE investor. Be-A Education is an outstandingly successful business which has grown exponentially over the last few years as well as performing solidly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. I am personally excited to see the progress of Be-A Education under the stewardship and backing of Addition Capital
Steven Munt, Director of Corporate Lending for London and South East at Shawbrook Bank
Shawbrook’s experience of working with consultancy and professional services businesses like ours was immediately obvious and the facility they have provided will enable us to best meet client demand.
Greg Francis, Access Partnership’s Managing Director
We were attracted to working with Shawbrook as a result of its strong track record of supporting sponsor-backed SMEs in the UK. The funding facility they’ve structured will provide us with flexibility and demonstrates that the Shawbrook team are attuned to how we operate.
Freddie Bacon, Investment Director at Mobeus
The Mobeus team has built a strong relationship with the senior management at Access Partnership Group, as you’d expect, and we’re now very happy to support the strategy of further growth through acquisition by putting in place this financing
Oliver Sutton, Relationship Director within Shawbrook’s Corporate Lending team
Shawbrook’s Corporate Lending team demonstrated a genuine willingness to capture the essential features of this mandate from the outset, and I’m confident that with Shawbrook’s financial support, coupled with an excellent management team and Mobeus’ strategic expertise, the Company is ideally-positioned to fully achieve its acquisition and growth targets.
John Weeden, Managing Partner at Cadence Advisory LLP
We’re proud to have helped over 5,000 NHS workers borrow affordably since we launched - but we know there are many tens of thousands more who still rely on high-cost credit to get by. The funding from Shawbrook will enable us to scale at a time when the need for affordable credit is only growing.
Phillip Hyett, Finance Director at Salad Money
Phillip and the team at Salad Money are clearly driven by a fantastic purpose. To deliver on that purpose for the long term also means having a strong foundation in place, which they’ve absolutely got with their proposition, technology and a growing network of NHS Trusts. With this new funding facility in place, I’m very proud that Shawbrook will now play a small part in delivering on that purpose of providing affordable credit, as well as financial education, to those NHS workers that need it.
Paul Tagg, Senior Director at Shawbrook Bank
We are delighted to be recognised by the MoneyComms team as we hold transparency and the customer at the heart of what we do, which this award embodies.
Paul Went, Managing Director of Shawbrook's Consumer Lending business
We’re committed to building our profile as a specialist deposit taker for micro and smaller businesses, through offering simple products, great service and highly competitive rates, and this accolade is a super endorsement of this strategy.
Alun Williams, Commercial Director for Savings at Shawbrook Bank
As a personal loans provider, Shawbrook was recognised for offering a combination of consistently competitive interest rates and a transparent product with 'consumer friendly' guaranteed personalised APRs; so no nasty surprises for loan applicants being offered much higher rates than advertised.
Andrew Hagger, personal finance expert, industry commentator and MoneyComms Founder
The Bank’s recognition as Best Business Savings Provider was down to it consistently offering a wide range of attractive business savings rates for SMEs, whether customers were looking for instant access products or something longer term including notice accounts and fixed rate bonds – all bases were covered.
Andrew Hagger, personal finance expert, industry commentator and founder of MoneyComms
Having been a customer of Shawbrook’s for several years, they have stepped up to fully support our strategy through this facility. They know our business really well and it is both refreshing and reassuring to have a lender that is a true specialist in this field.
Graham Wylie, MRN’s CEO
With such a great proposition and strong management team it was always a business that was going to have an exciting future and it is fantastic to see it leading the way in innovating the global market for decentralised trials with the support of long-term partners like Shawbrook.
Nick Johnson, Corporate Finance Partner at Ryecroft Glenton Corporate Finance (RGCF)
For Shawbrook, MRN represents an excellent opportunity for the bank to support a very well-regarded existing customer, with a proven model and historic success in a growing global market. They have proved the value of ‘decentralised clinical trials’ well before the Covid pandemic hit and the demand for this service has only increased since then.
Sarah Laverty, Director in Shawbrook’s Corporate Lending team for the North West region
We are delighted to be working with Shawbrook Bank, and this new relationship highlights our strength in the secured lending market. This new funding line will enable us to support even more SMEs with our niche loan products and appetite to lend to established and start-up businesses alike.
Paul Fenton, Managing Director at 4Syte Structured Finance
The team at 4Syte Structured Finance are specialists in their chosen market, which has allowed the business to support their existing customers over the past year. We are pleased to be working alongside the team and look forward to assisting in their continued growth.
Jake Francis, Structured Finance Associate Director at Shawbrook Bank
This is our first transaction with Shawbrook, who acted quickly to support our investment in Olive Jar Digital with the flexible funding required. Shawbrook showcased the specialist knowledge and expertise required to support our acquisition and we look forward to working with them again in the not too distant future.
Douglas Lidgitt, Investment Director at IWC
I am truly excited on our new partnership with IW Capital and Shawbrook, where we can build on Olive Jar’s great achievements and take it to the next level, whilst maintaining our passion for all things digital.
Rajesh Thakrar, Co-founder of Olive Jar Digital
I’m extremely proud of Olive Jar, the team that we have in place and what we have achieved so far together. I’m very much looking forward to working with IW Capital and Shawbrook to build on that success
Olivia Nixey, Co-founder of Olive Jar Digital, added
We are eager to see how our funding will help Olive Jar Digital – with the support from IW Capital – evolve into a leading digital consultancy for the private sector in the UK
Steven Munt, Director within Shawbrook’s Corporate Lending team for London and the South
We are also excited to have established a relationship with the Financial Sponsors team at Shawbrook who have been very supportive of our business plan from the very outset and look forward to working with them through our next chapter of growth.
Stephen Gibson, MD, Avid Insurance Ltd
To ensure this project was completed quickly and seamlessly, we required the support of a lender that understood both the business and the sector and could operate quickly and efficiently to support us. The team at Shawbrook did just that and took a very pragmatic approach to structuring a flexible debt funding package that works for all – it was a real pleasure to work alongside them to finalise this exciting acquisition
Ben Cartwright, Investment Director, Beech Tree Private Equity
For Shawbrook, this was an outstanding opportunity to support a business on its growth journey and we are delighted our funding support has enabled the successful acquisition. Shawbrook is committed to helping SMEs across the UK achieve their goals as quickly as possible with finance arrangements that suit them and their business
Deepak Parekh, Senior Director, Shawbrook’s Financial Sponsors team
This is a great example of what Shawbrook do best; quick response to the initial request, a flexible and innovative approach to structuring a solution, pragmatism in respect of facility terms and a fast path to completion. We are excited to see what the future holds for both Hydromarque and BCF.
Steven Armstrong, Director, Shawbrook Corporate Lending
This investment in Hydromarque required the support of a lender who can make sensible judgments and execute quickly and working with Shawbrook has provided everyone involved with certainty and the confidence to press ahead. We look forward to working with the Hydromarque team through its next chapter of growth.
Simon Stephenson, Director at BCF
We are delighted to have gained the support of BCF Equity Partners as we look to take the next step in the Hydromarque journey. We have high ambitions to grow the business and bringing on board a professional investor to support that will add real value to those efforts.
Rob Newcombe, Managing Director of Hydromarque Ltd
As investors in high quality independent businesses, we need to operate at pace. Speed, certainty and flexibility are the essential characteristics we look for in any funding partner - Shawbrook has continued to deliver on all three aspects and we are pleased with the support provided by the Shawbrook team on this growth opportunity for BHSC
Tim Whittard, Partner at Westbridge Capital, owners of BHSC
We have been impressed by the progress made by BHSC over the past six months and we are delighted to support their continued success through the provision of funds to support this acquisition.
Deepak Parekh, Senior Director within Shawbrook’s Financial Sponsors team
We have a long relationship with Shawbrook, who have been a true partner in supporting previous Esterform projects in the past. With this project, it ticked all of the boxes for them and is one that – as a specialist in this industry – they understood immediately both in terms of the business need and indeed the wider industry need
Mark Tyne, Managing Director and Founder of Esterform Packaging Ltd
This project is a real statement of intent by Esterform and one that we are delighted to be supporting and associated with.
Kelly Henney, Senior Relationship Director at Shawbrook Bank
Our motto is that we don’t build houses, we build homes. We are extremely proud to be able to continuously meet and exceed on those commitments to our clients
Barry Tansey, Chief Executive at Mizen
Prior to working with Shawbrook, we had been searching for a lender with which to cultivate a long-term partnership and thus cement the foundations for a successful and lasting relationship.
Barry Tansey, Chief Executive at Mizen
As a specialist with an outstanding knowledge of the development finance sector and the subsequent requirements of developers such as Mizen, we were only too happy to provide £18.55m in development facilities. This project will not only boost Mizen’s impressive portfolio of developments but also provide top quality housing and retail units across London
Raymond Wong, Relationship Director for London and South East within Shawbrook’s development finance team
Procare Wales is a fantastic business which will support our efforts in providing safe, essential care to vulnerable adults. It is an extremely well managed business and will play an important role in our own ambitions of becoming one of the best providers of specialist healthcare services in the UK.
Tristone Healthcare founder and CEO, Yannis Loucopoulos
The support from Shawbrook, which enabled the completion of this acquisition, was excellent. The Shawbrook team have a genuine understanding of what we’re trying to do and are extremely knowledgeable in regards to the specialist healthcare market and the nuances and needs within it.
Tristone Healthcare founder and CEO, Yannis Loucopoulos
The demand for best-in-class mental healthcare and learning disability facilities in the UK has never been higher and by supporting ventures such as Tristone Healthcare’s latest acquisition, we are extremely pleased to be helping to fund investment within the industry at a crucial time.
Barry Septoe, Associate Director within Shawbrook Bank’s Healthcare Finance team
The commercial loan provided by Shawbrook provided the business with the financial flexibility to both pursue and complete this latest round of acquisitions in line with our ambitious growth strategy.
Tony Smith, Group Managing Director at Elevation Financial Group
For Shawbrook, this was an outstanding opportunity to support a business on its growth journey and we are delighted our funding support will enable them to refinance and reduce their cost of capital as well as provide the funding required to grow further.
Adam Agius, Relationship Director for London and the South East at Shawbrook Bank
Since being founded in 2011, we have grown rapidly and successfully through the adoption of a successful buy-and-build merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy, with a successful track record of identifying complementary IFAs to add to the Group which in turn has strengthened our capability, expertise and reputation.
Tony Smith, Group Managing Director at Elevation Financial Group
Shawbrook is the ideal lender for KHK – they are responsive, easy to work with and understand our business; they give us the freedom we need to implement our own policies and respond rapidly and flexibly to our customers.
Andy Kent, founding partner of KHK Capital
We are very pleased to be providing KHK Capital with funding through this period of exciting growth. The business has a solid reputation with existing customers, which is fundamental at this time, and we are delighted to support the management team with the growing demand it faces in a sector we know well.
Jake Francis, Associate Director, Shawbrook Structured Finance
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