Simon-Kucher & Partners delivers double-digit growth as it expands its services and presence

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Despite challenging economic circumstances, the global consultancy grew 2021 revenue at 22.5%

[Boston, MA], February 09, 2022 – Global consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners today announced its 2021 annual revenue of 506.7 US dollars (442.6 million euros). This equals a growth rate of 22.5 percent which is driven by investments in both technology and talent to meet growing client demand.

The company’s impressive growth was powered by its Life Sciences & Healthcare practice, as well as strong numbers from its Software, Internet, & Media and Consumer Goods & Retail practices. While the global consultancy operates out of 27 countries, North America continues to be its fastest growing region.

“In 2021, demand for our services soared as clients pivoted from dealing with the pandemic to focusing on achieving long-term profitable growth in what is likely to remain a period of sustained inflationary pressures,” said Mark Billige, co-CEO of Simon-Kucher. “With the upsurge in demand, our focus has been investing in new capabilities and bolstering our team to help clients unlock untapped potential. This is a fantastic achievement and a true reflection of the commitment of our people to helping our clients navigate what remains a tough environment.”

New Services

In the past year, Simon-Kucher launched Simon-Kucher Engine and Simon-Kucher Elevate. “Simon-Kucher Engine and Simon-Kucher Elevate really help our clients transform their digital presence and operations,” says Dr. Andreas von der Gathen, co-CEO of Simon-Kucher. “We see great potential in these services, and we have created a unique combination of technology, data and design expertise that is already benefitting our clients.”

As the consultancy’s own tech company, Simon-Kucher Engine delivers innovative cloud-based software solutions that support executives in making quick, well-founded, and automated pricing, sales, and marketing decisions to increase their revenues.

Simon-Kucher Elevate is the company’s digital consulting business with an emphasis on optimizing the entire customer journey by combining technology, data, and creativity with commercial consulting expertise.

Investing in Talent and New Offices

In 2021, 24 new partners were appointed across 11 different countries, bringing the total to 160 partners worldwide. Additionally, three new partners were appointed to Simon-Kucher’s Board: Omar Ahmad out of the Copenhagen, Denmark office; Bhavin Manjee out of the New York City, US office; and Dimitris Hiotis out of the London, UK office.

The company, which now has a global employee count of more than 1,700, also made significant investments in its non-consulting leadership roles. In 2021, Simon-Kucher hired Mark Cullen as its CMO, Claudia Mueller as its new CHRO, Anne Rupp as its Global Director of ESG, Paulette Gerkovich as its Global Head of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and Dirk Sievert as its General Counsel & Head of Compliance.

Simon-Kucher also grew its international presence with new offices in Berlin, Germany and Helsinki, Finland, bringing the total to 42 offices worldwide. The new office in Helsinki also marks the company’s first office in Finland, making it the 27th country that Simon-Kucher operates out of.

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Simon-Kucher & Partners, Strategy & Marketing Consultants: Simon-Kucher & Partners is a global consulting firm with more than 1,700 professionals in 42 offices worldwide focusing on TopLine Power®. Founded in 1985, the company has over 35 years of experience providing strategy and marketing consulting and is regarded as the world’s leading pricing advisor.