In the past, building up internal market access capabilities of digital products and services was a top priority for healthcare companies. Now, the topic of uptake is moving to the center of conversations. To achieve commercial success, companies need to diligently plan their go-to-market strategy – from obtaining market access to generating uptake.
Jan Bordon, Digital Health expert and partner at Simon-Kucher
The IVD industry need to prioritize pricing and monetization initiatives while the imaging industry should increase efforts on customer segmentation, product innovation, as well as pricing.
Dr. Michael Keller, partner elect and diagnostics industry expert at Simon-Kucher & Partners.
Considering these numbers, it can quickly lead to 20 million potential British customers for Amazon Pharmacy in one fell swoop. It would immediately gain a significant market share and be among the top online pharmacies in the UK. Existing platforms and pharmacies must get prepared and find a way to retain their existing customers and take advantage of their omni-channel presence.
Christian Rebholz, Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners
It’s interesting to see, that this reduced price pressure apparently also leads to fewer price wars: Less than half of medtech companies are currently caught up in a price war, down from 72 percent in 2019. The decreasing price pressure will enable companies to be more bold when challenging the status quo and exploring new business models in light of COVID-19.
Omar Ahmad, partner and head of the global HealthTech cluster at Simon-Kucher
We are super proud to welcome seven true industry and subject-matter experts and great personalities to our global Healthcare and Life Sciences partnership. Together we are able to further deepen our subsector specialization, our physical coverage in the world’s biggest healthcare markets as well as to expand our range of TopLine consulting services. Moving forward we are excited to serve our clients even more holistically in optimizing their R&D investment returns and in unleashing incremental profitable growth of established businesses.
Jörg Krütten, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Simon-Kucher
For healthcare companies whose offerings also include digital solutions and apps, this development in Germany offers completely new opportunities.
Jan Bordon, Partner and digital health expert at Simon-Kucher & Partners
Again and again, we’re seeing in the packaging industry that sustainability is often viewed as a ‘hygiene factor,’ one that is interesting to customers and only serves to create a positive image for the company. It is quickly labeled a marketing topic and not actively promoted as a growth path to, for example, develop new products for the mass market.
Dr. Daniel Bornemann, Partner and expert for the Paper & Packaging industry at Simon-Kucher & Partners
Price is still the number one criterion for healthcare consumers, and it is key for deciding whether they buy online or in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. However, comfort and convenience are also playing an increasingly important role in consumers’ shopping behavior.
Christian Rebholz, consumer healthcare expert and Partner in the global Life Sciences division at Simon-Kucher & Partners
Our aim is to provide clients with comprehensive support on all commercial matters related to the introduction of new products and technologies and to maximize return on their R&D investments. Excellence in the area of commercial strategy is an essential component in this regard, and we are very pleased Dr. Simone Seiter has decided to join us. She and her team have extensive international consulting experience, superbly complementing our specialist knowledge.
Jörg Krütten, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Simon-Kucher
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for implementing digital strategies in Life Sciences. It doesn’t matter whether a digital or a commercial team is responsible. In the end, the parties involved must be clear about the commercial options that new digital solutions provide. The company must ensure it has expertise on commercial market access in the digital context and make the necessary resources available with support from every department.
Jan Bordon, Senior Director and Digital Health expert at Simon-Kucher & Partners
Very few study participants would reject the DTC genetic tests due to ethical concerns, such as newborn screening. Personal data, on the other hand, is a very sensitive topic, and providers should make sure users feel protected and that their privacy is guaranteed.
Dr. Michael Keller, Senior Director at Simon-Kucher
Smart packaging offers many new applications. Protecting the brand, preventing theft, ensuring quality, and optimizing logistics, just to name a few.
Dr. Daniel Bornemann, Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners