Something Different for your Christmas Cheeseboard

Cheer up your Christmas cheese and try something different this year. Stag Bakeries offers an exciting alternative to traditional savoury biscuits to serve alongside a cheeseboard, and, something which will create a definite talking point amongst dinner party guests. The appropriately named ‘Something Different for Cheese’ is a luxurious fruit cake that is delicious when served and eaten with cheese. 

The rich fruit cake is made with raisins, sultanas, currants, dates, cherries and cranberries that are generously soaked for 4 weeks with ruby port and whisky. The cake is also delicately flavoured with pecan nuts, almonds and a selection of warming spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg to create a rich, delicious eat. 

The ‘Something Different for Cheese’ fruit cake is perfect with a strong cheddar, tangy blue cheese or mellow, ripe soft cheese such as brie. The cake doesn’t just have to be reserved for eating with cheese, it works equally well eaten on its own or when enjoyed with a cuppa and even a glass of whisky or gin!

Something Different for Cheese is presented in a classic balsa wood box and makes an attractive gift when visiting friends over the festive period. Available from independent retail stores and Lakeland ( RRP £8.97 300g. 


SAMPLES AVAILABLE - please just get in touch if you'd like to try!

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Stag’s baking heritage on the beautifully unspoilt Outer Hebridean island of Lewis stretches back to 1885 and although the bakery is now modern, many things have not changed since those early days.

Skilled people, attention to detail, traditional recipes and time honoured methods are still at the heart of this artisan bakery and it shows in the products

The product range includes sweet and savoury biscuits.


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