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  • Ruukki Construction ready to deliver world’s first fossil-free steel building products

Ruukki Construction ready to deliver world’s first fossil-free steel building products

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Ruukki Construction, part of SSAB Group, has produced the world's first building products made of SSAB fossil-free steel. The pilot products were manufactured at Ruukki’s Alajärvi plant in Finland.

Ruukki will deliver the first ever sandwich panels, façade claddings and roofing products made of fossil-free steel to carefully selected customers who have a strong sustainability agenda. Emissions originating in the manufacturing phase will be minimized where possible by using green energy and by choosing material and logistics options with minimum environmental impact.

"We are proud to contribute to our industry’s green transition. Building products made of SSAB's fossil-free steel are important drivers of sustainable construction and help our customers significantly reduce the lifecycle impacts of their buildings. However, the greatest emission impact occurs during the use of buildings. That is why we have for decades invested in developing and producing long-lasting and energy-efficient building products," says Sami Eronen, President, Ruukki Construction.

“For years, we at Ruukki have taken extensive measures at different stages of the supply chain to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. Our systematic development work can be seen, for example, in our recently updated sandwich panel environmental declarations (EPDs), where the Global Warming Potential values have improved significantly,” says Jani Backlund, Business Director, Building Envelopes, Finland at Ruukki. 

Products made of fossil-free steel are part of Ruukki's efforts to take the construction industry towards carbon-neutral buildings. In addition, this year Ruukki will also pilot SSAB Zero™ steel made from recycled steel in building products in order to be the first to launch state-of-the-art recycled steel-based product families in 2024. Products made of fossil-free steel will be offered at a commercial scale from 2026.