With the acquisition of Animal Pharmaceuticals, we create a unique group which entails different growth and profitability driven companies within animal health. It’s amazing to be able to add yet another outstanding and profitable company to the Swedencare family. I am both excited and humble to the task of leading this expanded group. At the same time, I am very comfortable as we in Jason Braun get access to a competent and experienced colleague who, just like me, thrives by growth and profitability together with customer satisfaction and innovation. Yet another success factor is that the acquired business will be able to realize several synergies with recently acquired Stratford Care USA. Jason, Brian (CEO of Stratford Care USA) and myself have already a plan in place that will be executed the coming months.
Håkan Lagerberg, CEO of Swedencare
Animal Pharmaceuticals has grown and evolved through the industry for over 17 years. At the heart of our company is a passion and drive that we couldn’t be more excited to share with an experienced, multinational company like Swedencare Group.
Jason Braun, Animal Pharmaceuticals CEO and founder
Alongside the acquisition of Stratford this summer Swedencare will, after the two acquisitions made public today, be a new, larger and more forceful company. We will now be one of the leading companies within the global pet health care nutraceutical sector. Not only do we increase substantially, when it comes to revenue, earnings, product range and customer offering, but our team also gains the capacity of Matthew and Jason, two extraordinary entrepreneurs. Three acquisitions within three months means that we basically have cut three years’ worth of work in reaching our financial goals and we will therefor communicate new financial goals no later than at the presentation of our year-end report.
Per Malmström, Chairman of the board, Swedencare
With the acquisition of Nutravet, we create a unique group which entails different growth and profitability driven companies within animal health. It’s amazing to be able to add yet another outstanding and profitable company to the Swedencare family. I am both excited and humble to the task of leading this expanded group. At the same time, I am very comfortable as we in Matthew Shaw get access to a competent and experienced colleague who, just like me, thrives by growth and profitability together with customer satisfaction and innovation. Matthew has built a fantastic company and concept which we will nuture, develop and expand out into the world market!
Håkan Lagerberg, CEO of Swedencare
This is an exciting time for Nutravet, providing fantastic opportunities to further expand beyond our market leading position in the UK. Swedencare complements our ethos perfectly and offers the business proven international leadership. We’re thrilled to join the family and keen to maximize future growth.
Matthew Shaw, Nutravets CEO and founder
My board colleagues and I want to thank Jenny for a job well done as CEO during a period where the focus was on expanding the market initiatives around the ProDen PlaqueOff® product family. As we now carry out a strategic acquisition and at the same time continue to evaluate further acquisitions, we are pleased to welcome Håkan back as CEO while with Jenny as CFO ensuring a strong financial control function. With Håkan and Jenny in Group Management and a strategically important acquisition completed, we look forward to continuing to develop Swedencare into the leading global animal health company with a growing product portfolio.
Per Malmström, Chairman of the Board of Swedencare
With the acquisition we are gearing up and need to strengthen both operationally and financially. With my financial background and the experience of working for several years in the US in finance functions, I look forward to working with our new American subsidiary and our larger, stronger and broader group.
Jenny Graflind, departing CEO
I am grateful to have the chance of coming back into an operational role as I see many new and exciting opportunities with the acquisition of Stratford's operations which we are now carrying out. A prerequisite for me to accept the offer was that Jenny also thought it was a good and exciting challenge to work together again. We are an excellent team and complement each other perfectly, something that is needed now as we accelerate the pace of Swedencare's development. I have also been in contact with Stratford's MD, Brian Nugent, since 2018, and I am convinced that he and his team will be a decisive factor for us reaching or perhaps even exceeding our recently set financial targets.
Håkan Lagerberg, incoming CEO
With this acquisition, we are strengthening our presence and significantly expanding our product offering in the US, a market where we are seeing strong growth, while at the same time reaching a large number of new veterinary channel customers, which complements our existing channel distribution. We also strengthen the organization with a very competent and experienced management team.
Jenny Graflind, CEO of Swedencare
Stratford management is excited to be part of a growing multinational organization with proven and experienced leadership that has created industry leading products in the oral/dental health sector.
Brian Nugent, MD, Stratford Care USA Inc.
Through the acquisition of Stratford's operations, we are advancing positions in the world's largest pet products market - the United States. We are already considered a leading company in dental products and now we are significantly expanding our product portfolio while complementing our strong position in pet and online with 10,000 customers in the vet channel. We are now taking a big step towards our financial goals.
Per Malmström, Chairman of the Board of Swedencare
As we have previously communicated, we significantly increase our marketing efforts and the recruitment of Sara gives us a strong and exciting leadership in this work. Sara's background, expertise and energy will contribute to continued high growth and increased global awareness of our brands, with focus on our flagship products in the ProDen PlaqueOff® product line, which is already considered the leading dental product for dogs and cats in certain markets
Jenny Graflind, CEO Swedencare
I look very much forward to working with Swedencare's strong brands and contributing to Swedencare's continued success in the global market. It is an interesting and exciting industry and I am impressed by the growth journey made so far and the strong position Swedencare has taken in several markets. I see tremendous potential both in the brand and the products and it is with great joy and enthusiasm that I take on the mission to develop this further
Sara Ahlström
My board colleagues and I are both grateful for, and impressed by, the work and energy that Håkan has contributed to the company's development into the global and highly profitable corporate group Swedencare is today. As we now increase market initiatives while setting new long-term financial goals, I am pleased to welcome Jenny as the new CEO, through which we will have continuity in our continued work to create a leading animal health company focused on oral health
- Per Malmström, Swedencare's Chairman of the board
Swedencare is now entering a new phase with new goals and I feel it is time to hand over operational responsibility after almost six years. With Jenny, Swedencare gets an extremely competent CEO who knows the business well and has the energy needed to take the company to new levels and success
- Håkan Lagerberg
It has been a great pleasure to work at Swedencare together with Håkan for almost three years and during that time we have had, to say the least, a fantastic development. I take over a well-functioning organization that is built on a wonderful and competent team together with a strong brand in an exciting industry. I look forward to taking over the baton and leading Swedencare into the future
- Jenny Graflind
We are very pleased to be able to welcome Biovet to Swedencare. The company will have a significant impact on our position and offering on the Greek market. Once Biovet is fully included in the group we will be able to speed up the sales of our products both further in Greece and Cyprus but also in the Balkan markets which can be handled better from Thessaloniki than compared to Malmö.
Håkan Lagerberg, CEO Swedencare
We are very glad to become part of Swedencare group. Our goal is to strengthen our position in the Greek and Cypriot market. By developing new strategies we aim to increase our sales and deliver higher growth.
Ioanna Psychogiou, MD Biovet
Over the last few years the interest to invest in Swedencare from international institutions has increased significantly. Swedencare will with DNCA and Mr. Varma, receive a new and engaged large shareholder eager to be part of our growth journey. My partners and I have been very selective when it comes to divesting parts of our shareholding and we have now an even stronger ownership set-up who are prepared to consider investing even more capital if and when interesting acquisition opportunities presents itself
- Håkan Lagerberg, CEO, Swedencare and owner of Mastan AB
The chance to invest in a relatively undiscovered quality gem of a company with solid growth prospects in all geographies comes along very rarely in this day and age. It was as such - a simple decision for us to make this investment
- Rajesh Varma, Fund Manager, DNCA Invest Beyond Global Leaders
Spain is a market we have worked together with several partners for the Vet- and Pet market and where sales have been constant without growth. Considering the Spanish market which, similar to other markets in Europe, transforms quickly with strong growth within the Pet market compared to the Vet market, we are convinced that we will be able to deliver significantly higher growth with our own organization.
Håkan Lagerberg - CEO Swedencare AB (publ)
I am thrilled to announce that the important VOHC seal has been awarded to another ProDen PlaqueOff® product. This will allow this product, as well as the ProDen PlaqueOff® Dental Bites dog treat product, to be carried by veterinary practices owned by commercial companies that have a policy of offering only VOHC-accepted oral hygiene products. Dr. Gawor’s studies also showed that there was a 67% reduction in gingivitis in the PlaqueOff group compared with the control group. Swedencare looks forward to using this new scientific information to further educate pet owners about the benefits of ProDen PlaqueOff®
Håkan Lagerberg, CEO of Swedencare AB
The acquisition provides Swedencare with the opportunity to develop flagship premises that can spearhead the Companies production and logistic activities in Ireland and several export markets all over the world. Furthermore, when finalized the cost of the new factory will not exceed our current lease costs despite providing us with a factory, customized to our needs, double the size!
Håkan Lagerberg, CEO of Swedencare AB (publ).
Musti Group is already our most important partner in the Nordic market for the sale of our own product lines, so it is both a natural step and extremely exciting to launch a unique and new product line together. I am also convinced that we will launch other projects together to always provide our Nordic end customers with new innovative products to enable them to take the best care of their pets.
Håkan Lagerberg, CEO of Swedencare AB (publ)
It feels great to be able to offer truly new innovations to the cat food category. Cat dental care is one of the most challenging areas in pet owners’ daily life. With the unique ProDen PlaqueOff® composition in Nutrima Cat dry foods we can offer an easy solution to all cat owners to take care of the dental health for their cats. Without the collaboration with Swedencare this would not have been possible and we are very proud and excited about this joint product development project we did together.
Elli Holappa, Commercial Director Musti Group OY
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