SyntheticMR announces FDA clearance of new SyMRI release

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SyntheticMR AB announced today that its new SyMRI version was cleared by FDA for head imaging with significant improvements, including image quality and added functionality to the reference curves.

The work to get FDA clearance for the different applications of MSK continues.

“We are pleased with the FDA approval of our new SyMRI version,” says Ulrik Harrysson, CEO at SyntheticMR AB. “SyntheticMR’s ambition is to broaden the application of SyMRI to additional anatomies. It is with full commitment and even greater focus that we continue to pursue and develop our innovative product roadmap.”

For additional information, please contact Ulrik Harrysson, CEO, SyntheticMR AB, +46 70 529 29 87

SyntheticMR AB develops and markets innovative software solutions for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). SyntheticMR AB has developed SyMRI®, delivering multiple, adjustable contrast images and quantitative data from a single 6-minute scan. The SyMRI product is available in different packages. SyMRI NEURO delivers multiple contrast images, tissue segmentations and quantitative data on the brain. SyMRI MSK provides multiple contrast images and quantitative data for MSK anatomies. SyMRI NEURO is CE-marked and FDA 510(k) cleared and SyMRI MSK is CE-marked. SyMRI is a registered trademark in Europe and the USA. SyntheticMR is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market Exchange in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, visit


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