Who cares? Blurring the lines of medical advancement

Routledge explores the minefield of medical ethics and the dilemmas facing bioethics today

Should mercy killing be made legal? Should parents have the right to design their children?

With Labour asking to legalise assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in England and Wales, and the UK set to become the first country to allow the creation of IVF babies from three people, the fine line between Hippocrates ethics and the demands of medical advances is increasingly blurred.

A new book by Alastair Campbell, Bioethics: the Basics (Routledge, May 2013), sets out to dissipate doubts surrounding the matter by looking at the way medical sciences respond to today’s moral demands.
Exploring controversial issues such as euthanasia, life before birth, assisted reproduction, and research ethics, Campbell gradually introduces us to the foundation principles and moral values that lie at the heart of medicine today. In a clear and accessible writing style, he directly speaks to the non-experts in the field and, in doing so, he crucially reminds us that the moral issues bioethics explores are not the reserve of an élite of academics and professionals but affect us all.

Alastair V. Campbell has achieved a wonderful balance of theory and practice to produce an engaging and truly accessible introduction to Bioethics. ‘ Heather Widdows, University of Birmingham, UK

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