“Our Valentine tradition at Victorian Cake Company is all about the love we put into every cupcake or cake we design,” said Cahn. “For us, the perfect six-pack is three Pink Champagne cupcakes paired with three Red Velvet cupcakes – each topped with a delicate rose candy and tied together with a red ribbon.”
Sheri Cahn
“I even have had guys buy a single fancy cupcake, place an engagement ring on the top and propose,” says Sheri Cahn, owner of the custom cakery. She adds laughingly, “My only worry was when they wanted to leave the ring with me to attach it for them.”
Sheri Cahn
“We would like to challenge Bobby Flay to a Pink Champagne Cake Throwdown,” Cahn said, laughing as she said it. “We are a custom cakery – and we keep coming up with new designs and themes for our clients. We even have a Tebow Cupcake now for Phoenix’s Denver Bronco fans, a Phoenix Suns cupcake and lots of gourmet specialties that appeal to your sweet tooth.”
Sheri Cahn
“When I was a young girl growing up here in Phoenix, Arizona, I remember on Saturdays my Dad and I would sneak out, while the others had to take naps, and head for the old Christown Mall (now the Christown Spectrum) shopping center at 19th Avenue and Bethany Home Road,” shared Cahn. “After lunch, we would head to the Guggy's Restaurant for our dessert. Of course, dessert was always a delicious slice of that wonderful Pink Champagne cake. From then on, that became my special birthday cake flavor, and my mother would order one for me every year.”
Sheri Cahn
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