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  • Yoga and workouts in the Turku archipelago – “More and more passengers want to relax, exercise and be pampered”

Yoga and workouts in the Turku archipelago – “More and more passengers want to relax, exercise and be pampered”

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The new Viking Glory will usher in a new era of well-being on the Baltic Sea. For the first time, passengers will be able to do yoga and work out in the vessel’s Archipelago Spa & Wellness facilities in the middle of the world’s most beautiful archipelago setting. “Expectations for sea travel are changing – the best time for many is watching the sea in peace and quiet,” says Viking Glory’s launch manager, Lotta Lindroos.

More and more people want to concentrate on their well-being during their sea journey. So Viking Glory is offering passengers an entirely new kind of wellness services when traffic between Turku and Stockholm is launched in March.

“Just like before, passengers want a luxurious sailing experience – but luxury has become a more multifaceted concept. For a growing number of people, that entails peace and quiet, sleep, exercise and relaxing spa treatments. We clearly see this trend both in our day-to-day work and in our surveys,” notes Viking Glory’s launch manager, Lotta Lindroos.

The Archipelago Spa & Wellness section includes new features, such as the Baltic Sea’s first gym, virtually instructed workouts and a yoga studio with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. Passengers can choose their favourite workout from among 21 options: from relaxing yoga, fast-paced dance workouts and varied exercise sessions to rejuvenating stretching and Pilates classes – all in three languages. The sessions have been planned in partnership with Esport, the biggest indoor exercise centre in the Nordic region, and are booked on board the vessel.

“For many people, exercise is an important part of wellness that they do not want to skip on their sea journey. Companies are increasingly interested in exercise services as part of the programme for their conference cruises. The Spa & Wellness section is available to groups that want to spend time together as well as regular passengers who want to take advantage of the chance to work out at the gym,” says Lotta Lindroos.

Views in every direction

The Spa & Wellness section on Viking Glory’s Deck 11 also raises the spa experience to a new level. One new feature is that couples or friends can book a shared massage or treatment. Archipelago Spa & Wellness uses luxurious products from Babor for its treatments.

Spa visitors can also enjoy a sauna with panoramic views, two regular saunas and one steam sauna, cool down in a snow cave and choose from three different hot tubs, one of which has trendy loungers. There is also a shop in the spa facilities that sells beauty products, workout clothes, swimsuits and other wellness products. Refreshing beverages, smoothies and healthy snacks are served in the spa bar. 

“The sea is seen from everywhere in the spa section, and nothing blocks the amazing views. The nature in the archipelago that surrounds you, the timelessness and simple elegance are also reflected in the spa’s interior furnishings,” adds Lotta Lindroos.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life

Along with the Archipelago Spa & Wellness section, the entire vessel is characterized by a focus on well-being. There are a number of places in the vessel where the peace and quiet is not disturbed by music. The cabins’ high-quality special mattresses and fluffy covers guarantee a good night’s sleep.

“There is a growing emphasis on the importance of sleep for wellness – if passengers in the past came to party, many of them also want to relax now. They come to the sea to escape their hectic everyday life with its constant interruptions. For many, their best time on the sea journey is when they can sit in peace and quiet and gaze at the sea,” says Lotta Lindroos.

Spa & Wellness video

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Lotta Lindroos, Development & Launch Manager Viking Glory

lotta.lindroos@vikingline.com, tel. +358 18 270 00

Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

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Viking Glory

  • Launch of service on the Turku–Åland–Stockholm route in early March 2022
  • Passenger capacity 2,800
  • 922 cabins
  • Usually about 300 crew members (in two shifts of 150 people)
  • Length 222.6 metres, gross tonnage 63,813 tonnes
  • Cargo capacity 1,500 lane metres
  • Ice class 1 A Super
  • Fuel LNG (liquefied natural gas)
  • Built in China at Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co. Ltd’s shipyard
  • Partners: Wärtsilä, ABB Marine, Kone, Almaco, Koncept, Climeon, Evac, Projektia, Pointman, Deltamarin



“Expectations for sea travel are changing – the best time for many is watching the sea in peace and quiet.”
Lotta Lindroos, Viking Glory’s launch manager