• Christa Grönlund

    Communications Manager, Finland

    Viking Line Abp PL 119 00161 Helsinki
    +358 9-123 5242
  • Johanna Boijer-Svahnström

    Vice President Corporate Communications, Headquarters

    Viking Line Abp PL 166 22101 Maarianhamina
    +358 18-277 48
  • Quotes

    "There are now jobs available mainly for people with experience in the service industry. If people have not experienced the life of a seafarer, they can test what it's like in the form of gig work or as a temporary hire. There are a wide variety of maritime jobs, and among the employees on our vessels are people in different life situations, of different ages and from a variety of backgrounds. Many stay with us for decades, and the positive atmosphere and work ethic have even tempted retirees to take gig jobs, now that there is work again."
    Lena Marcus, Viking Line's Sea Personnel Manager
    "I was welcomed with open arms and was immediately part of the team. Working on a short-term basis, I can enjoy the best advantages of working at sea and choose when I want to work myself.”
    Lena Blankenstein-Holmström, retired 2020 and she started working on a short-term basis in June 2022
    ”We are looking forward to a very busy summer on the Tallinn route. The best thing for people who want to be sure to get a space for their car on a specific departure is to book ahead of time since car spaces are often sold out. The summer favourite for families is still the easy six-hour picnic cruise with many different activities for the youngest passengers. It is gratifying to see the boat decks filled with happy summer passengers again.”
    Christa Grönlund, Viking Line’s Communications Manager
    ”Tallinn and its surroundings offer a variety of holiday options and something for everyone to do and see. People can cycle around the city one day and enjoy the attractions and parks, or take their car and travel around Estonia, where distances are short and people have a chance to see and experience a great deal in just a few days.”
    Christa Grönlund, Viking Line’s Communications Manager
    “Viking Line has the wonderful idea of giving art a prominent place. It’s not the art that attracts people to the vessel, but once they’re on board people have time to explore the works. I imagine children will point to the sculpture and ask their dad if it’s a dolphin or a fish. Their dad will answer that it’s full of holes – what is it really? And then the whole family stands there and marvels. The work has made them stop and look at modern art.”
    Stefan Lindfors, the artist
    “We wanted to provide our passengers with the opportunity to enjoy art experiences on their sea journey, and when Stefan also became enthusiastic about the project, to our passengers’ great delight, we got a whole series of three sculptures to exhibit on Viking Glory. We knew the sea plays an important role in Stefan’s art, and the end result exceeded all our expectations. The series of sculptures tells a story that is especially dear to us, how important the archipelago waters are from a cultural perspective and how unique – and vulnerable – this nature is.”
    Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Viking Line’s director of corporate communications
    “Now, people are travelling by boat to pamper themselves. Passengers want their journey to have an element of luxury, for example by booking spa treatments or choosing premium alternatives instead of their usual breakfast. They are spending more money than before in the restaurants and tax-free shops.”
    Philip Sjöstrand, Viking Line’s Director of Sales
    “People have a clear yearning to meet and socialize. We certainly have a fine summer of sailing ahead of us, since compared to the past few years our booking situation looks really good overall. On our new flagship, Viking Glory, we estimate that bookings will pass the half million mark as early as May.”
    Philip Sjöstrand, Viking Line’s Director of Sales
    “There seems to be a bit of nostalgia in the air when people have an opportunity to enjoy boat journeys after a few years’ pause. Our passengers will have a nostalgia trip by ordering a classic elegant cocktail for instance, like a Blue Angel or Whisky Sour.”
    Ossi Ruusunen, who heads the beverage team for Viking Line’s restaurants
    “The interest in quality whisky and gin has grown significantly in recent years. We are continuously developing our assortment to meet our customers’ wishes.”
    Mats Kotka, who is Head of Retail Operations and in charge of Viking Line’s tax-free shopping
    “With Viking Glory, we now have not just a new cruise concept but indeed a full-out cruise experience with an international atmosphere on the Baltic Sea. Many guests we’ve spoken to have compared their experience on board to a modern city hotel with lounge bars, piano players, jazz trios and modern DJs. They say we’ve created something new on the Baltic Sea, and that’s high praise.”
    Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Communications Director on Viking Line
    “After a long and challenging period, we can see that interest in cruises and holiday travel in nearby areas is growing and to some extent approaching normal, which is a little extra special this year given that Åland is also celebrating 100 years of autonomous rule in 2022. The whole of Åland is celebrating, with all kinds of exciting events during the spring and summer, including musicals, exhibitions and concerts, so there are at least 100 reasons to visit Åland this very year.”
    Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Communications Director on Viking Line
    “Particularly in coastal areas, sailing to and from Sweden is part of Finland’s tourism tradition, which children have grown up with from an early age. The tradition of taking a boat journey has been passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, it has become more a question of family tourism, with people enjoying spending time together and sitting down for a nice meal.”
    Terhi-Anna Wilska, researcher and a professor of sociology at the University of Jyväskylä
    “We Finns are really family-centred – when we climb aboard, we want to do things together and create lovely shared memories. Other things parents want are, of course, rest and relaxation, good food and entertainment that’s appropriate for the entire family.”
    Lotta Lindroos, Viking Glory’s Launch Manager
    “With the big windows, the sea is present everywhere on Glory. We’ve also placed various elements borrowed from nature in the archipelago here and there on the ship: waves, beacons, flags, skerries and lighthouses. These are seen both as moving images on giant LED screens and as abstract figures, for example, in carpets and lighting fixtures. The colour palette on the vessel was inspired by the sea, the cliffs, the forests and the nuances of the different kinds of wood.”
    Niclas Makowsky, Koncept’s architect, who led the work on Viking Glory’s interior design
    “Functionality was very important when we planned the new vessel. Especially on the Turku route, our vessel serves a large number of passengers in a short period of time, so flows of both passengers and goods need to be smooth. We placed the kitchen premises and stockrooms centrally and built shops and restaurants around them so that the transport of ingredients, materials and finished products would be efficient. On Deck 2, there is a service corridor along which we transport goods between the bow and the stern. Bed linen is also conveyed this way.”
    Johan Nordberg, Viking Line’s own architect
    “For Viking Glory, I wanted to create a piece of jewellery that reflects the sea in a timeless, refined way. The Glory pendant is a combination of traditional goldsmithing and modern design. The godmother pendant’s rose gold frame depicts a rope, symbolizing maritime travel. Within the frame, you see white foamy waves in white gold. A brilliant diamond sparkles on the crest of the waves. When light hits the stone, it calls to mind a lighthouse appearing on the horizon, a sight through the ages that has assured seafarers that they are almost home, safe in port.”
    Maria Karlström, goldsmith at her Guldviva studio
    “I am grateful to be the godmother of this beautiful vessel. Being godmother also reinforces my family’s long-standing commitment to Viking Line. It is important to me that Viking Glory is one of the world’s most climate-smart passenger ships – the archipelago is very dear to our family.”
    Isabel Lennse, godmother of Viking Glory and jewellery designer
    “We succeeded in bringing home Viking Glory although there was also doubt in the air. This fantastic vessel exceeds all my expectations. It represents a brand-new generation of vessels and highlights the company’s origins in the archipelago in a fine way.”
    Jan Hanses, Viking Line’s CEO
    “Glory in itself is a major innovation with a lot of new cleantech solutions. The captain and crew on our vessels have great skills and extensive experience, which we have made use of in our project. It has been fantastic collaborating with Finnish and other Nordic companies with cutting-edge expertise, such as Wärtsilä, Kone and ABB,”
    Kari Shao, Viking Line’s project manager, who led the newbuild project
    “The planning and technology for our flagship is nearly one hundred per cent Finnish work, and we’re very proud of this. We’ve also taken part in different EU projects and, now with Glory, are the first shipping company to make use of new technology developed in the project.”
    Kari Shao, Viking Line’s project manager, who led the newbuild project
    “Ever since the start of the pandemic, we have done everything we can to ensure that people will be able to travel safely and with confidence and enjoy their sea journey. Two years ago, we were the first shipping company in the world to be MyCare-certified for our work to prevent the spread of illness and infection. This certification covers all our vessels as well as our terminals in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.”
    Wilhelm Hård af Segerstad, Viking Line’s Head of Shipboard Commercial Operations
    “Among other factors, our passengers see the absence of crowds and a continued sense of safety as indicators of a successful trip, but it is also important to have good food, nice cabins and excellent service. We are really pleased that our staff’s wonderfully dedicated approach to Covid safety measures has conveyed such a strong sense of safety to passengers.”
    Wilhelm Hård af Segerstad, Viking Line’s Head of Shipboard Commercial Operations
    “Cruises and boat tourism look set to have a strong position. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the upturn in domestic tourism and travelling locally. According to our survey, there is the same high level of interest in boat tourism when our customers are asked their view of how they want to travel in the near future.”
    Mikael Paulinow, Senior Project Manager in charge of Viking Line’s survey activities
    “Turku is Finland’s oldest port city and has always had a close connection with lands to the west. It is very significant that Viking Line has decided to situate its most advanced and interesting vessel here. Viking Glory is the newest jewel in the crown of the fleet of vessels that cross the Baltic Sea, and I would like to wish the vessel a warm welcome to our city.”
    Minna Arve, the mayor of Turku
    “We are really excited about Viking Glory’s arrival. In our experience, a new vessel makes the entire route more attractive and increases passenger volumes. Before the Covid pandemic, we had more than three million passengers annually and now, post-pandemic, we see that there is great pent-up demand for travel. The future looks bright in every way.”
    Erik Söderholm, managing director of the Port of Turku
    “The Turku route is very important for Viking Line as well as for passenger and cargo service between Finland and Sweden. We are extremely proud that we once again can take a vessel that represents the very latest in new advances to Turku – one that both improves the level of service on the route and reduces the environmental impact. There is great interest in Glory, and sales have gotten off to a really good start.”
    Jan Hanses, Viking Line’s president and CEO
    “Efficiency, environmental requirements and the future were all taken into consideration in an entirely new way when Viking Glory was planned. Our flagship has been built as a tribute to our roots – that is, the Baltic Sea and the nature in its beautiful archipelagos. Most of our sustainability work involves different solutions that passengers don’t notice, like the vessel’s technical solutions, which have seen rapid advances. Ten years ago, Grace was the world’s most environmentally-friendly passenger ship and now Glory, which is bigger, will use about ten per cent less fuel.”
    Dani Lindberg, Viking Line’s sustainability manager
    “Glory’s Azipod propellers and other technical innovations save considerable time in port, which gives us leeway in terms of keeping to the timetable. Every minute saved in port results in fewer emissions during the sea journey. We also do daily route planning, which means we modify our journey based on weather conditions and timetables.”
    Dani Lindberg, Viking Line’s sustainability manager
    “In previous decades, the cruise alone was a luxury. A seat on the deck was more than enough, and people bought duty-free bottles of spirits as gifts through a kiosk window. On board the new Glory, to satisfy customers’ requests, for example, we’ve built the first gym and yoga room on the Baltic Sea. That shows how maritime travel has changed. In particular, many passengers who travel frequently with us would rather work out than party.”
    Stig Pernell, Viking Glory’s intendant
    “I remember how people marvelled at Mariella’s elegant interiors. In particular, the spacious entrance with its three-storey light shaft and impressive copper light fixtures made visitors catch their breath. In contrast, Viking Glory’s interiors are dominated by the archipelago and the sea, which are visible from all parts of the vessel.”
    Stig Pernell, Viking Glory’s intendant
    We look forward to welcoming Viking Glory in February in Turku. The vessel will be unique and beautiful – both its interiors and exterior.  We already see enormous interest in the vessel, which is gratifying. That gives us faith in the future
    Jan Hanses, President and CEO
    “Glory’s journey home is an exciting, special task that has required meticulous planning and special arrangements. Over the course of the journey, the vessel will encounter a variety of weather conditions, and a long journey is also challenging in other ways. But we have experienced people on board with us who have sailed the seven seas, so we have been able to identify potential risks and draw up action plans with different situations in mind. Safety and financial considerations provide the framework for our route planning.”
    Ulf Lindroos, Viking Glory’s captain
    “It is fantastic to be part of this unique project. At the moment, my head is full of so many thoughts that I think, over time, the experience will feel even more special and wonderful. What I can say right now is that nothing will surpass the joy of arriving in our home port.”
    Ulf Lindroos, Viking Glory’s captain
    Viking Glory is one of the most complicated passenger ships ever built in China. I am extremely proud that we with our size-limited organization have been able to bring about this ship in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. With incredible commitment, high knowledge and solid experience, we have reached our goals.
    Jan Hanses, President and CEO
    “Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken multiple different health security measures into use on our ships in accordance with the regulations of the authorities in Finland and Sweden. The COVID-19 passport is a continuum of these measures. During the autumn, we have noticed that people do want to travel and enjoy the cruise experience. That’s why we are doing everything we can to ensure that they can do so in a safe and secure way. The COVID-19 passport is already a familiar and widely used measure.”
    Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Viking Line
    These neighbouring countries have rather similar taste preferences. But Swedes are not as keen on casseroles as we Finns are. For Swedes, it isn’t Christmas without Jansson’s Temptation (a creamy potato, onion and tinned fish dish), grilled ribs and meatballs
    Viking Line’s restaurant manager, Janne Lindholm
    “Expectations for sea travel are changing – the best time for many is watching the sea in peace and quiet.”
    Lotta Lindroos, Viking Glory’s launch manager
    “Viking Line’s vessels are part of the Baltic Sea landscape. We have friends from different generations and have transported more than 200 million passengers over six decades. The past year and a half have been a dreadful period for the tourism industry and for our employees. Right now, getting this top ranking feels especially good to all of us. Service entails meeting people and being attentive in both good times and bad. We would like to thank all our employees on board and on land for this fantastic result.”
    Ninna Suominen, Viking Line’s head of marketing
    “We are forced to take this exceptional measure since fuel prices have risen in a short time much more sharply than expected. There is no relief in sight, and since the company’s finances are extremely stretched due to the lengthy pandemic, we can no longer handle extra costs alongside all the other additional costs.”
    Kaj Takolander, Viking Line’s Sales Director
    “Fyren is perhaps Viking Line’s most spectacular venue ever. Small parties can enjoy world-class food here, which has the vessel’s best vantage point. It will have an extraordinary 220-degree view of the salt-sprayed rocks and islets – and absolutely nothing that blocks the view.”
    Lotta Lindroos, Viking Glory’s Launch Manager
    We have created beautiful, comfortable and inspiring cabin environments for different needs. On Glory, we also have the largest range of cabins with sea views in our entire fleet. The archipelago theme is reflected in the vessel’s furnishings as well as in the artistic works that decorate each cabin.
    Stig Pernell, intendant on Viking Glory
    It feels really nice as someone from Åland, who shares that great tradition of people from Åland of being on board a ship, to get this commission. I want the works to reflect from a distance what we see in our shared archipelago environments but closer up to reveal a multitude of small details and symbols. I hope passengers will appreciate my artistic contribution to the new Viking Glory.
    Jonas Wilén, Åland-based artist
    We can’t wait to welcome our guests on board the new Viking Glory. The interiors, especially in the conference venue, are tastefully decorated, and outside an unparalleled view opens up of the most beautiful archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Naturally, we have equipped the vessel with cutting-edge technology and flexible solutions so that our customers will be able to use the premises in the best way possible
    Stig Pernell, intendant, Viking Glory
    “Given that the pandemic situation has now eased, we are grateful to receive this decision from the authorities. We look forward to getting regular traffic between our neighbouring countries up and running after travel has been shut down for such a long time. Many of us have missed this natural transport link.”
    Jan Hanses, president and CEO of Viking Line
    “We’re looking for calm, evocative video material that fits in with the maritime setting. The most important thing is to convey what the archipelago means to you with the help of moving images.”
    Lotta Lindroos, Viking Glory’s Launch Manager
    “We want to offer everyone an opportunity to present their artistic vision of the most beautiful new cruise ship on the Baltic Sea. The competition is therefore open to amateurs, students and professional artists.”
    Ninna Suominen, Viking Line’s Head of Marketing & Online Sales
    “Viking Glory embodies our vision of the Baltic Sea passenger cruise ship of the future, with a combination of climate-smart solutions and an unbeatable archipelago experience. An essential part of any cruise is to sit out on deck and enjoy the ever-changing sea and archipelagos with their special islets and rocky skerries. With the unique Viking Terrace, it will be possible for the first time to maximise this experience during the warmer half of the year, regardless of the weather.”
    Stig Pernell, who will be the intendant on Viking Glory
    “Viking Terrace will offer the pleasures of life in all their best forms. On the big terrace, we will serve public favourites such as juicy hamburgers and other food from the grill, pasta and salads, of course along with thirst-quenching drinks in the summer heat. We are really longing to create unforgettable memories on board together with our passengers.”
    Stig Pernell, who will be the intendant on Viking Glory
    "In these pandemic times, the collaboration between the Finnish authorities and the Finnish seafarers' organization has worked well. We see great advantages to having the same flag on both vessels serving the Turku–Stockholm route. Viking Glory will replace the Finnish-flagged Amorella, and since the intention is for the delivery of Viking Glory not to lead to any redundancy measures, it is natural to continue with a Finnish flag. In taking this decision, we rely on there being continuity in Finnish maritime policy, so that our operating conditions are maintained and we are not forced to review our decisions on the vessels' flags."
    Jan Hanses, President and CEO of Viking Line
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