“Children are joyful, fun-loving cruise guests, and travelling by ship is often an experience they have long been looking forward to. Naturally, we want to take particularly good care of our future customers. We continuously monitor bookings, and if we see that there will be a lot of families with children on a given departure, we assign more staff who can entertain children and young adults and arrange more programmes aimed at our young passengers. When children have a good time on board, their parents usually do too.”
Niklas Haapalainen, cruise host on Viking Glory
“This classic brand has enjoyed a boom recently, also because of the popular TV series. The LEGO Rooms are a good addition to our activity programme for children: they can spend time there playing and building.”
Mikael Panelius, entertainment director at Viking Line
"Some of our passengers spend half the day in our spa facilities – first they enjoy the different treatments, and then they soak in the tubs and sit in the saunas in peace and quiet. In terms of treatments too, today we offer more comprehensive experiences, including luxury treatments that last 90 minutes. For example, our Archipelago Spa treatment begins with a back peel, continues with a relaxing back massage and ends with a face treatment that is tailored to the customer. All of our treatments on board cost at least 20 per cent less than on shore."
Bettina Rönnblad, Spa Manager at Viking Line
"For the renovation, we focused on getting the most possible out of the view and creating a more spacious feel in the cabins. People can admire the sea views through the windows from the queen-size bed and the sofa, which can be turned into an extra bed. The cabins have been painted in light, fresh tones, but for the fixed furnishings like tables and closets we chose a trendy, slightly darker tone. We replaced the heavy textiles with brighter, lighter ones."
Johan Nordberg, architect
"Calm and seclusion as well as comfort have become the new luxury in maritime travel. The balcony cabins on Gabriella offer a hotel-class experience, which is something that many people want when they go on a cruise. Our passengers want to sleep on comfortable mattresses with top-quality linens and preferably in a queen-size bed."
Johan Nordberg, architect
"People's interest in food – in understanding and appreciating it – has clearly increased. Cooking shows on TV and an ever stronger quality restaurant culture in Finland have made cooking trendy and increased people's desire to try new things. People also think that the origins of the food are interesting – our staff get far more questions than they did ten years ago."
Janne Lindholm, Manager of Viking Line Restaurants
"The kitchen staff on our vessels pickle the herring with seasonings, form the hamburger patties and season, roast and carve the beef. We can't do everything ourselves on board, in which case we use products from our carefully selected partners. Among other things, meatballs are made on shore according to our own recipe."
Janne Lindholm, Manager of Viking Line Restaurants
“Emissions per nautical mile from our vessels have been reduced by nearly one third over the past 15 years. Given that we have rejuvenated our vessel fleet and invested in technology that is even more climate-smart, emissions will also continue to decrease in the years ahead.”
Dani Lindberg, Viking Line’s Sustainability Manager
“With more stringent EU environmental requirements, continuing maritime transport operations will be economically unsustainable using the same old model. Shipping companies must be able to reduce their emissions substantially, and this will not happen without switching to more emissions-efficient and ultimately non-fossil fuels. We here at Viking Line are working proactively for this change and are already a  role model in climate-smart solutions.”
Dani Lindberg, Viking Line’s Sustainability Manager
"Domestic origin is one of our core values together with sustainability, and we want to use the Finnish Key Flag Symbol to make this even more visible. The symbol nicely sums up our long-term, wide-ranging and concrete work for materials and services of domestic origin."
Ninna Suominen, Vice President of Marketing at Viking Line
"Buying a domestic service is seen by most Finns as a way to influence society and choose sustainable values, which improves the country's competitiveness and prosperity. Viking Line is the largest tourism company to be granted use of the Key Flag Symbol, and the company will provide exposure for our symbol to millions of passengers. It is great that they have joined the group of businesses that vouch for the importance of Finnish work."
Tero Lausala, chief executive officer of the Association for Finnish Work
"Our vessel employs 175 people. Around ten per cent of them worked previously on M/S Rosella, which was taken over by a new owner in Greece earlier this year. We also have a number of experienced staff who were shifted over from our other vessels as well as former Viking XPRS crew members. The reflagging will make hiring easier for us and give our staff greater opportunities to move between the vessels.”
Stefan Dahlström, master of Viking XPRS
"It is enormously important for Finnish maritime transport to have Viking XPRS and the workplaces on board the vessel under a Finnish flag. The reflagging strengthens the reliability and competence of our country's maritime transport. At the same time, it is proof that people have faith in Finnish seafarers."
Kenneth Bondas, president of the Finnish Seafarers' Union
"Domestic and sustainable are important values for us and something that we make concrete investments in. We are pleased that we can now bring Viking XPRS home and re-enter the vessel in Finland's Register of Ships. The Tallinn-Helsinki route is important not just for tourism but also for commuter and goods traffic between Finland, Estonia and the other Baltic countries as well as for Finland's security of supply. Last year, we had 1.4 million passengers on the Tallinn route."
Jan Hanses, Viking Line’s CEO
“Finns like to take cruises, and a new vessel is always a big event. Now with one year of experience behind us, we can say that our new vessel has managed to exceed both our own and our passengers’ expectations. Our market share on the Turku route has climbed to a record 68 per cent, and Glory has also inspired Swedes to take a cruise to Turku. The focus on different kinds of experiences on our flagship, the proximity to nature in the archipelago and the chance to customize every journey have clearly shown that we have our finger on the pulse of the times.”
Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Viking Line’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
“The fantastic sea views and archipelago landscape that open up in every direction have the lead role in Viking Glory’s interior furnishings. The architecture firm Koncept also succeeded in designing many spaces that are Instagram-worthy on their own – the glass floor in Vista Room, where people can look down into the sea, the illuminated columns there that change colour and capture the eye, the breath-taking panoramic sea views in the rotating dining venue Fyren, and the three-storey atrium in Torget – which is no doubt among the most frequently photographed interiors on the Baltic Sea right now. Other favourites that our passengers post on social media are the three sculptures by Stefan Lindfors that are located in different places on board.”
Lotta Lindroos, Launch Manager for Viking Glory
The three-week visit to the dock was a real pampering treatment since the normal biannual maintenance breaks take just two to three days. Now there was time to maintain, revamp and polish the ship inside and out as well as in the engine room. Grace deserved this break, since it has just turned ten and has served as many as ten million customers already
Sari Launonen, Viking Grace's intendant
Developing the technology of our ships throughout their lifespan plays a significant role in our aim to reduce our total emissions. Ten years ago, Viking Grace was the world’s climate-smartest vessel, and now it became even smarter thanks to the new solution to reduce resistance. Regular maintenance is also environmental work. For example, a thorough clean of the bottom of the ship has a direct impact on fuel consumption
Dani Lindberg, Sustainability Manager at Viking Line.
Passenger ship traffic with a high level of service between Turku and Stockholm is an extremely important part of our city’s attractiveness to tourists. Smooth commuter travel by sea is an important competitive factor for businesses in our region. Turku is the capital of the world’s most beautiful archipelago
Minna Arve, the mayor of Turku
Viking Glory is a big draw not just for the Baltic Sea but also for Turku. The vessel has increased the total number of passengers on our Turku route and has inspired new target groups, such as younger adults, to take a cruise. Swedes have also been more active in travelling on the vessel than in previous years. The Turku-Stockholm route is very important to us, which is also indicated by our investments. We are really pleased that one million passengers have already wanted to share in the experience on board Glory
Jan Hanses, president and CEO of Viking LIne
“Our new ship wines are on-trend both in terms of quality and style. When we select wines with the help of a wine team, consisting of restaurant and tax-free staff from all our vessels, we give particular attention to the quality of the wines and how they work with different dishes, plus we also take into account our customers’ wishes. This year we tasted hundreds of different wines before we found the best ones for our needs.”
Ossi Ruusunen, Restaurant Category Manager
“Sparkling wines are excellent wines with meals, since the acid in them makes them suitable for a really wide range of different flavours. Happily, our customers nowadays often choose wine by the glass since they want to taste new wines and try different flavour combinations.”
Ossi Ruusunen, Restaurant Category Manager
“Our passengers are well aware of the high quality of our assortment and the moderate prices on board. With us, wines are always 25 per cent cheaper than on land, and sometimes almost half the price. Our theme weeks, including our Riesling weeks which start in February, also usually attract passengers.”
Mats Kotka, Head of Retail Operations at Viking Line
“Viking Grace was a big investment for us both in the passenger experience and in sustainability. The vessel still lives up really well to passengers’ growing expectations – which also confirms its status as a pioneer. Much of the thanks for Viking Grace’s success over time goes to its nearly 300 crew members. The vessel has its own, strong Grace spirit, which has inspired many people to enjoy themselves on board since the very beginning. Convinced by its popularity, we invested in planning and building a sister ship, our latest addition, Viking Glory, where we used many good solutions from Grace.”
Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Viking Line’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
“Along with technical service measures, cabins and public spaces will be updated, carpets will be changed and auditory production technology in the nightclub will be overhauled. The refurbished vessel will be back in service on February 6.”
Sari Launonen, Viking Grace’s intendant
We are ending an exceptionally eventful year. A decision was taken to flag Viking XPRS under the Finnish flag, Amorella was sold in October, in December an agreement was reached to sell Rosella, and the new Viking Glory began her traffic in March. We are pleased with Viking Glory's successful traffic start. She has made her mark on shipping both internationally and within our own traffic area in the Baltic Sea. The vessel has been popular in the market and has also performed well and significantly contributed to the company's results. Her 1 millionth passenger will be achieved in January 2023. The new business year 2023 will be both challenging and engaging. We are closely following the development of business cycles and adapting to meet the challenges - especially regarding the new environmental standards we face. At the same time, we look optimistically towards the future
Jan Hanses, CEO, Viking LIne
“Viking Line’s roots and identity have many points in common with the story of Stormskärs Maja, which is an homage to the sea, the archipelago and life there. We’re an Åland-based shipping company, and the Baltic Sea gives us our livelihood. Protecting the sea is an issue that’s close to our hearts. For us, it’s natural to be involved in this wonderful production, which also means jobs and PR for Åland.”
Johanna Boijer-Svahnström , Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Viking Line
“In order for the logistics to work and so that costs would not be unreasonable, the main film location has to have good transport links but still look like a barren, windswept isle. After a lengthy search, we found the perfect location in Geta on the northern coast of Åland. Last summer, we built Maja and Janne’s house, a cowshed and a boathouse. We’re filming the interior scenes in Helsinki.”
Hanna Virolainen, producer
"This is a wonderful surprise and especially since it happened on my birthday. I was completely stunned."
Semu Salmivalli, Viking Grace's ten millionth passenger
"It's wonderful that we were able to celebrate our ten millionth passenger before Grace turns ten. The name of the vessel was chosen at the time to describe the style, design and atmosphere on board, and this combination still works today,"
Sari Launonen, Viking Grace intendant
"Finland's most popular artists, from Portion Boys to Erika Vikman and from Matti and Teppo to Arttu Wiskari, perform here. We have live music every night. Viking Grace can rightly be called the best gig venue on the Baltic Sea. The vessel is at its very best when there are lots of passengers!"
Sari Launonen, Viking Grace intendant
“At Viking Line, every single person will get exactly the Christmas they want. The traditional Christmas dishes are always popular, but on the other hand people have always been up for trying new things when they’re on board. Many people today prefer lighter food than in the past, for Christmas too. So through the years, we’ve added an ever growing number of fresh and Christmas-y vegetarian dishes to our Christmas buffet.”
Janne Lindholm, restaurant manager at Viking Line
“We’ve reduced the number of dishes slightly but at the same time we’ve invested more and more in quality and the presentation of food. To reduce food waste, many dishes are served in portions. We only use eggs from free-range chickens. When we serve Baltic bleak roe, we use all parts and smoke it. Eel is a threatened species so we no longer serve eel,”
Janne Lindholm, restaurant manager at Viking Line
July is our absolute peak season, with great demand for all our Baltic Sea destinations. That interest increased during the pandemic, when many people discovered the advantages of travelling locally. Stockholm also has a lot of new things to offer tourists. Given the global situation today, there is a preference as well for shorter, affordable journeys. We are therefore now doubling our departures so that as many people as possible will be able to travel comfortably between Helsinki and Stockholm
Ninna Suominen, Head of Marketing at Viking Line.
Our own-brand wines on the vessels have lowered our customers’ threshold for trying quality wines chosen by professionals, and in that way they have developed their knowledge about wine. We hope Viking Line IPA will do the same thing for craft beers. By offering our own beer, we also meet the demand for lower-alcohol drinks. These are especially appreciated by our younger passengers
Janne Lindholm, restaurant manager, Viking Line
The popularity of craft beers is also apparent in our restaurants, and they are now also totally acceptable in our à la carte venues. The new Viking Line IPA pairs well with gravadlax (marinated salmon) or smoked salmon, for example, and also goes well with burgers or pepper steak
Ossi Ruusunen, product group manager at Viking Line.
Viking Line wanted a beer that is easy drinking but also a credible option for beer enthusiasts and one that works as a drink both for socialising and with meals. Another request was that it have a marine touch. After a number of experiments, we chose to make Viking Line IPA with mineral water flavoured with a little sea salt. The beer’s light malt base allows the flavour of the Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin hops to come through. The mineral water enhances the bitterness of the hops, and the tones of caramel malt guarantee a balanced flavour
master brewer Aki Railanmaa at RPS Brewing
“We have already been working more than 60 years for safe, sustainable maritime traffic, and using that same recipe we are creating the travel experiences of the future. The double honour we have been awarded means an especially great deal to us after these exceptional years of pandemic, which has hit the entire travel industry hard. A big thank you to the voters and the jury – and of course to all our customers – on behalf of all us Vikings!”
Ninna Suominen, Vice President of Marketing at Viking Line
“Because of our roots in the archipelago, the protection of the Baltic Sea has special importance to us at Viking Line. Our sustainability work began as far back as in the 1980s, and our climate-smart Viking Glory is the latest milestone on this journey. With the new vessel, we can offer our customers more with less consumption.”
Dani Lindberg, Sustainability Manager at Viking Line
"Many conference passengers want to be home by the end of the day. So half- or full-day cruises from Helsinki and Turku have become increasingly popular. For conference cruises where people stay overnight, they now invest in better cabins and morning meals in peace and quiet. Conference participants usually want their own cabin with a window – this is a change from previous years. Instead of the breakfast buffet, people opt more often for breakfast in the à la carte restaurant."
Philip Sjöstrand, Viking Line’s Director of Sales
"At the start of the year, we reviewed the requests of our conference trip customers. Wellness was one item that stood out in their responses. We have satisfied these requests by putting together travel packages suitable for health and wellness days. These packages include, for example, spa visits, yoga or pilates. We are getting more and more questions about programme suggestions and for something extra, like an inspiring speaker. This is also something that can be booked through us.”
Philip Sjöstrand, Viking Line’s Director of Sales
"The Covid-19 pandemic had a severe impact on both operators and customers in passenger transport in many ways. The rapid recovery in travel is a challenge for our industry, for example, in terms of labour availability. In view of that, we are extremely pleased that our customers are satisfied with us and want to travel with us going forward as well."
Ninna Suominen, Marketing Director at Viking Line
"Credit for this performance goes to all our Vikings, who have worked under varying conditions with a fine service attitude. Good service is an issue we feel really strongly about, so we are especially pleased that people who responded to the survey also gave the best marks in the industry for our employees' customer service. For us, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.”
Ninna Suominen, Marketing Director at Viking Line
"Also along on the journey are the vessel's own house band, a major artist, a trio, a troubadour, a troubadour duo, a DJ and a pianist!"
Mikael Panelius, Entertainment Manager at Viking Line
"Entertainment is a must for a successful cruise, along with food and shopping. Once adult passengers have eaten and shopped, they start thinking about whether they should head to their cabin and turn in for the night or stay up and have a drink. Without entertainment, their cabin wins out. If there's a good band, passengers stay in the restaurant to listen. And if it's a really good band, they stay all the way to the end. Major artists are in a totally different category - people take the cruise just to hear them,"
Mikael Panelius, Entertainment Manager at Viking Line
“The Baltic Sea is really important to us Finns in many ways. The Baltic Sea has always been a gateway to the world and to international markets, but also an important provider of experiences and recreation. Our feeling for this place gives us an identity that brings together the countries around the Baltic and their residents, and this is something that the John Nurminen Foundation safeguards. The Baltic Sea and its condition are of great relevance to Viking Line each and every day. With Viking Line’s support, we can take effective, result-oriented measures to ensure that the Baltic Sea maintains its biodiversity and well-being for future generations as well. We believe that proximity to the sea and its importance to people help raise people’s awareness of its condition.”
Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, Managing Director of the John Nurminen Foundation
“We have mainly achieved emission reductions through innovative technological solutions that are not very visible to passengers. The technology is developing at a rapid pace, and many of these innovations originated in Finland. When Viking Grace, which is powered by natural liquefied gas, was placed in service, emissions of nitrogen and particulate matter decreased 85 per cent and greenhouse gas emissions decreased 15 per cent compared to a vessel that runs on oil. Now ten years later, Glory in turn produces ten per cent fewer emissions than Grace. Meanwhile, emissions from our older vessels have also decreased, since we update the technology on our vessels throughout their life cycle.”
Dani Lindberg, Sustainability Manager at Viking Line
"Voca People has performed in over 40 countries around the world and has won numerous prizes and great acclaim. The show has been viewed on YouTube more than 80 million times. We want Glory to be our flagship also in terms of the international entertainment on offer.”
Mikael Panelius, Viking Line's Entertainment Manager
"The Voca People believe that life is music and music is life. This show is perfect for everyone who loves music, comedy and theatre. The energetic performance is captivating and is guaranteed to bring peals of laughter from the audience. It's a performance that the whole family can enjoy."
Mikael Panelius, Viking Line's Entertainment Manager
"There are now jobs available mainly for people with experience in the service industry. If people have not experienced the life of a seafarer, they can test what it's like in the form of gig work or as a temporary hire. There are a wide variety of maritime jobs, and among the employees on our vessels are people in different life situations, of different ages and from a variety of backgrounds. Many stay with us for decades, and the positive atmosphere and work ethic have even tempted retirees to take gig jobs, now that there is work again."
Lena Marcus, Viking Line's Sea Personnel Manager