“Minimal impact starts with understanding the conditions, accepting them and making the most out of them. We asked ourselves - how can we create an environment on such a steep slope and in such harsh weather conditions? We decided to transform those challenges into our tools and identity markers
Morten Vedelsbøl, Creative Director at White Arkitekter
“We’re proud to lead this important discussion at the Biennale on how to address global challenges, such as equity, migration and social justice. As architects, we play an important role effecting change
Monica von Schmalensee, CEO, White Arkitekter
”What’s most important for us is that the house contributes to making their hospital stay less sombre. Architecturally speaking, we’re connecting the existing gate guard house with a new building. This will create a very interesting meeting between the old and the new”
Anna-Carin Dahlberg
I already knew that the bathhouse was appreciated by the residents. Now we have this official recognition, which is very rewarding. I have a strong feeling that the bath house in Karlshamn will inspire other Swedish cities.
Sven Gustafsson
We are unbelievably proud to have two of our submissions reaching the finals at one of Europe’s most significant competitions for architecture. It’s a confirmation of the relevancy of our work on an international level.
Carl Bäckstrand
”This means a big boost for patients and staff, while the link between the hospital, education and research becomes even stronger than before”
Linda Mattsson
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