Folktandvården Skåne expands at Helsingborg C

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Wihlborgs has signed an agreement with Folktandvården Skåne for a 700 m² expansion of its premises at Terminalen 1 (Helsingborg central station) to a total of 2,100 m².

Folktandvården Skåne currently leases 1,400 m² at Terminalen 1 for general and specialist dental care. Its operations are growing and the existing premises are being expanded through the addition of 700 m² of directly adjoining space. The new and existing premises are both being remodelled to meet the changed business requirements and to create one well-functioning whole. Folktandvården Skåne has signed a fifteen-year lease for the entire 2,100 m². 

“We are in the middle of a major transformation of Helsingborg C, where we are creating tomorrow’s transport hub offering a safe and inviting atmosphere, increased services and new office spaces all packaged in a new design. And naturally, being able to assist with Folktandvården Skåne’s continued development at Helsingborg’s most central location in the midst of the above feels very positive,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.

“The premises will be more open and more space-efficient after expansion. This will result in a vast enhancement to accessibility for our customers. The operations will have space to develop, and include job rotation, dental orthodontists and specialised dental practitioners,” says Åsa Wahlin, Head of Folktandvården Skåne’s clinic at Helsingborg C.

Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ)

For further information, please contact:
Ulrika Hallengren, CEO, +46 40 690 57 95
Magnus Lambertsson, Regional Director: +46 42 490 46 73

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