Wihlborgs’ Dungen office building in Hyllie, Malmö nominated for the Urban Design Prize.

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In the spring, Wihlborgs’ Dungen office building was ready for occupancy. The building has now been nominated for the Urban Design Prize in Malmö, which will be awarded on 6 September.

Dungen is a green building in several regards. The building has received SGBC Gold certification and the spacious atrium at the heart of the building provides a meeting place where large trees create a vibrant and green environment. Inspiration for planting the trees came from the verdant garden of the farm previously located on the site.

The building has a glass facade facing Arenagatan with views into the atrium, which at night, appears to be the glowing heart of the building. The building’s other sides have bright, rippling facades. Sustainable, hard-wearing materials that age elegantly dominate throughout the interior. The walls of the atrium are clad with slim strips of wood, as is the open spiral staircase, and polished cobblestones in the entrance floor amplify the outdoor feel. Wooden elements create a warm, natural feel in the office environments.

“When constructing new buildings, we prioritise creating a vibrant urban environment and a first-class work environment for those working in the building. At Dungen, as a counterweight to the large buildings in the area, we have taken care to create a cosy and warm interior. Through breaking up the design of the block, it adds character to the location, whatever the viewing angle,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.

“Much focus during the design process was devoted to discussing what actually constitutes a first-rate workplace. This has resulted in generous ceiling heights, with a lot of greenery and wood,” says Anders Eriksson Modin, the architect in charge at FOJAB.

The largest tenant at Dungen is the Swedish Customs, which leases 7,500 m². Other tenants include Ferrero Scandinavia, DC Hud and Schreder.

The Urban Design Prize is awarded for meaningful enhancements of Malmö’s urban and living environments. Wihlborgs has received the Urban Design Prize on several previous occasions, including for Media Evolution City (2012), Regionhuset (2011) and Tyrénshuset (2002) – all located in Dockan.

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When constructing new buildings, we prioritise creating a vibrant urban environment and a first-class work environment for those working in the building.
Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs