Content should be the driving factor in learning, and Xyleme helps companies create content that fits their vision, strategy and objectives.
David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
To be a leader in this area, you must be able to empower teams to create, distribute and measure learning content everywhere their learners are.
Greg Schottland, CEO of Xyleme
Because of this integration, we can now provide the learner demonstrable analytics that validate their learning experiences, digital badges, and other credentials.
Ron Myers, CEO Summit Learning and Technology
Xyleme’s modern content platform (Xy5) employs the latest technologies and provides authoring and content distribution tools to get ahead of the curve and focus on creating great content
Mark Hellinger, CEO Xyleme
Organizations today must create learning at scale and at pace. Our proven partnership with Xyleme helps us create learning solutions that help large audiences when and where they need it.
Bill Catchings, Co-founder of Principled Technologies
Being proficient in a system like Xyleme gives us real competitive advantage, but more than that, it allows us to challenge established practices and principles in the provision of education, enablement and knowledge-based services to our global customers. We can offer our customers a wide range of industry leading services & solutions. It really is a win – win – win relationship.
Andy Vidler, Chief Learning Officer, SureSkills
There is pressure from our top clients to deliver content, faster, better and more cost effectively. Because Xyleme encapsulates rapid development to anywhere distribution, we can help them deliver searchable and reusable content across many formats, devices and channels.
Cullen Angus, Director of Managed Services, CGS
The real breakthrough with Xy5 is that organizations can repurpose their content that keeps learning moving at the speed of business.
Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Hall Group
We help our customer’s develop successful strategies to create, curate and distribute effective learning content everywhere the modern learner is...
Leslie Farinella, VP of Customer Success for Xyleme
“As an industry, we are in the middle of a learning content transformation and Xyleme is at the forefront of it. Our clients are trying to add mobile and micro-learning into their repertoire but don’t have the strategy or tools in place yet to manage it effectively. Together, we can help them.”
Chris Bond, President and CEO of Bluewater
Xyleme is the best solution we’ve found for managing blended learning. With the lowered learning curve, it will be easier to share content among our distributed L&D teams and benefit from reuse on a much broader scale.
Jeff Santo, Allina Health
Our beta customers have been really pleased by the new user experience.
Leslie Farinella, VP Customer Success, Xyleme
Now there is a platform that integrates seamlessly with the systems that are already in place – the classroom, LMS, CRM, etc. while creating a foundation for new learning apps
Mark Hellinger, CEO, Xyleme
“The ability to integrate the content structure and control provided by Xyleme with the quality assurance and standardization afforded by Acrolinx is what we need to maintain a steady development pace without sacrificing quality or consistency.
Gary Scott, Content Development Manager at Esri
“Our customers want to deliver training content that their audiences can quickly understand. “However, during the content development process, problems can arise that reduce comprehension. For example jargon, inconsistent terminology, and overly complicated phrasing can all contribute to confusion and misunderstanding. Multiple customers indicated they wanted to use Acrolinx to alleviate these problems, and now they can!”
Monica Kraft, Director of Product Marketing at Xyleme.
“As recently reported by ASTD, over 60% of all learning is delivered in a classroom (including virtual delivery). With this new service, we are driving down the cost of delivering customized content for corporations, academic institutions and professional training organizations.”
Mark Hellinger, President and CEO of Xyleme
Bravais is much more than the typical delivery systems offered by traditional learning solution providers. It liberates learning organizations from a course-centric or PDF-centric view, providing real performance support - the right content, in the right format, in the right amount and on the right device.
Dawn Poulos, VP of Marketing at Xyleme
As an industry, Learning & Development has struggled to determine what's working and what's not when it comes to the training and performance support materials they supply to their employees, customers and partners
Stacey Harris, VP, Research and Advisory Services at Brandon Hall Group
The promise of big data for learning is huge: training organizations can determine the correlation between the content they develop and the performance of their leaners, and take immediate and meaningful action to improve the information they deliver to their organizations and clients. With Bravais, we see Xyleme emerging as one of the clear innovators in this space
Stacey Harris, VP, Research and Advisory Services at Brandon Hall Group
The dramatic shift in how learners consume content means that it’s never been more critical or strategically important that your organization can delivery learning content on demand to any device or application.
Dawn Poulos, Vice President of Marketing at Xyleme
“Consumers are demanding that their learning be personalized, and as a result, the content has to change from one size fits all, monolithic courses, to nuggets of content that can be configured on the fly to meet individual requirements. Adapting to this methodology will be the key to sustained competitive advantage and valuable employee retention.”
Jeff Katzman, CLO and Founder at Xyleme
My head is spinning with all sorts of ideas of how this could help make us more efficient and able to keep our content updated,”
Anonymous demo attendee
this is really neat and a great way for Instructional Designers to save time and money when designing materials for courses.
Anonymous demo attendee
It’s never been more critical or strategically important to delivery your learning content on demand to any device or application.
Dawn Poulos, Vice President of Marketing at Xyleme
“The economics of going totally paperless using the Pastiche Kindle Fire app by giving every employee or student a tablet is now a viable alternative to printing.”
Jeff Katzman, Xyleme Founder and CLO
“Pastiche provides your organization a means to manage and distribute the most relevant, and current digital content to your users anywhere they are, on their iPad or Android tablet.”
Jeff Katzman, Xyleme Founder and CLO
“With the ability to present, navigate and search for content in so many different contexts, learners can fully control how they want to explore the content. It’s no longer about building courses and job aids, it’s moving to a new model with content available in many contexts to meet individual needs. Acting quickly on this new paradigm is the key to gaining competitive advantage.”
Mark Hellinger, President and CEO of Xyleme
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