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    Bricknode has always been an advocator of openness and we want to empower our users to do business on the Internet with total freedom to connect to others. PSD2 is a confirmation that regulators are sharing our views as well.
    Stefan Willebrand, CEO & Co-Founder of Bricknode
    The deal flow between IKC and investment funds, which occurs within Bricknode Broker, is a typical example of the relationships that Bricknode facilitates within its ecosystem. We have spent 7 years, $3.3 million of recurring revenues and $2.2 million of invested capital to build a dynamic, cloud based platform for the financial marketplace.
    Stefan Willebrand, CEO & Co-founder
    We started out by creating a new operating system for the financial industry and now we are launching our first applications that are specialized for certain user groups like Bricknode Broker for brokerage firms
    Stefan Willebrand, CEO & Co-founder
    For a long time we have been frustrated with the fact that our customers have had to pour a lot of resources after the end of each year into tax reporting without having access to any great tools. With today’s launch we should be able to save hundreds of hours of work for our customers.
    Stefan Willebrand, CEO & Co-founder
    We have seen a lot of interest since we released our public ecosystem for financial services on the 9th of December. We are now building on this by conceptualizing the operating system for finance.
    Stefan Willebrand, CEO and Co-Founder
    Our goal has always been to use the internet for connecting different stakeholders within finance and create value for each one.
    Stefan Willebrand, CEO and Co-Founder
    Within BFS the transaction tables are optimized to show huge amounts of data which comes at a cost. The cost is limitations on filtering, grouping and sorting. With the Transaction Viewer, we have taken another stance, in the app we make you limit your data selection that you want to work with and in turn you have access to great filtering, grouping and sorting. You can also export everything that you see, exactly as you see it, to excel for further analysis and calculations.
    Stefan Willebrand
    Bricknode Financial Systems can be used as a core platform for any type of financial service. We are currently expanding our capabilities within insurance products and our new app for automating the exchange of data between insurance agents, insurance companies and insurance distributors is just one of several apps for this industry.
    Stefan Willebrand
    We are continuing to experience an increased throughput of specialized financial apps on top of the core Bricknode Platform thanks to our Add-On Marketplace and our API.
    Stefan Willebrand
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