Water industry supplier selects IFS Applications 9 to integrate key business processes

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Ulefos, a leading supplier of products and services to the water industry, will implement IFS Applications™ 9 to support business process integration across four regions.

Ulefos is a leading supplier of products and services for wholesalers, consultants, architects and industrial companies in the water industry and offers a full range of water valves and accessories, manhole covers and a wide range of other water products. The company has three factories and four sales offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and is one of the oldest industrial companies in Norway, with the iron casting factory in Ulefos dating back to 1657.

To ensure business control across four regions, Ulefos needed an ERP solution that could help generate comprehensive and detailed overview of financial information at group level. The company also needed to create a more transparent and effective supply chain while improving sales effectiveness.

IFS Applications 9 will support these needs, leveraging its powerful modules for finance, manufacturing and logistics. The IFS solution will replace the previous Infor and Visma Business installations.

“IFS Applications will be a vital component in our future business growth, integrating key business processes and enhancing our supply chain effectiveness”, Ulefos Logistics Director Torbjørn Iversen said.

Glenn Arnesen, CEO of IFS Scandinavia added, “We are both pleased and proud to be part of modernizing one of the oldest industrial organizations in Norway. This is a great example of how IFS Applications can support key business processes consolidation across regions and revitalize the supply chain”.

Anders Lundin, Corporate Communications. Telephone: 46 8 58 78 45 00, press@ifsworld.com

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