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  • Quotes

    Tissue Analytics is incredibly excited to work with Mölnlycke on this important initiative. We share the same passion to help patients.
    Kevin Keenahan, CEO of Tissue Analytics
    Misrepresentation of facts about medical devices can expose patients to an increased risk of unnecessary pain and suffering
    Richard Twomey
    We are very excited to be part of AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub, as it offers a unique opportunity for us to collaborate with AstraZeneca’s world-class scientists and benefit from their state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure while developing new advanced wound care and surgical solutions for our customers.
    Richard Twomey, CEO Mölnlycke
    It’s fantastic that a well-established, global, medical solutions company like Mölnlycke wants to be part of our innovation experiment.
    Magnus Björsne, CEO for AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub
    Our strong focus on product innovation and clinical evidence has continuously changed the way wounds are treated and prevented.
    Richard Twomey, CEO
    This reconfirms market confidence in Mölnlycke and our sound, long-term corporate strategy
    Stefan Fristedt, CFO
    Skin protectants are strategically important to our Prevention solution offer and the partnership with Rochal enables us to provide our customers with a complete solution within the pressure ulcer prevention area
    Richard Twomey, CEO, Mölnlycke Health Care
    It is our hope that the WUWHS consensus document will help clinicians and health care budget holders understand the role of dressings in PU prevention, as well as which dressings may protect against PU development and which patients may benefit.
    Professor Nick Santamaria
    The results of this research will contribute to developing a better understanding of the hidden costs of wound care and also, ultimately, to better patient care.
    Phil Cooper, President, Wound Care Division
    We finally have a product that really works; this is fantastic news for cancer patients.
    Dr. Patries Herst
    The BARRIER EasyWarm active self-warming blanket is a welcome addition to the tools available to healthcare professionals
    Professor Johan Raeder
    being granted FDA clearance gives us access to another important market, where we will launch during 2014
    Eric De Kesel
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