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    Auto safety is a top issue for auto insurers. We hope the dialogue on distracted and impaired driving will continue, and we urge lawmakers and other industry thought leaders to continue addressing the impact of motorist behavior as an important part of the safety equation.
    Bob Passmore, PCI’s assistant vice president, personal lines policy
    We encourage legislators to stop the lawsuit abuses by storm-chasing lawyers while ensuring that policyholders still have all their legal rights if they feel their insurer acted in bad faith.
    Joe Woods
    PCI urges anyone affected by weather events to be alert for scams or other fraudulent activity and use caution when hiring a contractor for repairs
    Chris Hackett, director of personal lines policy for PCI
    With distracted driving becoming such a dangerous epidemic, PCI is encouraging states to review and strengthen distracted driving laws in 2017. We need to change attitudes about distracted driving in the same way public opinion shifted regarding driving under the influence of alcohol.
    Joe Woods
    Each of us can make our roads safer every time we get behind the wheel if we commit to driving sober, putting down our smartphones, and making an extra effort to stay focused on the road
    Bob Passmore
    Senate File 127 provides important consumer protections that ensure consumers get their roof fixed and fixed properly.
    Kelly Campbell, vice president, state government relations for PCI
    PCI is a proud supporter of the Texas Distracted Driving Coalition and supports any legislation that helps improve safety and reduce costs
    Joe Woods
    We encourage all drivers, not just teens, to put down their smartphones and drive responsibly. Staying focused on the road can prevent a tragedy.
    Logan McFaddin
    Contact your insurance company or agent as soon as possible to begin the claims process. Insurers plan for catastrophes and are prepared to assist homeowners immediately.
    Joe Woods
    A series of snowstorms can put stress on flat roofs, decks, and other structures to the point of collapse.
    Frank O’Brien, vice president state government affairs for PCI
    Another layer of wet, heavy snow has the potential to result in significant property damage.
    Frank O’Brien, vice president state government affairs for PCI
    Distracted driving is thought to be one of the leading causes for the rise in vehicle accidents nationwide.
    Bob Passmore, PCI’s assistant vice president of personal lines policy
    Connecticut has demonstrated that fighting distracted driving is a priority and increasing penalties for repeat offenders will, once again, demonstrate that distracted driving will not be tolerated in Connecticut
    Kristina Baldwin vice president, state government relations for PCI
    We live in time where everything we do is linked to our smartphones, and this piece of legislation allows insurers to keep up with their policyholder demands by conducting business electronically.
    Oyango Snell, state government relations counsel for PCI
    “Our thoughts are with those who have been impacted from these severe storms. Homeowners should first contact their insurance company or agent through their toll-free phone number, app or website to begin filing a claim. Insurers plan for catastrophes and are prepared to assist homeowners immediately. Company adjustors are now in the field helping homeowners and renters begin rebuilding in the impacted areas.
    Logan McFaddin
    Unfortunately, a few bad players can increase insurance costs for everyone. Fixing this problem needs to be a top priority for lawmakers this legislative session.
    Logan McFaddin
    While smartphones have no doubt changed the way we live, they shouldn’t be changing the way we drive or walk. It’s up to all of us to encourage each other to stop the distraction, because you might just save a life or prevent a crash.
    Bob Passmore, assistant vice president, personal lines policy
    The widespread flooding this year is also a reminder that consumers need to know that flood insurance is not covered by standard homeowners’ policies.
    Chris Hackett, PCI senior director of personal lines policy
    While it is important to prepare for the automated vehicle of the future, we must not lose sight of the auto safety challenges that face us today. There is a fundamental mismatch between the public perceptions that auto accidents and insurance costs are decreasing with the stark reality that our roads are becoming increasingly dangerous and auto repair and medical costs are increasing.
    Jessica Hanna
    During the holidays, parking lots can pose a major problem and lead to vehicle accidents
    Bob Passmore
    It’s important to pay close attention to your surroundings and use extra caution while driving or walking in parking lots.
    Bob Passmore
    Our industry has a rich history of helping families rebuild after a tragedy. Insurers provide peace of mind to homeowners and motorists, and helping injured workers in their time of need. There’s no question we need to tell our story better, and highlight all the good we do to help policyholders and the economy. We hope you’ll join us in this effort by being a champion of this movement
    June Holmes, Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America
    Homeowners should contact their insurance company or agent through their toll free phone number, app or website. Insurers plan for catastrophes and are prepared to assist homeowners immediately. Company adjustors are now in the field helping homeowners and renters begin rebuilding.
    Logan McFaddin
    A wildfire is quite traumatic and can be life changing, but insurers are on hand to help with the recovery process.
    Hilary Segura
    With this year being a fairly active hurricane season for the Southeast, PCI encourages Floridians to plan ahead and take time now to get prepared.
    Logan McFaddin
    Cars are getting safer, but drivers are not. This Thanksgiving we all need to put down our smartphones and drive responsibly. Limiting distractions in the car could mean one less risk to travelers.
    Bob Passmore
    PCI is a strong supporter of the public/private collaboration forged by Wildfire Partners to help homeowners take steps to reduce the threat of wildfires.
    Kelly Campbell
    “PCI will work to reinforce with the new Trump administration the vital work the p&c industry does to protect families, businesses, and communities.
    David Sampson
    It’s important for homeowners to realize there are fraudsters waiting to take advantage of storm victims that are in the process of filing a claim.
    Joe Woods
    In addition to early ice and snow storms, areas in the Midwest and Southeast must be on alert for tornado activity, and coastal states must stay vigilant for tropical activity as hurricane season lasts through November 30. Insurers encourage policyholders to review their homeowners or renters policy now, and ask important questions about coverage options.
    Chris Hackett
    The excitement of getting to the next house or joining a friend across the street for trick or treating can cause children to dart into traffic and according to Safe Kids Worldwide, on average, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.
    Chris Hackett, PCI senior director of personal lines policy
    Over the past two years the roadways have become much more dangerous. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that motor vehicle crashes, the leading cause of deaths for teenagers in the U.S., jumped more than 10 percent since 2014. Parents need to set a good example and educate their loved ones to put the phone down and pay attention to the road.
    Bob Passmore
    Insurance agents are standing by waiting for emergency officials to give them the ok to get into the field and help residents start the insurance claims process.
    Oyango Snell
    PCI encourages Florida homeowners to use caution when selecting a contractor or other workers to help in the repair and clean up of Hurricane Matthew
    Logan McFaddin
    While the Department of Labor report highlights some of the challenges state workers compensation systems are facing, in many sections it provides an inaccurate assessment of how the system really works for the vast majority of injured workers.
    Rita Nowak
    Insurers and catastrophe teams will be ready to respond should this storm cause any damage.
    Oyango Snell, PCI’s regional manager
    Because natural disasters and emergencies can occur with a moment’s notice, advanced preparation is the key to the recovery process
    Chris Hackett, PCI’s senior director of personal lines policy
    The CFA’s latest study on auto insurance pricing is flawed and misleading. The central flaw in the report is that it fails to take into account that all the rating and underwriting factors insurers use are proven to increase the accuracy of predicting the risk of loss.
    David Snyder, PCI’s vice president of policy development and research
    Consumers should rest assured that auto insurance pricing is closely scrutinized by state insurance regulators and is subject to rigorous actuarial standards which ensure that all rating factors comply with the law
    David Snyder, PCI’s vice president of policy
    PCI applauds the Board for its appropriate recognition that an insurance group capital standard should be appropriately tailored to the business of insurance
    Steve Broadie, PCI’s, vice president, financial policy
    Insurance is the critical back-up plan that enables people to financially recover from a disaster
    Chris Hackett, PCI’s senior director of personal lines policy
    The problem of unintended consequences grows when international policymakers and regulators are developing regulatory policy in a vacuum without the input of consumers and the companies they regulate.
    Tom Leonardi, senior advisor, Evercore
    Insurers are available to answer any flooding and other insurance questions that Floridians may have as they start putting their lives back together.
    Logan McFaddin
    Making sure you have a plan in place is important. Taking a home inventory literally only takes a few minutes and could save you hours of trying to determine exactly what you lost.
    Chris Hackett
    After a major disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or even a fire, it’s tough to remember exactly what you had inside your home. The home inventory will help speed up the claims process and ensure you are compensated fully for your loss.
    Chris Hackett
    The good news is that most severe weather related events like tornados are covered under either a homeowners, renters or commercial insurance policy. Renters insurance covers a policyholders’ personal possessions damaged by tornados. Damage for cars is covered by the comprehensive coverage in an auto insurance policy.
    Hilary Segura
    With peak of the season storms potentially targeting Florida, PCI encourages property owners to take precautions to protect themselves and their belongings for direct and indirect impacts that Invest 99 could have on our homes and businesses.
    Logan McFaddin
    Whether it’s making a quick call, firing off a text, or adjusting the navigation system—in that short lapse of focus, all too often drivers can cause or fail to avoid a crash. And our increasingly congested roads compound the problem.
    Bob Passmore
    Raising awareness about these alarming statistics and the continued threat of distracted driving can help make our roads safer and keep costs down for consumers.
    Bob Passmore
    Citizens is taking the right steps to protect their policyholders should a large hurricane make landfall in the coming months. The last thing Floridians need is another unnecessary cost-driver increasing their insurance expenses as a result of abuse in our current system. We are hopeful this request from Citizens will prompt lawmakers to take a harder look at the problem and stop this type of abuse before it gets worse.
    PCI Regional Manager Logan McFaddin
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