Varmaorka is pleased to announce the new well at our Efri-Reykir prospect. Together with the existing ER-23 well, ER-24 has the potential to double the resource and energy generation of this project
Jón Örn Jónsson, Project Manager at Varmaorka
At Baseload Power, we want to be a catalyst for developing and financing sustainable geothermal projects in Iceland. Efri-Reykir is a major project, it is environmentally friendly and in full cooperation with the local community aiming to produce both power and heat with high efficiency. Once completed, it will provide base load power that is affordable and in harmony with the community. That is the key for us in selecting projects – our goal is to create resilient societies and a planet in balance
Alexander Helling, CEO of Baseload Capital
Baseload Capital is a company that I have a lot of respect for. They have this great drive to bring together and unify these industries within geothermal,” said Taylor Mattie when naming some of the players he sees as championing the geothermal resurgence. “That’s leading to friendly discussions between service companies.
Taylor Mattie, Geothermal Innovations Leader at Baker Hughes
We’re extremely excited because this Facility enables Baseload to roll out projects faster and provide project financing to assets under development and construction.  It is optimally structured for a company like Baseload with a portfolio of geothermal assets in various development phases. SEEIT is an esteemed investment company listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 250 with a strong focus on sustainability and ESG. We are very happy to have SDCL as our important financing partner.
Alexander Helling CEO of Baseload Capital
The Baseload Capital investment provides heat and power generated locally from geothermal sources and is a great example of high efficiency renewable district energy generation. The investment generates income straight away and, as such, contributes to meeting both SEEIT's yield and total return targets.
Purvi Sapre Fund Manager of SEEIT
Climeon is a proud supplier to the Sansui Geothermal Power Plant in Waita, Kumamoto. This marks our 4th HeatPower system in operation on the Japanese geothermal market.
Veronica Wänman, Head of Geothermal & Business Development at Climeon
We are proud to add a second operation to Sansui Geothermal Power Plant in Waita, Kumamoto. This represents another step towards our vision of a planet in balance.
Pernilla Wihlborg, COO of Baseload Capital
The fact that both operations share the same well did pose some technical challenges, such as ensuring stable power generation. Those technical difficulties have been overcome and this renewable resource is now being used to its full potential.
Ryuta Hiratsuka, Representative Director of Baseload Power Japan KK
The Japanese government has committed to carbon neutrality by 2050 and expanding the use of renewable energy is critical to achieving that goal. Geothermal power generation, which can be sourced and consumed locally, will become an important part of the country's energy mix.
Ryuta Hiratsuka, Representative Director of Baseload Power Japan KK
Geothermal energy can help invigorate local areas. As a local company with strong roots in the region, we have a stake in building an ecosystem that promotes the increased use of renewable energy and creates more prosperous and sustainable communities.
Kazuyuki Akaishi, CEO of Furusato Power generation Co., Ltd.
We are thrilled to open our third power plant here in Kumamoto. Japan has over 20,000 hot spring facilities, presenting us with exciting opportunities to tap into the country's abundant geothermal resources.
Alexander Helling, CEO of Baseload Capital
It is great to see that our technology and products provide the key to tap another huge field of unused energy, in this case geothermal heat in the oil and gas extraction process. This project will contribute to an affordable and secure energy transition towards a net-zero future.
Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy
The world cannot yet live without oil, but by taking advantage of an existing but untapped energy source, we can reduce its CO2 footprint. If the project is as successful as we anticipate, it will be the first of many successful joint projects.
Alexander Helling, CEO of Baseload Capital
We were so excited to be a featured speaker during CERAWeek because it’s really a ‘who’s who’ of global energy markets. Since we were amongst so many industry leaders, we really wanted to capitalize by recording these episodes of The Switch while at CERAWeek.
Alexander Helling, CEO of Baseload Capital
Through these interviews and our entire week at CERAWeek, it is clear that the global energy market is not black and white. It’s not clean energy versus ‘big oil and gas. There is a lot of grey area, and to move forward towards green energies we all need to cooperate on all levels. The Switch podcast is one way to find common ground between industries
Kristina Hagström Ilievska, CMO of Baseload Capital
We are very excited to launch this series and really drive the conversation about geothermal energy. At Baseload we feel like the industry really just needs more continual exposure in order to really grow. So, rather than having one seminar or summit per year, with Coffee with Baseload we aim to keep the conversation going.
Kristina Hagström Ilievska, CMO of Baseload Capital
“The Switch is going to be more than a podcast. We’re creating a fast-paced, broad, and entertaining show with a wide range of guests. Our goal is to make The Switch the number one hub for knowledge exchange on the topic of renewables and clean transition.”
Kristina Hagström Ilievska, CMO Baseload Capital
“We want to tear down the silos and makes sure we have conversations that lead us forward collaboratively”
Graeme Edge, Energy Disruptors
“There is so much knowledge out there. So many innovators and companies that can help us reduce our impacts on this planet. By inviting brilliant people from different areas, we’re exploring how to build a more sustainable society.”
Elisabeth Beskow CEO DNB Bank ASA Sweden branch
In August, we announced that we were looking for a new strategic investor to help us accelerate deployment in our key markets,” says Baseload Capital CEO Alexander Helling. “We couldn’t have asked for a better one. Chevron complements our group of owners, and adds expertise in drilling, engineering, exploration and more. These assets will accelerate our ability to deploy heat power, and strengthen our way of working.
Alexander Helling CEO of Baseload Capital
Chevron’s investments in geothermal power reflects our ongoing efforts to help advance the world’s transition to a lower carbon future,” said Barbara Burger, vice president, innovation and president of technology ventures at Chevron. “We look forward to working with Baseload Capital to expand geothermal resources in the U.S. and internationally.
Barbara Burger, vice president, innovation and president of technology ventures at Chevron
We want to be a catalyst for renewable energy by developing and financing the production of electricity from existing heat sources. Our goal is to create resilient societies and a planet in balance
Alexander Helling, CEO of Baseload Capital
Although the pandemic forced us to think of new ways to showcase our projects, we plan to maintain this course after the pandemic is over. Using VR, investors will eventually be able to tour all our power plants from Iceland to Asia, in one hour, with no carbon emissions. It’s the perfect way for us to be innovative, get the message out about our capabilities, and reduce our carbon footprint - all at the same time.
Alexander Helling, CEO Baseload Capital
I believe that we will look back and see 2020 as the year that accelerated geothermal. The global pandemic has shown us that we can make a difference in CO2 levels by changing how we consume energy. For the Baseload Team, this has only fueled our dream of a planet in balance and the urgency of rolling out affordable, renewable baseload energy. However, to be successful, we must find new partners to learn from and collaborate with. A virtual seminar is the perfect way to do this.
Alexander Helling, CEO, Baseload Capital
We first got the idea when we were driving around Japan and started noticing signs for closed onsens. We started asking onsen owners if they might be interested in making money by creating power from their hot water and in parallel, we established our local subsidiary.
Pernilla Wihlborg, Baseload Capital COO
For business owners, it is a relief to have income from two different sources. Now, when the tourist business is down, I will still have money coming in from the power being generated from the Climeon heat power plant
Ms. Midori Mizunami, Midori Onsen owner
It is almost unprecedented to bring a power plant from idea to completion in 18 months, regardless of power source, if we can accomplish this in Japan, which is known as one of the toughest markets in the world to enter, there’s no reason we can’t replicate it elsewhere.
Alexander Helling. CEO Baseload Capital
This is an incredibly important milestone for Climeon, together with our partners at Baseload Capital, we are now contributing to the energy transition in Japan by turning hot water into clean electricity.
Thomas Öström, CEO Climeon
The ability to harness heat power will help Japan transition to a green baseload more quickly, it is proof that we can create energy without contributing to global warming, and it puts our nation on the path to energy independence.
Masahiro Ito, Representative Director of Baseload Power Japan K.K.
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