Pontus is a dream recruitment for us and we warmly welcome him to the team. He has done an excellent job at Helaba and I know he will contribute greatly to Brunswick through his experience and network.
Louise Richnau, Partner at Brunswick Real Estate
We see a continued strong demand from borrowers as well as investors. We will continue to invest and grow our debt business and Pontus will play a central role in that work.
Peter Leimdörfer, Partner at Brunswick Real Estate
Adapta and Alecta are creating a modern meeting point where people in the region can eat, do their everyday shopping, take care of doctor´s and dentist appointments as well as work out at the gym. We are pleased to provide institutional funding to support the development of Kongahälla.
Louise Richnau Partner, Brunswick Real Estate, Investment Management Debt
We are pleased to find a financing solution with institutional capital that matches our business plan for Kongahälla Shopping. This financing solution which was not available in the traditional banking market includes both construction financing as well as long-term financing after completion.
Per Thörnqvist, Founding Partner and Head of Finance and Business Development at Adapta
Portfolios of this nature are exceptionally rare and its acquisition reflects our ability to source interesting opportunities for our investor base. The portfolio has been well managed but there are a range of opportunities to enhance its value and appeal through proactive asset management, working closely with our tenant partners and local stakeholders.
David Turner, Founding Partner, Brunswick Real Estate UK
This is exactly the type of large and unique special-situation investment we are interested in making, alongside our thematic strategy, particularly in the private rented sector. We were able to complete this complex, off-market acquisition in just six weeks. We have access to significant firepower through Brunswick and its international partners and are looking to make further acquisitions this year.
Will Amies, Founding Partner, Brunswick Real Estate UK
This is a very granular, well-located portfolio with a strong income profile and represents a welcome opportunity to work with a team of highly experienced property professionals, supporting their ambitious asset management programme, as well the start of what will hopefully be a long-lasting relationship with Brunswick in the UK
Joshua Weinstein, Investec
This asset is a strategic complement to the Kielo portfolio, both in terms of its location and the quality of the building. We are very happy to end the company’s first quarter with another acquisition of a high-quality office property in a growing market. Kielo will continue to grow and we see many interesting investment opportunities in the Finnish regional markets and HMA in the coming year of 2018.
Erik Widmark Brunswick Real Estate, Equity Investment Management
This portfolio fits perfectly within the Kielo investment strategy. Jyväskylä is a strong and growing market and these office properties represent some of the highest quality office stock in the city. Kielo will continue with the well-established service concept that Technopolis has developed. As part of the transaction, we are excited to announce that the current local Technopolis Jyväskylä team will become part of the Kielo organisation. We look forward to finding more exciting opportunities in the Finnish market and continuing to build the Kielo business.
Erik Widmark, Partner at Brunswick Real Estate
This is an opportune time in the business cycle for a well-capitalised and experienced team to assemble and actively manage a real estate portfolio in Finland. We believe Kielo will be a strong partner to the industry and we are excited about growing this company.
Patrik Andersson, Partner Brunswick Real Estate, Equity Investment Management
We are pleased that our clients and peers once again have recognised us as the leading financial adviser for Nordic real estate related transactions. The survey highlights that Leimdörfer’s values, built over 25 years, are firmly established in our broad Brunswick Real Estate offering. We are experiencing strong investor appetite for Nordic real estate and will continue to work hard to always try and exceed our clients’ expectations.
Erik Eliasson, Partner Brunswick Real Estate Investment Banking Advisory
The interest in institutional funding has grown sharply since we started 2013 as the first party in the Nordic region providing real estate senior debt. It is therefore very pleasing with the appreciation that clients and investors provide expressed in Euromoney's award.
Louise Richnau, Partner Brunswick Real Estate Debt Investment Management
Euromoney's survey is reputed as the benchmark in the global real estate industry, so we are pleased to be once again ranked number one. We work hard to create value for our investors, as well as for our tenants, in the properties we manage. This is proof that our strategy of active and local management is both successful and appreciated.
Johan Tengelin, Partner Brunswick Real Estate Equity Investment Management
We are delighted to be partnering with Will and David, whom we have known a long time, and who bring complementary qualities towards building another successful Brunswick Real Estate business. Now is an exciting time for us and our Nordic capital partners to invest in the UK market.
Martin Wiwen-Nilsson, Co-Managing Partner, Brunswick Real Estate
We are delighted to be partnering with a group we have a long and trusted relationship with. Our new business will respond to investors’ increasing demand to invest directly and will offer them a genuine Anglo-Nordic platform to access exciting investment opportunities.
Will Amies, Founding Partner, Brunswick Real Estate UK
Brunswick Real Estate is a leader in progressive trend investing in the Nordics, with a hugely successful track record. We will follow a similar approach in the UK, looking to form long term strategic joint ventures with talented developers and operators to create a series of large investment platforms.
David Turner, Founding Partner, Brunswick Real Estate UK
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