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    We are thrilled to broaden our already established operations in Finland, and in particular to do this together with an agile and transaction-oriented company like Nyfosa. Our complementary fields of expertise and Brunswick’s proactive property management activities focusing on measurable sustainability give us the best starting point for a successful investment mandate.
    Patrik Andersson, CEO of Brunswick Real Estate
    We’ve taken the lead in property-related private debt in the Nordics and it’s great to be able to report that our business model is becoming an increasingly important alternative to traditional bank loans. Long secured loans and clear sustainability goals are an attractive combination for both borrowers and investors.”
    Pontus Sundin, CEO Brunswick Real Estate Capital
    The establishment of the partnership with Pictet provides an unparalleled opportunity for Brunswick to use its local expertise in a nuanced market to deliver strong returns. Our active approach to managing assets through development and measurable sustainability improvements is also in line with Pictet’s value-add strategy. We look forward to working with the team as we continue to look for further acquisition and development opportunities across the Nordics.
    Patrik Andersson, Partner and CEO, Brunswick Real Estate
    The Martintalo property with its great location and diversified tenant mix makes a perfect fit in the Kielo strategy and we believe we can further enhance the property with our sustainability investment agenda. It is also a great pleasure to have closed such significant acquisition in the current circumstances of Covid-19 and we look forward to grow further.
    Hanna Rauhala, Fund Manager, Brunswick Real Estate
    We are very proud of the continued confidence shown by our investors, especially given the current circumstances in the market in the wake of Covid-19. Our business model of senior secured and long-term financing is becoming more important for the property sector as an alternative to traditional bank loans and bonds with shorter maturities. We are committed to ensuring our investors contribute to a measurably positive change. In addition to green issues such as reduced carbon dioxide emissions and smarter energy consumption, we also want to ensure that our investments lead to an improvement in aspects of social sustainability.
    Pontus Sundin, CEO Brunswick Real Estate Capital
    This investment is part of our ambition to give our customers the best risk adjusted returns as possible. BREC III is an established fund that provides secured loans for property financing. They also have positive ambitions in their sustainability work and continues to raise the bar, for example by having developed a framework for green loans.
    Michael Kjeller, Deputy CEO and Head of Asset Management and Sustainability, Folksam Group
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