Delivering the first dedicated natural refrigerant trailer prototype into service marks a huge milestone in the development of over-the-road refrigeration using CO2,
David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems
Most of our customers are already familiar with Carrier Transicold units and trust them to protect the cold chain and deliver a hassle-free rental experience,
Mark Newnes, operations director, Fraikin
The IAA show represents the perfect opportunity to showcase Carrier innovation to the world.
David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems
The light weight and simplicity of the Vector 1350 unit makes it the perfect fit for the long-haul transportation of temperature-controlled goods
Bertrand Gueguen, president, Carrier Transicold, Truck / Trailer
This is the very first time that our NaturaLINE system has been mounted to a box trailer anywhere in the world.
David Appel, President of Carrier Transicold
The new carbon dioxide technology has much less of an impact on climate change and we hope it will play a big part in helping us reduce our carbon emissions.
Nick Davies, Sainsbury’s Head of Transport Operations
The right technology is clearly essential, but you can never underestimate the value of good service and the confidence you need to have in the service provider,
Trevor Hudson, managing director, The Ice Co° Storage & Logistics
Carrier Transicold has led the way in modern transport refrigeration technology, particularly with all-electric Vector technology, which continues to work well for us.
Phillip Hamilton, partner, P&C Hamilton.
Being PIEK-compliant means the new Supra City unit reduces the noise generated in low-speed mode to the same level as normal conversation, allowing fleets to make deliveries in urban areas whilst local residents sleep soundly.
Justin Grace, managing director of Carrier Transicold UK
Most of the fridge manufacturers I spoke to shied away from getting involved, but the team at Carrier Transicold UK were incredibly supportive.
Dave Foster, fleet engineer, VLS
Carrier Safe further raises the bar in our health and safety programme and helps to better protect our customers’ businesses.
Ross Thomson, network operations manager, Carrier Transicold UK
Tesco operates one of the largest Vector 1850-equipped fleets in the UK and the beauty of this technology is that it is flexible in suiting a wide range of trailer specifications, be it single, double-deck or these new longer length trailers,
John Forster, sales director, Carrier Transicold UK
In terms of form and function, nothing else comes close to Carrier Transicold’s Performance Parts.
Scott Dargan, operations director, Carrier Transicold UK
In our business, it is essential to specify equipment which is cost-effective, robust and flexible, but which is also backed-up by the highest standards of aftermarket support,
Ken Thompson, group transport manager, The Co-operative Group
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