“There is a huge demand for high-end food delivery, yet physical products are lagging behind. With the Dometic DeliBox, we’ve reimagined food delivery and developed a product that can be a real differentiator for restaurants and ordering and delivery platforms. We’ve used our expertise in temperature-controlled solutions to create something new, something unique and something that fills an important market need in the food and beverage industry.”
Peter Kjellberg, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Other Verticals at Dometic
Since the pre-launch of the product earlier this year, the Dometic MoBar has gained great traction and enthusiasts from industry partners. We’re pleased to be able to start distributing this much appreciated innovation to the market. “We know that there is a need for stylish and quality mobile outdoor beverage cooling. With our expertise coupled with smart Scandinavian design, we believe the Dometic MoBar will meet the needs of design conscious consumers looking for outstanding products for their outdoor living space.
Peter Kjellberg, Chief Marketing Officer and Global Head of Other Verticals at Dometic
Staycation is an established trend in the US but now, because of the Covid-19 outbreak, it has become a global norm. In Sweden, most of the people will not travel abroad for vacation. Instead, they will stay in Sweden. “Noticeably, they will use their own vehicles to take domestic vacations and spend several days outdoors. And, for many, this will be a new experience. Interestingly, the staycation trend is rapidly growing in the younger generation. “Dometic is the leading company in the world when it comes to providing solutions for mobile living. Our solutions will satisfy the demands that Staycation will create.”According to this online survey done in May, 61% of Swedes planned for a summer vacation abroad before the outbreak. But now, with the pandemic, only 25% are still planning to go abroad. This means 75% of Swedes are planning to stay in Sweden this summer.
Peter Kjellberg, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Group Sector Other Verticals at Dometic
Dometic MoBar™ is filling a gap in the market where design and functionality do not co-exist today. With our industry leading refrigeration technology and experience in outdoor products with stylish design, we see a big potential for Dometic to be a leading brand in this segment.
Peter Kjellberg, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Global Sector Other Verticals at Dometic
Our aim is to accelerate the profitable expansion, to become an innovation leader in our application areas and to build a larger industrial company with a focus on delivering both leisure and professional solutions to the market
Juan Vargues, CEO of Dometic
We have grown our net sales, improved our margin and delivered strong cash flow over the last five years. We are now in a good position to open the door to an even greater future. By leveraging on our deep knowledge of the company’s core technologies and addressing application areas instead of vertical segments we want to reposition the company. We believe this strategy will offer great growth opportunities
Juan Vargues, CEO of Dometic