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    35 years ago, Envirotainer set out to develop the world’s best containers for temperature-controlled air freight. It is with great pride we today announce the launch of our new Envirotainer Releye® RLP, a true innovation in secure cold chain solutions that sets a new industry standard for reliability with its live monitoring, intelligent cargo protection, unsurpassed autonomy and superior cost-efficiency.
    Michael Berg, CEO at Envirotainer
    Apart from 170 hours autonomy, the Releye® RLP utilizes the latest technology to provide a homogenous temperature in all areas of the cargo bay. It also comes with an airflow curtain that protects the pharmaceuticals when the doors are opened. This way it maximizes temperature stability in the cargo bay.
    Bernt Anderberg, CTO at Envirotainer
    In today’s uncertain times, with the COVID-19 pandemic, cancelled flights, capacity restraints and constantly changing directives from governmental bodies, we know that stakeholders in the industry need solutions that provides them with full visibility. The container, and its content, is monitored by 18 integrated sensors, in essence providing the user with his or her own personal control tower available from any device.
    Fredrik Linnér, CBDO at Envirotainer
    We also have to remember that there are other pharmaceuticals besides COVID-19 vaccines that still need to be shipped so that people around the world get their regular medicines as well
    Eddy Cojulun, CSO Envirotainer
    Some 5 billion or more of the COVID-19 doses will require a fast and dependable air freight solution to reach populations  across the world. I personally don’t want my parents in Guatemala to have to wait any longer than necessary to receive the vaccines, regardless of where in the world they are manufactured.
    Eddy Cojulun, CSO Envirotainer
    Adding New York (JFK), Miami (MIA) and Seattle (SEA) to the stations that handle our RAP e2 units brings the best active temperature-controlled solution in the market closer to the manufacturing hubs of our pharmaceutical customers
    Eddy Cojulun, Chief Sales Officer at Envirotainer
    Just looking here in the US, we have more RAP-size capacity than most competitors do in the entire world. That’s saying something about how serious we are about helping our customers here in the US and across the world.
    Brian Cooper, Head of Sales Americas at Envirotainer
    “We are the only provider in the industry that shares this comprehensive amount of shipment data for free and within 48 hours to customers. We want to continue to be the true innovation leader and pave the way for our partners and customers to achieve an unprecedented level of transparency.”
    Eddy Cojulun, Chief Sales Officer at Envirotainer
    “Sharing all the data from the industry’s largest active container fleet means that our customers get something that they cannot get from other providers, e.g. a tremendous amount of data that can be used to improve their cold-chain performance.”
    Fredrik Linnér, Chief Business Development Officer at Envirotainer
    Looking ahead there are many uncertainties related to COVID-19 vaccine(s) shipments. As an industry, we need to ensure that we have a solid temperature-controlled air freight supply-chain to secure that the vaccines are delivered safely! Once a vaccine becomes available, we know it will require temperature-controlled air freight and a global distribution in very large quantities. We expect that our investment in the Beijing station will further support a fast and secure delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to the people that need them, wherever they are in the world.
    Eddy Cojulun, CSO Envirotainer
    The Beijing area is a growing pharmaceutical hub for all types of temperature-sensitive cargo. We are currently supporting our Beijing based customers via our station in Shanghai. With the new station we want to create a significantly better customer experience for our Beijing area customers by reducing the need for trucking units between regions.
    Suat Toh, Head of Sales APAC at Envirotainer
    The strongest reason for upgrading our Liege (LGG) station to also handle our RAP e2, even though we already have 15 RAP e2 stations in Europe, is purely based on customer needs. We wanted to create a significantly better customer experience for our pharmaceutical customers by reducing the need for trucking units between stations.
    Niklas Lönnkvist, Head of Sales EMEA, Envirotainer
    India is the world’s third largest producer of pharmaceuticals in terms of volume. The demand in the US and Europe is expected to sustain a high growth rate over the foreseeable future, with the addition of e-technology capabilities in Hyderabad, it boosts our ability to meet our local Pharmaceutical customers’ need for cost-effective and secure temperature-controlled airfreight shipments.
    Suat Toh, Head of Sales APAC, Envirotainer
    India is probably the fastest growing pharmaceutical manufacturing hub in the world and the addition of e-technology capabilities in Mumbai boosts our ability to meet our local Pharmaceutical customers’ need for secure airfreight shipments requiring temperature control.
    Suat Toh, Head of Sales APAC at Envirotainer
    “All in all, this is our fifth (5th) RAP e2 station opening in less than 15 months in the Americas region”
    Ernest Murphy, Head of Operations Americas
    “The Canadian market is growing for us. Adding Toronto to the growing list of RAP e2 stations boosts our ability to support our Partners with a secure and cost-efficient solution”
    Brian Cooper, Head of Sales Americas
    “Swiss WorldCargo demonstrates their commitment to providing best-in-class services to their customers, and the pharmaceutical industry by promoting best practices and industry standards, such as the Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP) program.
    Bourji Mourad
    “The demand for a secure and cost-efficient solution is continuously high. In addition to opening the new station in Atlanta, yesterday we celebrated building our 1,000thRAP e2. We have conducted more than 22,000 real life pharmaceutical shipments with our RAP e2.”
    Brian Cooper, Head of Sales Americas
    “Since the first pharmaceutical shipment in February 2011, we have conducted more than 22,000 pharmaceutical shipments in the RAP e2”
    Michael Berg
    “Being acknowledged for an award that promotes efforts to facilitate sustainable supply chain management is a great honor.
    Suat Toh, Head of Sales Asia-Pacific at Envirotainer.
    “The US is a strategic market for us and adding San Francisco to the growing list of RAP e2 stations in the US allows us to better meet the needs of our West Coast-based customers”
    Brian Cooper, Head of Sales Americas
    “We are pleased to open two more RAP e2 hubs in APAC as part of our strategic expansion further into Asia”
    Suat Toh, Head of Sales APAC at Envirotainer
    The size of the new facilities in Tokyo (NRT) and Seoul (ICN) will double the capacity for our e-technology solutions in the region.
    Suat Toh, Envirotainer's Head of Sales APAC
    “I am very happy to announce the opening of our new RAP e2 station in Luxembourg. It will significantly increase our ability to service our customers from the 7th largest airfreight location in Europe”
    Niklas Lönnkvist, Head of Healthcare Sales EMEA at Envirotainer
    On a practical level, the globally approved fleet will further enhance the availability of our containers, especially on the U.S. market, and is accompanied by investments in additional resources and a new regional headquarters in New York.
    Mattias Almgren, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Envirotainer
    This marks yet another milestone for Envirotainer. We have seen unprecedented demand for our solutions this year - and with the FAA approval of our RKN e1 container and the new office and staff in New York, we look forward to be able to serve our customers in a historically and contemporary unequalled manner.
    Simon Angeldorff, CEO Envirotainer
    Investing for the benefit of customers and partners in our most important markets is a trademark of Envirotainer. We strongly believe that by sharing our knowledge and expertise, gained by leading the market of maintaining the integrity of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products, is how we can best serve and grow with this industry; an industry designed to improve quality of life and to save lives that we are proud to be part of.
    Björn Siloo, CSO Envirotainer
    OnAsset is excited to be working with Envirotainer to operationalize the benefits of real time visibility for cold chain applications. The business impacts are profound, and we’re proud to be part of the team that is leading the charge in delivering this revolution to the industry.
    Adam Crossno, OnAsset CEO
    We are here to stay, and we are committed to our Asian cold chain shipper and logistic partners. We are making this change as we believe in the growth of Japan market, and see the need to support the Japanese market with our direct presence.
    Suat Toh, Head of Sales APAC, Envirotainer
    Envirotainer shares the vision of this region and wishes to contribute with its market leading cold chain products, services and expertise to the Benelux life science industry.
    Niklas Lönnkvist, Head of Healthcare Sales, EMEA from Envirotainer
    With new, modern premises – specifically adapted for our R&D and production – we are creating the right conditions to keep going forward as a fast-growing global company.
    Simon Angeldorff, Executive Chairman and CEO of Envirotainer
    When you walk through our doors, it should be clear that you have come to a market-leading, innovative company.
    Simon Angeldorff, Executive Chairman and CEO of Envirotainer
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