Fazer is introducing a new bag to reduce food waste: Makea Choco Moka

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The Makea Choko Moka bag is one of Fazer’s bold efforts to reduce food loss. Fazer chocolate bars that don’t meet weight requirements or contain enough flavouring, such as crushed nuts or toffee crumbs, will now be cut to pieces and bagged. The new product will be available as of 8 February through Fazer’s own channels: online at the Fazer Store, in the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre shop, and Fazer Cafés.

Does Finland’s favourite chocolate end up going to waste? “When it comes to chocolate production, it is not possible to eliminate waste completely, but there are ways to reduce it,” replies Heli Anttila, Vice President of Product Development at Fazer Confectionery. “We have a long history of using recovered chocolate materials in different products, such as Pätkis and Da Capo bars. Now, we are introducing the Makea Choco Moka bag containing pieces of Fazer chocolate bars that cannot be sold as whole bars because they are the wrong weight, for example.”

In September 2019, Fazer introduced the Makea Moka bags containing sweets in unusual shapes and colours that were otherwise perfectly good. They quickly became a hit, and now the chocolate products that would otherwise go to waste will have their own bag. The bag will contain Fazer chocolate bars flavoured with nuts or toffee, for example. The new product will be available as of 8 February through Fazer’s own channels: online at the Fazer Store, in the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre shop, and Fazer Cafés. The Makea Choco Moka bag will weigh 160 g, and the price will be €1.80 per bag. 

“The product will only be sold through Fazer’s own channels because we will manufacture it on a batch-by-batch basis,” Heli Anttila explains. “It will only be made when there is waste to be recycled.” In chocolate bar production, it is typical for some bars cast at the start and end of the batch to be either below or above the weight limit or contain the wrong amount of flavouring. Wasted chocolate bars are also used in making other chocolate products, for example in fillings. The recycled products meet the same sustainable quality requirements as all of Fazer’s products. 

Every action matters when it comes to reducing food waste 

Reducing food waste is one of the key ways to minimise the adverse environmental impacts of food production. Food is wasted at all stages of the food chain, and every action matters. 

It is impossible to eliminate process waste completely, but the raw materials should be reused as efficiently as possible – as Fazer has been doing for a long time. The Da Capo bar was created in 1916 with recycling in mind: it was a way to use Liqueur Fills that had been deemed defective by quality control. “We are always on the lookout for new sustainability measures. We strive to prevent overproduction through good planning and reduce food loss through continuous improvement efforts and development projects,” Heli Anttila says. The part of production waste that is unfit for human consumption is recycled as materials for animal feed and biofuel, in accordance with Fazer’s waste hierarchy. 

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