Fazer restaurants being renewed: More invigorating meals for everyday life

According to a recent study commissioned by Fazer, less than half (48%) of consumers in Finland are fully satisfied with their everyday mealtimes. Fazer wants to create more meaningful meals and broaden its food and restaurant services in Finland. The completely new Fazer Food & Co restaurant promotes creativity and coping in the workplace. The Amica restaurants are also undergoing renewal and, amongst other things, will contribute to the energy levels and learning of children and the well-being of elderly people.

“A good meal gives joy and promotes well-being. We want more and more people to enjoy delicious and healthy food, no matter what their age. As a major player, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to bring this about”, says Jaana Korhola, Managing Director of Fazer Food Services Finland.

Fazer has about 600 restaurants throughout Finland, and these will be renewed in stages over the next three years. Fazer’s restaurants in Finland serve more than 130,000 meals a day. Fazer operates in Finland in all customer sectors: daycare centres, schools, places of study, workplaces and sheltered accommodation. The company’s services include home-delivered meals and event restaurants.

Food of the future promotes learn, living and success – in mind and body

“The renewals are based on plentiful research into the needs of people today”, says Hannu Rahnasto, Commercial Director of Fazer Food Services Finland. “Across all age groups, people’s expectations of food are changing. We want to be a pioneer in what and how people eat in everyday life.”

The new Fazer Food & Co restaurants have an important role in forming staff canteens into restaurants that will help with coping at work., providing healthy and enjoyable meals and break times in the middle of a busy working day. The Amica food services have an increasingly important role in the public sector, in addition to personnel restaurants: in daycare centres and schools, food has an educational function, and it plays an essential nutritional role for the elderly.

“In all of our renewed restaurants and food services, we are investing a great deal of resources in interacting with our guests and providing them with even better experiences. We offer a world of taste, services and atmospheres that are even more closely customised to take account of different target groups and age groups”, Hannu Rahnasto explains. 

“We believe that food has a purpose – not only to us, but also to our planet”, says Jaana Korhola. “We also want to make people’s lives easier. We already have 30 million customer experiences per year. Our job is to make these experiences enjoyable.”

The renewal of Fazer’s restaurant and food services is a significant investment that includes a comprehensive training programme for staff. The mealtimes of the future are created taking into account many different perspectives, through close cooperation between all of Fazer’s professionals.

“To meet the needs of our diners, we focus on the bigger picture and gently steer them towards healthier eating habits. We are constantly developing new options that take account of changing tastes and new food trends and, in the future, we will also concentrate even more on the well-being of the brain”, says Hannu Rahnasto.

The first Fazer Food & Co restaurant is in Sanomatalo, in Helsinki city centre, and the first renewed Amica school restaurants were opened in August. All the restaurants and food services will be renewed over the next two years.

On Friday 6 October, Fazer Food Services will hold a restaurant day by inviting people to eat together. The goal of the event is to make everyday mealtimes even better.

Check out our restaurants: www.fazerfoodservices.com.

Fazer Food Services is the leading catering service company in the Nordic countries, with a customer base consisting of companies of different sizes, institutions, daycare centres, schools and educational institutions, as well as service homes for the elderly.Fazer Food Services also cooperates with government agencies and municipal institutions. Fazer Food Services has over 600 restaurants in Finland, offering over 130,000 lunches every day, prepared by a total of 3,300 food professionals.Fazer Food Services is part of the Fazer family business.

Fazer Food & Co is a new kind of restaurant that updates workplace catering services to meet the changing working conditions of today. This modern food partner offers customised services, inspiring seasonal dishes, healthy takeaway snacks, and a relaxed atmosphere throughout the working day and afterwards. Fazer Food & Co’s concept includes both self-contained restaurants and food markets offering a wide variety of food experiences.

Amica is your culinary friend through life. Amica restaurants focus on dining for pupils, older students, older people and nursing services to provide locally produced, nutritious and delicious food. Amica’s strengths include local kitchens, central kitchens, catering, hot and cold food delivery, and professional logistics solutions.

Further information:
Jaana Korhola, Managing Director, Fazer Food Services Finland, tel. +358 40 821 8641
Hannu Rahnasto, Commercial Director, Fazer Food Services Finland, tel.+41 530 3538
Fazer’s media phone line is open Mon–Fri from 8 am to 4 pm, tel.+358 40 6682 998


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