Finavia makes air travel smoother with bag drop machines

Finavia continues to make air travel easier and introduces bag drop machines for departing passengers. With the machines, passengers can drop their bags themselves to be transported in the cargo hold. This will be possible at Helsinki Airport at the beginning of summer, and at Oulu Airport in the autumn.

Finavia has piloted bag drop machines at Helsinki Airport since 2012. The bag drop machines (self-service) have been available to the customers of SAS and Norwegian, and the experiences of the machines have been good. Finavia is now expanding the use of bag drop machines: in the first stage, ten machines will be introduced in Helsinki, and two in Oulu.

"Increasing the number of machines is a global trend in air traffic services. Self-service, such as bag drop machines, makes the check-in times of passengers more flexible, evens out the busy periods at the airport, and increases the check-in capacity of terminals. More effectively produced airport services also provide airlines with cost advantages, which are also ultimately the precondition for moderate flight ticket prices", says Helsinki Airport's director Ville Haapasaari at Finavia.

The machines at Helsinki Airport will be introduced at the beginning of summer 2014, and those in Oulu in the autumn. After this, machines will also be introduced at Turku Airport in 2015.

Machines involved in airport development

"The new bag drop machines describe well Finavia's strong willingness to develop Helsinki Airport and other airports. We want to utilise technology in making the travel process smoother, and we continuously develop the security check, for example. Helsinki Airport also has one of the most extensive border control machine lines in Europe, a total of 30 machines" says Haapasaari.

"Increasing the extent of machines and self-service at Helsinki Airport and other main airports of ours is part of the substantial investment package of ours. At Helsinki Airport, our development programme of €900 million has particularly been launched by making the check-in process smoother", says Haapasaari.

The bag drop machine is easy to use

With the bag drop machine, passengers can drop their bags themselves to be transported in the cargo hold when the check-in has been done with a check-in machine or online.

Passengers print out a baggage label with the check-in machine and attach the label to their bag. At the bag drop machine, the passenger scans the baggage label, and then the bag is ready for the flight.

As a result of self-service, once the passenger has arrived at the airport, he or she can move towards the departure gate more quickly and smoothly.


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