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    Paradies Lagardère is committed to giving our customers first-class customer service. The airport experience is part of a traveler’s journey, and one that should be enjoyable and convenient. Data points collected from the Smiley Terminals allows us to monitor our customer satisfaction levels according to time of day, day of the week and in multiple locations. We’re able to pinpoint specific areas of concern and are able to address them immediately.
    Gregg Paradies, president and CEO of Paradies Lagardère
    We had a short, but significant weather event that caused many flight delays in the gates near one of our stores. The delays resulted in traffic 2.5x higher than normal for that store. While our store team was working hard to help customers, the HappyOrNot real-time alerts helped leadership quickly recognize an opportunity, and take immediate steps to deploy additional staff from other stores to improve the customer experience and capture sales.
    Paul Draeger, regional vice president, Operations, Paradies Lagardère
    Even though most of the data collected has been positive, we are still gathering measurable and actionable feedback. The data collected has allowed our team to resolve service issues while customers are still on the premises.
    Ryan Thorp, Assistant General Manager of GCCC
    The HappyOrNot terminals will provide us with data points to help us better monitor and improve our operations.
    Georgia’s Deputy Athletic Director for Operations, Josh Brooks
    “At ZeroCater, the customer experience is essential to our business; It’s critical that we have access to their feedback to continue improving the experience, so we looked for a solution that would answer these needs.”
    Arram Sabeti, CEO of ZeroCater
    “Having real-time data from everyone we feed and an added layer of customer insight allows us to provide an exceptional customer experience, and HappyOrNot has given us the tools to be able to collect data quickly and reach more customers.”
    Arvind Stokes, ZeroCater VP of Operations
    “One is in our front hallway and is used to look at overall employee happiness. We want to know how our teams’ days are going.
    Kathryn Hering, ZeroCater Director of Customer Experience
    “The hourly HappyOrNot feedback combined with our monthly online customer survey and daily website comments help us gain more knowledge on how to ensure that our customers have the best possible airport experience at Dulles International and Reagan National Airports.”
    “Within 6 months of deploying the HappyOrNot kiosks, over 250,000 data points were collected giving us the ability to quickly understand our customer’s perception of the changes we have made and determine whether they are having the desired impact,” says Gene Sutch, Director, Revenue Strategy & Analysis of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.
    Summer months represent the peak vacation travel season and increase of traffic at airports which can cause congestion, delays, and angry passengers if not managed well by airport authorities. This is why measuring passenger satisfaction at all times is instrumental to maintaining a positive flow that will be felt by both staff and customers.
    Heikki Väänänen, CEO and Founder of HappyOrNot
    The hourly HappyOrNot feedback combined with our monthly online customer survey and daily website comments help us gain more knowledge on how to ensure that our customers have the best possible airport experience.
    Gene Sutch, Director, Revenue Strategy & Analysis of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
    “Local and municipal governments across the U.S. face an increasingly informed and vocal electorate. Many government officials are using the power of sentiment to improve their customer experience, accountability and transparency; “This is all in an effort to raise the quality of life of their citizens, enhance public perception, and address the financial impact of poor customer satisfaction.”
    Heikki Vaananen
    “My team routinely encourages customers to use the terminal after they have helped them. They really take pride in the service they provide. If a customer leaves gives negative feedback by pressing a red face smiley button, the team member will immediately inform me and let me know what happened. This provides a great opportunity for training by helping the team think of better options to handle a difficult situation.”
    Andrea Berg, Customer and Process Development Manager
    “We recently launched a new online permitting system for building permits and initial reviews for land use cases. We want to be able to capture how well this is working or what is not working by using the Web Smileys,”
    Andrea Berg, Customer and Process Development Manager
    “Sometimes we have a message that isn’t easy to deliver and can be hard for customers to take, but we can deliver it courteously and respectfully,”
    Mark Thompson, Property Tax Supervisor, King County
    “Riverside takes customer service very seriously, and HappyOrNot is a great tool to document the satisfaction level of the public,” “I look forward to seeing the data in terms of how well we are doing and where we can improve.”
    Mayor Rusty Bailey, City of Riverside
    Measuring, tracking, and improving customer experiences is a worthy goal as it boosts loyalty, drives higher conversions and, ultimately, increases revenue.
    Heikki Väänänen, Founder and CEO of HappyOrNot
    Engaged employees create engaged customers.
    Rhett Majoria, Co-owner and Chief Pharmacist of Majoria Drugs
    HappyOrNot is a key tool in understanding how the customer experience can change on key trading days.
    Paul Justice, Central Operations Director of Dixons Carphone
    Companies save time, money, and reputation, by fixing a problem as soon as it happens.
    Heikki Väänänen, CEO and Co-founder of HappyOrNot.
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