It was a very nice experience to attend. The congress is well organized and unique in its format. By putting different disciplines in a single platform you encourage the prospects to learn new things related to their fields. I will definitely recommend this conference.
Prof. Rainer Eichberger, Helmholtz-Zentrum, Berlin.
I was surprised to see the diversity of the conference
Prof. Joseph H. Koo, University of Texas
Diversity is important to us. This time we invited several distinguished researchers in fields such as advanced composites for biomedical applications, metamaterials, graphene, biosensors and bioelectronic materials and nanocomposites for industrial applications. Our aim is to get researchers and innovative people from all over the world to gather at the same place. IAAM is working to reduce the gap between science and industry, so that more innovations lead to development of products that benefits society
Dr Ashutosh Tiwari
The purpose of the congress was to bring academia and business closer together in order to build joint infrastructures for grants applications, commercial IPRs, high-quality publications and more. With our congress series we provide a global platform for all this to happen.
Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, founder of IAAM.
Viking Line is proud that IAAM from five years has chosen us for their international scientific congresses, Knowledge Experience at Sea. Through the years about 5000 researchers and students from over 100 countries has participated, and we think it’s fantastic to be a part of advancement of materials for global excellence. The fact that IAAM place their conferences on our ships also shows the breadth of our offer. Great food, entertainment, tailored activities and first-class conference facilities
Anders Ferngren, chief of sales, group, conference and special cruises, Viking Line Sweden.
The use of smartphones in India has exploded in the last couple of years and will continue to increase, that makes it possible to develop and reach people with services like this. The need for simpler medical assistance is big in rural areas and if that can be managed online, many lives will be saved.
Dr Ashutosh Tiwari, founder of VBRI Group and IAAM.
We are now expanding our congress series in advanced materials to include spectroscopy and electrochemistry. This is a step in our aim to get people from different fields of research closer together, making it possible to achieve great things and creating a better world for everyone.
Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, founder of IAAM.