Responsible forest management creates jobs and adds value in the local communities by supporting the local economy. Having a good impact in the neighbouring communities is an important part of our approach to responsible forest management. We will work closely with the former owners of the land and with local forestry specialists to prepare the land for a new forest
Krister Mattsson, Managing Director, Ingka Investments, Ingka Group
Starting-up the repolyol production is the result of hard work across the value chain, a breakthrough innovation that powers closing the loop for mattresses. This is how we contribute to bring sustainability to the many.
Lukas Visser, Investment Manager, Ingka Investments
This investment in Georgia is special to us as our partners from The Conservation Fund understood our long-term vision and have entrusted us to ensure the protection of the forestland
Krister Mattsson, Managing Director Ingka Investments
At IKEA, we were able to break through when we required gender equality goals to be included in every country’s business plans. I am proud to say that we treat our goals on equality with the same level of importance as we treat our financial goals
Ulrika Biesèrt, Global People & Culture Manager, Ingka Group
This is the most important decade of human kind and more and more leaders across businesses, governments and society are setting high ambitions and commitments that require that we accelerate action and scale solutions that many more can benefit from
Jesper Brodin, CEO, Ingka Group
We are taking a more dynamic approach to investments and acquisitions so we can strengthen our IKEA Retail business and invest in companies like Traemand which offer new capabilities and services
Krister Mattsson, Managing Director of Ingka Investments
Our urban projects are all about getting closer to our customers. 6X6 is an impressive six-floor glass building, with smart modern design and internal areas that provide the ideal canvas to create something truly spectacular.
Gerard Groener, Ingka Centres’ General Manager
We believe it’s good business to be a good business. Despite the significant challenges we’re facing in the world, we still have it in our own hands to change the direction of the climate crisis. We want to be part of the solution, which is why we will continue to focus our future investments to ensure a cleaner, greener and more inclusive recovery.
Juvencio Maeztu, Deputy CEO and CFO Ingka Group
We have a big responsibility, and this is the opportunity to take the lead. We know that 87% of Swiss consumers would make an effort or a strong effort to improve their lifestyle to support the climate.  
Jessica Anderen, Country Retail Manager and CSO for IKEA Switzerland
We are transforming our business to be climate positive and fully circular by 2030. Together with our 7,300 co-workers, we will continue to lead the way by going all-in on sustainability and creating positive movement for change.
Melissa Barbosa, Country Sustainability Manager, IKEA Retail Canada
Paris has a wonderful potential to develop new ways to answer the needs of our customers. We have learnt a lot about the desires and needs of Parisians. Our affordable offer of democratic designs answers their aspirations. With this new store at Rue de Rivoli, we want to go further by offering, among others, the largest choice possible of accessories and decorative items, to feel always better at home. With this property, with an exceptional location, Ingka Investments let us accelerate our omnichannel strategy to be more accessible, convenient and sustainable for the many.
Walter Kadnar, CEO & CSO of IKEA Retail France
In order to meet our zero emission goals, we needed to find a way around the existing conditions and look for partners willing to work with us to develop new prototypes and test in a city environment
Raphael Guillard, Customer Fulfilment Strategic Sourcing Leader at IKEA Retail (Ingka Group)
It has never been truer how we are all in this together, as a community we have come together to support one another, to find ways to feel safe, happy and hopeful. We are making more of this messy middle, finding unique ways to thrive in this uncertain time.
Jenny Lee, Life at Home Communication Leader, Ingka Group
We are pleased to re-open some stores. Safety has been at the heart of all re-opening decisions to ensure a secure shopping and working environment for customers and co-workers.
Tolga Öncu, Retail Operations Manager, IKEA Retail (Ingka Group)