Second, this type of contract research service is a new and promising way to promote the Insplorion NPS technology that we think can have a major impact on long-term sales, especially in the Asia-Pacific market.
Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO Insplorion
We have seen an increasing need from both academia and industry for contract research services within a variety of fields related to biological and material surface science. Our team members are leading experts in Insplorion’s technology and with its versatility, robustness, and efficiency, it will be an important scientific tool to drive forward the business objectives of OmniCoLab and expand the market for NPS technology.
Dr. Ahram Kim, CEO of OmniCoLab Inc
This competence center will accelerate the transition to a fossil-free energy market. The fact that our battery sensors plays an important role in the development of smart battery cells within the center is of course encouraging. The involvement of private actors are of great importance to us, where we through the center will be able to strengthen existing and create new collaborations
Patrik Dahlqvist
“We are very pleased that our shareholders see the potential of the company and give us the opportunity to now take our first volume product to the market. The demand for cost-effective, accurate air quality sensors is considerable and we look forward to start to fill it”
Patrik Dahlqvist
Urban Flows Observatory has the reputation as well as the expertise and knowledge for testing our sensors in real-life conditions, and this will be beneficial to our technical development and our international marketing.”
Patrik Dahlqvist
We are very pleased to be able to broaden the scope of our NOx sensor together with Stenhøj. The adaptation to measurements for vehicle inspection will be a field of use between our research instruments and our air quality sensor. In addition, with stronger legislation in the area, future sales can also be significant
Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion
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