Sol Services: Product development with Kiilto works swimmingly

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SOL Services Oy provides cleaning, property maintenance and security services as part of the SOLEMO Group. SOL is a traditional family company known to most Finns that is not afraid of re-inventing itself. Their co-operation with Kiilto has already lasted for 20 energetic years.

- Product development with Kiilto works swimmingly because their product development takes place here in Finland states Jussi Holopainen, the chief business officer of SOL Services.

Kiilto's strong emphasis on product development is also visible in their cleaning and hygiene product partnerships. According to Holopainen, if new materials that cannot be cleaned with the existing products are introduced to a building, for example, the people of Kiilto have always been ready to help.

- We also speak the same language on the specialist level: they listen to and understand our needs and are eager to help. Kiilto's product specialists and developers always know how to produce a quality solution to the problem at hand.

Agility and Finnishness are Kiilto's strengths

SOL Services also considers it important that Kiilto is ready to offer package sizes that suit their users' needs instead of standardised packages.

New dosing devices also benefit the Finnish cleaning giant: they make it easy to find the optimal dose that gets rid of the dirt but does not waste any of the product. This becomes significant when the product is used by thousands of SOL's service supervisors. Especially the dosing devices for washing machines and scrubber driers have proved handy in the field.

- Some time ago we started hearing messages from the field that some of our customers did not want strong odours in their premises. More and more people have become sensitised to allergenic scents and a need for scentless cleaning agents has emerged.

- We contacted Kiilto and they quickly developed a scentless agent for us with the same cleaning power as before.

Kiilto's local service coverage spans all of Finland

According to Holopainen, the partnership between SOL Services and Kiilto has worked out well. Because SOL Services operates across Finland it is important that Kiilto's cleaning products specialists are able to help SOL's service supervisors in all corners of the country.

- Kiilto's local sales representatives are an irreplaceable aide for us. If our unit in Kuopio or Rovaniemi requires urgent assistance, Kiilto's local product specialist can visit the scene even on short notice.

The service supervisors only contact Kiilto with tricky situations: when the old cleaning agent does not work on the new material after all, or if a persistent stain will not come off with familiar products. In these situations it is critical that help is a readily available – occasionally even on-site.

- Co-operation with Kiilto also works well in this regard. Their sturdy local sales organisation ensures that the troubles and worries of the end users are responded to quickly and professionally, Holopainen says.






Kiilto's sturdy local sales organisation ensures that the troubles and worries of the end users are responded to quickly and professionally.
Jussi Holopainen | Chief Business Officer | SOL Services