The Good or bad chemistry? event provided new perspectives on chemistry

On 25 September, we organised the "Good or bad chemistry?" media event to discuss various misconceptions about the chemical industry, and chemistry's role in solving climate and circular-economy challenges and building a more sustainable future.

The event kicked off with Kiilto's Brand and Communications Director, Eeva Solja, discussing the background of Kiilto's 'Promise to the environment' project. The project's goals are ambitious: a concrete promise has been specified for each project sub-area and is being fulfilled through a range of measures:

  1. Green energy: "All of our companies' operations will be carbon-neutral by 2028."
  2. Green material choices: "We are the leading circular economy company in the sector."
  3. Green services: "We provide the best circular economy solutions in the sector."
  4. Green packaging and logistics: "A positive environmental impact forms the basis of our packaging choices."

The Promise to the environment project has already become a major channel for creating new innovations and novel cooperation projects.

The Good or bad chemistry? panel discussion members were Raija Polvinen, RDI Director of Kiilto; Markus Terho, project manager at Sitra and a founding member of the Good Purpose startup; Linda Fröberg-Niemi, Senior Executive of the Turku Business Region's CleanTurku cluster; and Virpi Mikkonen, food writer and editor of the Vanelja blog.

The event ended with Virpi Mikkonen's fermentation workshop, which discussed the basics of fermentation and used the process to create yoghurt face masks. The lactic acid created during fermentation is one of the components of Kiilto's biodegradable adhesives.

Watch the panel discussion on our YouTube channel (in Finnish).


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