The launch of KYM is really exciting. I’ve been coming to OurPlace since it opened and we do brilliant, fun things with the youth workers. It’s great that it’s going to continue and will be bigger and better.
Macie Campbell, 12, KYM member
I am overwhelmed by the number of young people celebrating the launch of KYM; this is such an exciting time for us all and I want to thank the best staff team ever, who have shown enthusiasm, bravery and committment to establish KYM.
Sandra Richardson, KYM Chief Executive
“I started fostering because I wanted to give children what my own children had, and it continued from there. As long as you’ve got some love, patience and time, and you’re compassionate, that’s all children need. They need to know they’re wanted.”
Brenda Archer - Foster Carer for Knowsley for almost 40 years
Winning this award has come as a pleasant surprise to me and I am forever grateful to the council for nominating me for this award. I am thankful for the support I have received from my colleagues within the team and from professionals with whom I have worked with.
Vicki Steele, Silver Award winner in the Newly Qualified Adult Social Worker of the Year award
Vicki has impressed all her colleagues with the hard work and commitment she shows with everything she does.
Paul Boyce, Director of People Services at Knowsley Council
Watching the world’s elite cyclists competing in Knowsley was a really inspirational experience and it’s great that two of the young spectators can now get on their own bikes and enjoy cycling for themselves.
Cllr Dave Lonergan, Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Economy and Skills
The sale of illegal tobacco is a serious offence. Not only do these activities severely damage the local economy, but they are a real health risk as dealers often target children, making it easier for them to get hooked. These seizures are a firm reminder to anyone thinking of selling illegal tobacco that it will not be tolerated in Knowsley and we will continue to take robust action against anyone who flouts the law.
Councillor Andy Moorhead, Cabinet Member for Corporate and Customer Services, on illegal tobacco seizures:
This demonstrates our commitment to bring vacant and under-used buildings back into use as well as carrying out building repairs which will improve their longevity. As well as improving the overall appearance in the town centre, the THI project will enrich Prescot’s rich heritage and revitalise the town centre. I look forward to building on the improvements made on Leyland Street and seeing further projects commencing early next year.
Cllr Dave Lonergan, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Economy and Skills and Chairman of the Prescot THI Board
We have all been impressed by the hard work and commitment that Vicki Steele has shown in her role as an adult social worker in Knowsley since she joined us last year.
Paul Boyce, Director of People Services at Knowsley Council
Judith Maher is a really valued colleague who is committed to her work safeguarding children in Knowsley. She is an excellent representative of Knowsley Council and is a valued link between it and the Judiciary and associated organisations.
Paul Boyce, Director of People Services at Knowsley Council
We know that by making a few simple changes in our behaviour and lifestyle can have a major positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Many of the long-term conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease can be avoided through these simple changes. That is what the Health Check aims to do and I would encourage as many residents as possible, aged between 40-74 years, to arrange their appointment today.
Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health in Knowsley
The roadshow aimed to raise awareness of how many of units of alcohol are in a variety of drinks, together with what is a safe level. We are really pleased with the number of people we have engaged with and the positive feedback we have received, and have therefore gone some way to achieving this goal.
Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health in Knowsley
Knowsley already has some of the best leisure facilities in the region. This new centre is a fantastic addition to our leisure offer and we believe it represents great value for money for local residents and visitors alike
Cllr Eddie Connor, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Community and Culture