One way Golden Belt Communications decided to remain sustainable was by investing in a Northern Power wind turbine.
Beau Rebel, General Manager, Golden Belt Communications
I have long held Northern Power Systems’ 100kW wind turbine in high regard as the most reliable and easy to maintain wind turbine in the smaller distributed wind market.
Andrew Trapanese, VP Operations for BTI Energy.
We are very excited about BTI Energy and their support of American-made distributed wind generation assets in their growing fleet.
Trevor Atkinson, Sales & BD Manager Americas at Northern Power Systems
We are very pleased with the commercial traction of our technology and products.
Troy Patton, CEO
We are excited to be bringing our solutions to Asian markets. We have been helping to deliver stable energy solutions to hybrid microgrids for over 10 years in North America. During this time we have proven that we can provide a significantly lower cost of energy that leverages local natural resources.
Troy Patton, CEO
Northern Power has over 30 years of experience providing quality power products and systems to the utility industry. Our converters are built around a modular architecture and scalable controls in a common chassis that is easily customizable to meet the demands of a wide variety of specifications.
Jonathan Lynch, Chief Technology Officer at NPS
This launch heralds a new era in distributed wind energy generation. Through our technology and innovation, we are introducing small wind turbines that will drive economics that are on par with an increasing proportion of other energy sources.
Troy Patton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Northern Power Systems
The launch of the new NPS 100C allows British investors, farmers and land owners to continue to make significant returns on their investment in wind power, despite ongoing reductions in the Feed-in-Tariff.
Reinout Oussoren, Vice President of Sales
When you look at Northern Power’s product offerings, it’s impossible not to be excited.
Larry Willey
When our relationship began with WEG in 2013, we knew they had tremendous capabilities to supply wind power to the South American market. This additional platform will provide WEG a full portfolio of options for onshore wind.
Troy Patton, CEO
Our first quarter financial results demonstrated exceptionally strong year-over-year revenue growth and order expansion, particularly in our core distributed class wind turbine business.
Troy Patton
I am looking forward to working with this exceptional team as it pursues the numerous opportunities in front of it, and I am excited to contribute my experience and leadership in shaping the strategic expansion of the business.
David Cornhill
Our success in 2013 has gone beyond our expectations. By customizing our products to meet specific new market needs, we expect to continue to expand our opportunities for growth in the coming year.
Troy Patton, CEO
This certification demonstrates Northern Power’s commitment to excellence in quality when producing reliable, grid-ready wind technology.
Chris McKay, Head of Product, Northern Power Systems
WEG has tremendous capabilities to supply all aspects of wind power plants integrated with a strong understanding of the needs of the South American wind market, and Northern Power has the experience and technology necessary to provide the right solutions for this market.
Troy C. Patton, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Power Systems
Besides providing innovation for a better world and helping increase our independence from fossil fuels, the new microgrid is also helping provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for Hawaii’s agriculture industry. This Northern Power turbine is critical to this microgrid’s success.
Fred Brown, Gen-X Energy Development LLC
NPS is committed to delivering enhanced offerings that lower costs and increase performance for turbine owners. We are increasing the value proposition of our already highly-capable NPS turbines through an integrated road-map of expanded product and services offerings, of which our proven low wind enhancements are just one example
Troy Patton
I’m excited that Northern Power came out with a new turbine that is designed specifically for lower wind speeds. I am very pleased with the revenue that both of my Northern Power turbines are now earning for me. NPS turbines are an excellent return on capital invested.
Mervyn Wallace
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