• Magnus Andersson


    +46 70 1610878
  • Kjell-Olof Askencrantz

    Marketing Director

    Storavägen 96 36052 Kosta
    +46 701 61 08 27
  • Erin Rolo

    Marketing Manager

    Orrefors Kosta Boda, Inc. 1317 Route 73, Suite 201 Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
  • Quotes

    When I was growing up in the north of Sweden, we would go on walks in the woods and take food in small wooden boxes made of plaited birch bark, traditional to the area. I used this distinctive diamond pattern as inspiration for the facets on these pieces.
    Lena Bergström
    The sharp and unique asymmetrical grinding reflects our times with a scent of Nordic romance.
    Lena Bergström
    “IPA is essentially an ale, a top-fermented beer, so it should theoretically be ideal for a tall, straight ale glass, but that’s not the case.
    Erika Lagerbielke, Professor in Glass Design
    So I created a glass in the form of a short, tulip-shaped tumbler, to bring out the rich maltiness and aromatic hop aromas, as well as freshness, which continues down in a straight form that constitutes the base of the glass.”

    Erika Lagerbielke, Professor in Glass Design
    We are celebrating this 30th anniversary with Intermezzo Air, a new glass series featuring a platinum-gilded base and a translucent drop in tribute to the clarity of the crystal glass.
    Air is one of the elements of glass — that and the tradition of decorating glass with air bubbles were my inspiration as I designed the Intermezzo Air anniversary glass.
    Erika Lagerbielke
    Teaming up with Orrefors has been a really exciting project, and this is just the first step in a collaboration that embeds great opportunities. The iconic elements of Swedish design, like crystal, is key for Volvo’s ambitions to place itself in the top of the automotive industry. And for me as a designer it’s pure delight to work with the materials and combine them with a modern Scandinavian design in a high-tech packed premium car environment
    Robin Page, head of Interior Design at Volvo Car Group
    ”People meet, habits change but to share a drink in beautiful glasses is something that I belive will remain. At home or at a restaurant”
    Ingegerd Råman
    Design is a business of beauty. Every business should be completely concerned with beauty - it is after all a collective human need
    Karim Rashid
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