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    “To be recognized among such notable other candidates such as Tesla, NIBE and Daikin, is both humbling and a validation of the mission that the team at Qvantum has been tirelessly working towards: to change the way the cities of Europe are heated and create products for the many people.”
    Jesper Jarnhäll
    What attracted me to Qvantum is that Qvantum has an important and powerful vision - to enable the many people with thin wallets to live a life without dependencies on fossil fuels.
    Mark Vellinga
    We first showed the apartment heat pump at the ISH Show in Germany in March, and it has already been given two international innovation awards.
    Jesper Jarnhäll
    Spreading knowledge about heat pumps is one of my driving forces. I genuinely want to create change and make things better.
    Wolfgang Herold
    The German market is crucial to us. Not because it is so big, but because it isn’t – yet
    Fredrik Rosenqvist, CEO Qvantum
    I am deeply impressed by the team behind Qvantum, they possess world leading experience from energy systems, innovative technologies and high-quality production. A talented team with a strong purpose to electrify and decarbonize Europe is what attracted me to Qvantum
    Thomas von Koch
    Qvantum is uniquely positioned to become a major player providing solutions to combat the climate crisis - the heat pump market is growing exponentially, and our offering can contribute significantly to decarbonizing European cities. We give people living in urban areas the chance to become fossil fuel independent by making carbon neutral heating easily accessible.
    Fredrik Rosenqvist, CEO, Qvantum
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