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Reach for Change is an international non profit organization with the mission to unleash the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to create a better world for children and youth. Through multi-sector partnerships we find local social entrepreneurs, and support them to scale their solution through capacity building, networks and funding.


  • Camilla Hallgren

    Head of Communication

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    Our office is proud to be launching this initiative, to find and award Africa’s strongest early-stage social innovators who are contributing to SDG attainment in areas such as health, education, poverty, hunger, economic growth, climate and more.
    Eugene Owusu, Special Advisor to the President on the SDGs, SDGs Advisory Unit of the Office of the President of Ghana
    By fostering collaborations, and harnessing the ingenuity of local African innovators, the competition will also serve to help achieve the objectives of SDG 17 - building partnerships to drive SDG attainment.
    Amma Lartey, Africa Regional Director, Reach for Change
    Social entrepreneurship is an essential piece of the puzzle in this quest to improve job prospects for African youth, and also to reduce poverty, and promote economic growth at a critical time for our region.
    Amma Sefa-Dedeh Lartey & Fiona Munezero Buchanan
    With well over 200 million youth in Africa - a population that is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years - addressing barriers to gainful youth employment must be a top priority for all sectors of society.
    Amma Sefa-Dedeh Lartey & Fiona Munezero Buchanan
    ”In the larger perspective we ought to talk more on the way we look upon children; do we really see them as being their own actors? Do they have a voice? Or are we just seeing them as a possession of their parents? The adult world can learn a great deal from children if we just open our eyes and ears”
    Elin Wernquist
    ”I think a lot of the work in preventing child abuse has to do with changing norms. I believe that Sweden has taken a leading position in this work and should be seen as a role model to other countries. Children are not just a possession of their parents, they are their own individuals, whose well-being lies in the interest of the whole society”
    Kate Albright
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