As the name implies, Scandic Spectrum offers a wide variety of experiences. Our vision is to be a dynamic and welcoming hotel both inside and out. I’m extremely proud today to be opening this fantastic hotel with my 130-strong team. We can’t wait to welcome guests and locals to stay or just hang out with us and perhaps spend the day in our spa, sip a craft cocktail on the rooftop terrace or meet friends for a social dining experience
Kirsten Glente Grindsted, General Manager at Scandic Spectrum
As the largest hotel operator in the Nordics and based on many years’ experience running hotels, we see great potential in this new and different hotel. The hotel offers a wide range of experiences whether you’re on a weekend getaway in Copenhagen, looking for a unique conference venue or just want to enjoy our spa facilities or a social happening
Søren Faerber, Head of Scandic Denmark
Sustainability has played an important role at Scandic since the start and as the largest hotel company in the Nordics, we also have a responsibility to constantly develop and set a good example for the entire industry. I’m proud that sustainability is integrated in all aspects of Scandic Spectrum, especially at our unique restaurants that demonstrate how we can be a part of the solution without compromising on quality
Søren Faerber, Head of Scandic Denmark
We’ve had an good dialogue with Munkebjerg Group and we are very happy to have the opportunity to take over this fantastic hotel. We are already familiar with the region, a popular area that attracts business and leisure travelers alike and where we see continued strong hotel demand. By welcoming this new hotel to the Scandic family, we see great opportunities to continue developing the hospitality industry in the area
Søren Faerber, Head of Scandic Hotels Denmark
We are pleased to have entered into a partnership regarding Hotel Opus Horsens with Scandic, a skilled hotel operator that shares our values. After 50 years of running hotels, it’s great to be able to take a step back and instead manage the property with Scandic as tenant
Hans Geschwendtner from Munkebjerg Group
This marks the beginning of a new era for Scandic Holmenkollen Park. The hotel has a history that stretches back 128 years, and by renovating and modernizing it, we’re well prepared for the future. Scandic Holmenkollen Park has a unique location high above Oslo and we are very much looking forward to welcoming our first summer guests
Claus Petersen, Hotel Director at Scandic Holmenkollen Park
Scandic Holmenkollen Park is ideally located where the city meets the great outdoors, which means it attracts a wide target group. At a time when many people want to vacation in Oslo, it is a privilege to reopen the hotel and at the same time make 376 more rooms available in Oslo’s hotel market
Asle Prestegard, Head of Scandic Hotels Norway
It is with great pride and joy that we’re reopening this hotel gem today. This is the largest renovation we’ve ever carried out and the result is a state-of-the-art hotel that not only stands out in Norway, but also internationally
Christian Ringnes, CEO of Eiendomsspar
We now have a hotel that is well equipped for the future, and I have great faith that the new Scandic Holmenkollen Park will make it even more attractive and exciting to visit our capital
Jan Erik Rivelsrud, owner and board member of Rica Eiendom
Together with my fantastic 180-strong team, I’m thrilled to be opening a hotel that will take Gothenburg to new heights – a place where guests will be able to enjoy a taste of Miami on the roof at Above and the ideal venue for meetings both grand and intimate. I feel great pride knowing what Scandic Göteborg Central will bring to Gothenburg. Our important task is to create memorable experiences for guests and locals, especially now that the city is gearing up for its largest event season yet
Malin Odéhn, General Manager at Scandic Göteborg Central
It’s great to be opening Scandic’s 89th hotel in Sweden in Vasakronan’s spectacular building at the same time as we are creating more than 180 new jobs in the city. Gothenburg is an important market for us and I think that opening Scandic Göteborg Central sends a clear signal that we are committed to continuing to create great experiences and even more reasons to visit the city
says Peter Jangbratt, Head of Sweden at Scandic Hotels
Scandic Nørreport doesn’t just mark the opening of a new boutique hotel with a great location and fantastic rooftop bar, it also marks the beginning of a busy summer during which we’re looking forward to welcoming Nordic travelers back to Copenhagen again. The size and design of the hotel suit this part of the city and will strengthen our position in the hotel market in Copenhagen as we offer guests a new and slightly different type of Scandic hotel experience compared with our existing portfolio in the capital
Søren Faerber, Head of Scandic Hotels Denmark
It feels great to bring a new Scandic hotel to Copenhagen. Together with my entire team, I’m looking forward to welcoming guests to a hotel with a distinct international yet local atmosphere where they can enjoy spectacular views from the rooftop bar and end the day with a great night’s sleep in one of our 100 rooms
Mads Brockmann-Petersen, General Manager at Scandic Nørreport
Meeting the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s new requirements shows just how ambitious Scandic is in taking responsibility for protecting the environment and addressing climate change. Scandic has focused on sustainability for many years and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the most important tools in this process. I hope that other hotels will be inspired by Scandic and follow suit
Martin Fabiansen, Director of Ecolabelling Denmark
It’s fantastic to finally open the doors to Helsingborg’s newest hotel – a unique place to meet and stay for locals and far-flung guests alike. Scandic Oceanhamnen will have a central place on Helsingborg’s hotel map, not least with its spectacular rooftop terrace and relaxation area on the top floor – a space that residents, businesspeople, hotel guests and locals will be able to enjoy. Along with my team, I am very proud to be opening a new venue where people can meet, eat, enjoy the view and get a good night’s sleep with as little environmental impact as possible
Elisabeth Persson, General Manager at Scandic Oceanhamnen
Scandic Oceanhamnen is a milestone in our hotel portfolio. For us, it is important to not only look at a property’s environmental impact and longevity, but also ensure that we have as little impact as possible and address all aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Scandic Oceanhamnen will also allow us to test new sustainability concepts that will hopefully become the standard and further strengthen our position when it comes to sustainability
Sustainability Director at Scandic Hotels
We’d been looking at expanding in Helsingborg for some time, and when Oceanhamnen and our real estate partner Granitor appeared on our radar, we felt it was the perfect fit. Helsingborg is an important driver in one of the Nordic region’s largest labor market regions, and we see a positive dynamic in the constellation of leisure and business travelers who travel to or pass through Helsingborg every year
Peter Jangbratt, Head of Sweden at Scandic Hotels
This fantastic hotel will consolidate our position as a leading hotel operator in Northern Norway and not least in a growing Tromsø. We already have two well-established hotels in the city, and our new hotel in this new district will be an attractive meeting place that will strengthen our hotel offering for leisure travelers in a region where we see that demand for hotels is increasing
Asle Prestegard, Head of Scandic Hotels Norway
April 5 is the historic day we’re closing the doors of our old hotel and opening the doors of Scandic Kiruna in the new city center. I speak for myself and my team members when I say that it feels great to welcome guests, visitors and residents of Kiruna to the new hotel. Scandic Kiruna is an important piece of the puzzle in starting up the new city center. Now, together with the local business community, we have the important task of increasing the influx of domestic, international and leisure travelers to Kiruna
Peter Salomonsson, General Manager at Scandic Kiruna.
Kebnekaise in all her winter beauty – that was my inspiration. One side of the building is soft and smooth as if polished by a retreating glacier as it rises upwards, while the opposite side is more rugged. At the bottom, there’s a comfortable base camp and at the top, a sky bar, so that just like when you ascend a summit, you can reward yourself with a glass of champagne
Thomas Sandell, Architect SAR SIR/MSA, Sandellsandberg.
Scandic has been an integral part of Kiruna since 1995. And with our high stake in the city, it’s extremely gratifying to open a new hotel where we’re expanding room capacity by 60 rooms and enabling large gatherings in Kiruna with our new meeting facilities that connect the hotel to the conference center. As a destination, with its scenic mountain landscape and large-scale industries, Kiruna offers an exciting dynamic of domestic and international business travelers as well as leisure travelers, and our new hotel is designed to suit all of these target groups
Peter Jangbratt, Head of Sweden at Scandic Hotels.
Today, together with my team and after months of anticipation, I feel especially proud to welcome the first guests to our splendid new hotel. Scandic Örebro Central is an important addition to the hotel landscape in Örebro – a hub for business and leisure travelers where the city and hotel flow seamlessly into an urban living room. Our proximity to the city center means that after a full day, guests can return to the hotel easily for a great night’s sleep. We’re really looking forward to running this hotel in such a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere
Jimmy Myhrinder, General Manager of Scandic Örebro Central
Örebro is a natural logistics center in the middle of Sweden, and with a strong government presence and flourishing business community, the region is an important market for us. We see growth opportunities in both business and leisure travel
Peter Jangbratt, Head of Sweden at Scandic Hotels
This project with our partner Corem brings the number of Scandic hotels in Örebro up to three, which means that Scandic now operates 596 hotel rooms in the city. This gives us a favorable starting point as the hospitality industry recovers after two years of pandemic
Peter Jangbratt, Head of Sweden at Scandic Hotels
Being commissioned to create a new hotel for Scandic is always exciting. We know that it’s important for Scandic to be an integral part of any city it operates in and that inclusion in all areas is critical. For us, this means getting to know a place and its history and then reflecting it in the design. In our work at Scandic Örebro Central, we’ve focused on qualitative materials that both age beautifully and last – an important aspect for achieving sustainability goals
Lena Arthur, Architect MSA/SIR MFA at Wingårdhs
Scandic’s new hotel in Sundsvall will be a modern and attractive meeting place ideally located in an exciting area where we can see a growing demand for hotel accommodations. We’ve been developing the hotel together with Skanska for the past two years and naturally, it feels extremely positive to be further strengthening our hotel offering in the city
Peter Jangbratt, Head of Scandic Hotels Sweden
We’re seeing greater demand for digital self-service solutions in our Nordic markets, which is why we’re introducing a digital booking service for smaller meetings on short notice. This is a much-anticipated feature for anyone who wants to schedule and hold meetings on short notice, regardless of where they are in the Nordic region
Anna Spjuth, Chief Commercial Officer at Scandic Hotels Group
Throughout the pandemic, our rate of innovation has been high and we’ve launched several new offerings for our guests. Due to the current situation, digitalization in the entire industry has picked up speed in pace with changed guest and visitor needs and behaviors. The fact that we’re now launching a digital booking service for meetings is a good example of how we are creating flexibility in our meeting business, both for our guests and team members
Anna Spjuth, Chief Commercial Officer at Scandic Hotels Group
We’re delighted to have been chosen to deliver an online booking solution for meetings and events to Scandic Hotels. This cooperation further strengthens our mutual belief that customers want to book services online, saving time for both Scandic’s guests and team members
Joonas Ahola, CEO & Founder of MeetingPackage
We’re thrilled to be able give this historic Turku hotel a third lease on life. Turku is an important tourist destination for Finland and there is great interest in visiting the city from domestic and international tourists alike. For leisure travelers, Turku is an interesting destination as well as a gateway to the Finnish archipelago. It’s also a fairway for international cruise traffic and important passenger and cargo traffic to and from Sweden
Aki Käyhkö, Head of Scandic Finland
It's fantastic to finally open Scandic Hamburger Börs. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of interest in the hotel even before it opened. Our hotel rooms are almost sold out on weekends in November and December and we can see a pent-up need to stay on weekdays as well. Now we will work hard to provide as great a guest experience as possible so that going forward, we’ll have a full hotel every day of the week
Mikko Henriksson, General Manager of the newly opened Scandic Hamburger Börs
Åsa is a strong leader with broad experience from CFO roles on the Group level. With her solid background, she’ll be a very valuable addition to our team and I look forward to welcoming her to Scandic during a strong recovery period after the pandemic
Jens Mathiesen, President & CEO of Scandic Hotels Group
Working with hotels is a dream for me since I love great service and being part of creating people’s experiences. Hospitality is an industry of the future and with its strong brand and corporate culture, Scandic is in a good position to continue its development after 18 tough months. It’s an exciting journey that I’m looking forward to being a part of together with Jens and my new colleagues
Åsa Wirén, incoming CFO of Scandic Hotels Group
Before the start of our talent program, the Executive Committee determines focus areas that align with the company’s overall strategy. This year’s talents have done an impressive job deep diving into areas such as digitalization, commercial optimization and human resources, areas that have become increasingly important in the wake of the pandemic. It has been fantastic to follow their development and I’m convinced that they’ll go far within Scandic
Jens Mathiesen, President & CEO of Scandic Hotels Group
Continuing to invest in our internal talent program and training team members to become tomorrow’s leaders has been critical during the pandemic. We are a strong and cohesive organization at Scandic and having an additional 30 talents who have now been trained to take on leadership roles is important when we as a company are facing a general lack of skills in our industry
Maud Samuelsson, responsible for leadership development at Scandic Hotels Group
The past year has taught us that our working day doesn’t necessarily have to start with stress and rush hour traffic, but also that we need more dynamic environments than our home offices to get inspired. Starting your day with a relaxing, luxurious hotel breakfast is quite possibly the best way to begin your workday. And a breakfast meeting is the perfect way to rebuild your network after more than a year and a half of pandemic living
Anna Spjuth, Chief Commercial Officer at Scandic Hotels Group
Both small and large companies are looking for increased flexibility for their employees, regardless of whether it’s at the office or at a distance. At our hotels, we can offer dynamic, flexible and cost-efficient workspaces and environments close to home or on the go, something that has proven to be very popular
Anna Spjuth, Chief Commercial Officer at Scandic Hotels Group
Tess and Marcus are two very welcome additions to Scandic’s commercial team and the accelerated innovation journey we’re currently on. They will bring broad expertise in e-commerce and digital service and brand development. I look forward to working with them to continue strengthening and developing Scandic’s offering
Anna Spjuth, Chief Commercial Officer at Scandic Hotels Group.
It’s fantastic to be joining Scandic as the hospitality industry begins its restart. There is a strong focus on innovation and digitalization and together with my new colleagues, I look forward to creating commercial growth through an increased focus on the digital customer journey and to further strengthening Scandic’s development going forward
Tess Mattisson, Head of E-commerce & Customer Digital Development at Scandic Hotels Group.
Scandic is an exciting company at the epicenter of the hospitality industry and I am both happy and proud to be able to play a central role in the continued work to operate and develop one of the Nordic region’s most well-known brands. As the industry starts up again, I look forward to working with the rest of the Scandic team to create the hotel experiences of the future and welcome both previous and new guests to Scandic.
Marcus Hammarström, Head of Marketing at Scandic Hotels Group.
This past year of the pandemic has shown that we can all take responsibility for everything from keeping social distance to staying at home when we have even the slightest symptoms. Every day at our hotels, we meet and inspire thousands of guests, and even small everyday things like making sure we extinguish grills at picnics, traveling as environmentally friendly as possible and putting waste in garbage cans or recycling bins can make a huge difference.
Magnus Ljungberg, Director of Sustainability at Scandic Hotels Group.
Scandic Göteborg Central will be the new meeting place in the city whether it’s to launch the latest electric car or just sip a cocktail and enjoy the panoramic view from the rooftop terrace. The vibrant hotel environment will rejuvenate Gothenburg and take the city to new heights, and it is with great excitement that we’re now shifting into a higher gear as we get closer to opening the event and meeting hotel of the future
Malin Odéhn, General Manager at Scandic Göteborg Central
We’re in an interesting position as the hospitality industry is undergoing a significant restart. Scandic Göteborg Central is an extremely important way for Scandic to be involved in developing Gothenburg into the Sweden’s foremost city for meetings, events and sustainable tourism. The hotel’s strategic location, just a couple hundred meters from Gothenburg Central Station, and the easy access by road create the right conditions for attracting both domestic and international meeting and event guests going forward
Kristian Andreasson, District Director for Western & Southern Sweden at Scandic Hotels
I’m extremely proud today that together with my team, I am finally able to open the huge glass sections that form the entrance to Scandic Landvetter. This is where the terminal and hotel lobby of the future flow seamlessly into each other. At Scandic Landvetter, leisure and business travelers are blended in everything from the restaurant with its open kitchen and lobby to the conference spaces with their dynamic meeting facilities. I am now looking forward to welcoming travelers from afar as well as West Coast residents to Scandic Landvetter
Lina Lilja, General Manager at Scandic Landvetter
We’ve been wanting to establish ourselves at Göteborg Landvetter Airport for many years. And now, together with strong partners in Swedavia and Midstar and in line with our customers and guests’ wishes, we can offer an international airport hotel that provides opportunities for efficient meetings without even having to leave the terminal. With Scandic Landvetter, we’re taking another step toward strengthening Scandic internationally and also positioning ourselves well as the hospitality industry readies itself for a restart
Peter Jangbratt, Head of Sweden at Scandic Hotels
Multi-booking is a feature that leisure and business travelers have requested to further simplify the booking process since earlier, you needed to call customer service to book several stays on one trip. It’s fantastic to be the first in the industry with this new feature that lets you book several stays in one go yourself – just like your own little travel agency
Anna Spjuth, Chief Commercail Officer
After a year of pandemic and the changes it has led to in our organization, this is an important recruitment. Fredrik has solid experience of driving business-related change management and a wide range of skills within HR processes and systems in addition to corporate values across several markets.
Jens Mathiesen, President & CEO of Scandic Hotels
Scandic is known for its inspiring culture and strong brand, and it’s really exciting to be joining the Scandic team this fall. The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and it’s now more vital than ever to maintain a strong focus on employees, common structures and professional development, areas where I can contribute extensive experience.
Fredrik Wetterlundh
It feels absolutely fantastic that thousands of consumers have named us the industry's most sustainable brand, year after year. For us, this is proof that Scandic leads the way by being the most inclusive company for the many people, continues to lead the development towards better food and and beverage with less impact and works to offer all our guests the most sustainable room experience. We are humble before the task and very grateful for the trust of our guests, consumers and decision-makers,
Magnus Ljungberg, Sustainability Director at Scandic Hotels.
For many years, Svein Arild has successfully led Scandic’s Norwegian operations. As Chief Portfolio Officer he has driven constructive dialogues with our property owners, which was crucial to get us through a period of extremely low occupancy. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Svein Arild for his contributions to Scandic and I wish him all the best as he now moves on to new challenges. Together with Vice President Business Development Jesper Engman, I will take over responsibility for discussions with property owners regarding lease agreements, a prioritized area for us,
Jens Mathiesen, President & CEO of Scandic Hotels Group AB.