“For the past several years, Marie has been a key part of our success in Europe and Australia, and we are excited about the impact she will have leading our engineering team."
PETER WELLS Chief Executive Officer
"Modular FACTS will allow us to technologically drive the development of the electricity sector in our country, and the successful results of this project will enable its use in Latin America,"
“ELES is proud to join forces with Smart Wires. Both companies have seen the strength in each other’s capabilities and have similar outlooks in terms of our commitment to innovation”
“Smart Wires has a compelling product, and clear strategy within a rapidly growing market and a phenomenal team focused on serving our customers to enable them to create the highly efficient grids the world needs. I am personally and professionally committed to this vision and look forward to working with our customers and the entire team to help facilitate the global energy transition.”
PETER WELLS Chief Executive Officer
“Electricity grids play a pivotal role in achieving the 2030 and 2050 climate action goals for Europe. We need to build flexibility into our existing and new infrastructure to cater for the uncertainty that is inherent when predicting how society will use our grids in the future,”
MARIE HAYDEN General Manager - Europe
“We are proud to partner with electric utilities to accelerate a low-cost path to global decarbonization by dramatically increasing the delivery of electricity through today’s existing power grids.”
GREGG ROTENBERG Chief Executive Officer
“We see this innovative technology as having the potential to allow us to use the network more efficiently and reduce the need for redispatch”
“Optimization of the grid is a no-regrets option.”
“This is probably the world’s top honor for a company that has graduated from the early growth stages and is now making a major global impact"
GREGG ROTENBERG Chief Executive Officer
“Smart Wires is honored that our solutions were included on a very short and prestigious list of technologies recognized as critical enablers of the energy transition”
GREGG ROTENBERG Chief Executive Officer
“Smart Wires’ power flow technology is a game-changer in the energy industry and is changing the way grid operators across the world think about integrating renewables.
MICHAEL WALSH Managing Director - Europe
At its heart, this is a story of optimization. It continues to forge the path towards renewable energy, while saving money for our customers. It’s the key to unlocking extra capacity in a safe, cost-effective, and fast way.
IAN CAMERON Head of Innovation - UKPN
With Smart Wires we foresee the potential to optimise the use of our existing infrastructure by making our network more dynamic, to redirect electricity quickly with the aim to meet our customers’ needs in a reliable and efficient way.
SEAN MC GOLDRICK Executive Manager for Asset Management - Western Power
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