This is the first of what we expect to be many projects for Smart Wires in Canada, where electric transmission system owners are working hard to connect consumers with affordable, renewable energy. We are proud to collaborate with companies who are embracing the potential of technologies like ours to create a digital, secure and accessible grid.
Jessica Joyce, Smart Wires Chief Sales Officer
Signing the Inflation Reduction Act into law is a significant step forward for the future of our planet; we commend and support this significant step. While not a direct investment in the grid, and the infrastructure needed to support the energy transition, this unprecedented investment into the deployment of renewable generation and the electrification of demand is very positive. Ultimately, we also need to invest in and develop a digital edge-to-edge grid… a global energy network that creates a platform capable of connecting more renewable energy, faster, and enabling demand-side electrification. This platform would empower the consumer, connect the producer, and enable a new paradigm of flexible, adaptive grid operations. The backbone of the energy transition is a digital grid — it needs to be front-and-center as we build our net zero future.
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
We are one of the industry leaders in the Dynamic Ratings space in Europe with technology proven on live utility systems for over 10 years. Partnering with Smart Wires will accelerate our growth, as Smart Wires has a demonstrated global track record of working with utilities to solve complex challenges on the grid by getting more from today’s infrastructure.
Andrej Souvent, Operato CEO
Smart Wires teaming up with Operato significantly strengthens our current commercial offering by combining modelling, analytics, power flow control and dynamic ratings. This partnership creates a high-impact value proposition for our customers.
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
We see three stages of the evolution of the grid, driven by grid enhancing technologies. Today is mostly transactional and application focused. Services will then layer on top of applications. Finally, the grid then needs to become a seamless digital platform providing a flexible system capable of managing variability and integrating load and demand.
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
We are proud to announce further progress in Latin America with ISA Group. ISA Group is well-respected throughout the region for their technical rigor and industry leadership. This announcement shows how a market evolves from pilot, to initial application, to large-scale applications and ultimately to platform adoption.
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
I am excited to join Smart Wires as it’s focused on industrialization and scale. Our future depends on our ability to continuously deliver an exceptional customer experience through the outstanding quality of our products and services.
Jeremy Knepper, Smart Wires SVP, Quality
Over the past decade, Smart Wires has established itself as the leader in modular power flow control technology. As the company continues to industrialize and expand its product offerings, I look forward to helping deliver innovative, high-value technical solutions to meet our customers’ needs.
Sundar Baladhandapani, Smart Wires Sr Director of Controls & Communication
In this exciting phase of our company’s growth, Jessica will be key to driving our continued expansion across North and South America. Jessica’s proven leadership experience, coupled with her extensive expertise and passion for the energy transition, is a huge asset for our teams across the region.
Michael Walsh, Smart Wires Chief Commercial Officer
After spending almost 15 years in the wind industry I have seen first-hand just how central the electricity grid is to reaching net zero. There is growing recognition of the need to rapidly increase transmission capacity across the Americas, most recently with the introduction of the CHARGE Act which encourages greater use of grid enhancing technologies and non-transmission alternatives. It’s great to see the excitement building in the grid companies as they focus on new opportunities to deliver modernized, flexible and efficient grids that enable the energy transition.
Jessica Joyce, Smart Wires SVP - Americas
It’s incredibly exciting to see the grid finally get much-needed time in the spotlight. The CHARGE Act makes sure we’re not only able to build new infrastructure, but that we’re getting the most out of today’s grid as well.
Jessica Joyce, Smart Wires Senior Vice President, Americas
With the implementation of these innovative devices, the Group contributes to the country's energy security. In addition, among their functional advantages, SmartValves offer wide environmental and economic benefits, as they provide solutions to different needs in the short, medium, and long term for the country, since they reduce the obligation to carry out new transmission projects, such as lines and substations, to adequately dispatch the energy generated. We are instead using SmartValve technology to redistribute power flows across our lines and get more from our existing grid. This technology is a timely and cost-effective way to increase the capacity on this part of our network, without disrupting local communities and the environment.
Fredy Zuleta, Grupo Energía Bogotá General Manager of Transmission
Colombia has become a global leader in leveraging technology to enable a cleaner, greener future. GEB’s project follows a successful initial installation by Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM) last year. Further SmartValve projects will be delivered later in 2022 by other transmission owners across the country providing additional capacity for renewables connecting across the grid.
Joaquin Peirano, Smart Wires Commercial Manager – Latin America
GETs are increasingly becoming the solution-of-choice for utilities who are seeking to modernize their grids and achieve decarbonization. We’re seeing commercial momentum building in our key markets, where more and more utilities are moving towards implementing our technology, and existing projects are paving the way for its wide-scale adoption.
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
Advanced technological solutions like SmartValve enable us to unlock extra capacity on our existing network – ensuring stable, reliable supply, more renewable energy, and less requirement for new infrastructure. Essentially this technology is improving utilization of our current network; the result being lower prices for our customers, less impact on the environment and our communities, and an increase in the amount of renewables we can safely integrate.
Steven Neave, AusNet Services Executive General Manager of Network Management & Digital
The success of this project shows the impact innovative power technology is having, and companies like AusNet are at the forefront of this important change. They’re taking an alternative, intelligent approach to reducing congestion and increasing the amount of renewables that can be accommodated, and in doing so are providing important benefits for their customers and the Australian energy landscape.
Aidan Lawlor, Smart Wires General Manager APAC
We’re excited to start welcoming our team to the new RTP site early next year, and we look forward to joining the vibrant thriving community of businesses who are already here
Shannon Ross, Smart Wires CPO
Smart Wires has a team of world-class engineers that are leading the way in developing technologies to help electric utilities all around the world to evolve their grids. Our new laboratories and growing team in North Carolina will enable us to expand our product development, access R&D partnerships and benefit from the local manufacturing know-how and infrastructure
Haroon Inam, Smart Wires CTO
Innovative projects like this are key to Europe’s energy transition and we are delighted to be collaborating with Smart Wires and ESO to improve utilization of our existing networks
George Papaioannou, Director of IPTO Research, Technology & Development Department
Increasing interconnection capacity across Europe has been identified as a necessary enabler of market integration and reaching a decarbonized future. This project will do just that – significantly increasing interconnection capacity and heralding a new era of solving grid challenges with rapidly deployable, flexible next-generation technology
Mark Norton, Smart Wires Vice President, Business Development Europe
This technology could potentially increase the capacity of the existing network and provide greater operational flexibility to manage constraints
Mr. Christos – Spyridon Karavas, Senior Engineer and Technical Consultant of IPTO Research, Technology & Development Department,
At NGET we’re committed to finding new ways to make the most of our existing network, delivering a cleaner, fairer and more affordable energy system that serves everyone. Our Smart Wires project is using new technology at substations in the North of England to unlock extra capacity, allowing greater volumes of renewable power to be efficiently transferred to customers. By expanding the initial SmartValve projects in line with the evolving needs of our network, we’re looking at delivering a further 500 MW of capacity - enough to power more than 300,000 homes – enabling us to release extra capacity quickly and without the need for new, costly infrastructure projects.
Zac Richardson, NGET Director of New Infrastructure
We are delighted to collaborate with NGET and our project partner Omexom on this portfolio of projects which leverages the true flexibility, redeployability and scalability of our technology to help decarbonise the UK electricity grid.
Michael Walsh, Smart Wires CCO
As a company we place a huge value on collaboration, seeking diverse perspectives and empowering all team members to make good decisions. This culture is key to our continued success and is reflected in everything we do as a company from recruiting to safely delivering projects.
Brian Martin Snr, Smart Wires SVP Health & Safety
I am delighted to welcome Julie, Shannon, Brian and Brad to the company, and congratulate Marie again on her promotion to the Chief Engineer role. The wealth of talent, experience and diverse perspectives these individuals bring will be extremely valuable to us as we continue to scale up our business and position Smart Wires for sustainable, rapid and profitable growth.
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
We welcome Joanna and Sharon to Smart Wires’ Board of Directors. These appointments significantly strengthen our regulatory, finance, accounting, growth, and strategy expertise, and complement the existing Board of Directors and Leadership team. The strong business acumen, breadth of experience, and diverse perspectives that Joanna and Sharon bring to our Board will be extremely valuable at this exciting stage of our company’s journey.
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
We are delighted to welcome Julie to Smart Wires. Julie’s prior experience in Wright Medical will be extremely valuable to us as we continue to scale up our business and position Smart Wires for sustainable, rapid and profitable growth.
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
Smart Wires is the leading power technology company in the clean tech sector. I’m excited to join this exceptional global team, particularly at this massive inflexion point for strong growth and momentum in the company’s journey. I look forward to helping further strengthen our market position and contributing to Smart Wires’ goal of accelerating the energy transition.
Julie Andrews, Smart Wires CFO
The decision to relocate follows significant company and market growth. With the rapidly increasing demand for grid enhancing technologies around the world, we’re at a critical inflection point in our journey. Choosing the right strategic location for our Headquarters is key to our future success as we continue to help electric utilities across the globe solve their biggest challenges and evolve their grids
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
Not only is North Carolina a strong hub for smart grid businesses, it also provides significant access to talent, R&D partnerships, manufacturing know-how, and exceptional infrastructure that is continuously growing and improving. this move provides the ideal support for rapid and sustained growth, and better positioning for our global customer base, and manufacturing and supply chain partnerships. We’re excited for this next major chapter in our company’s history, and are looking forward to being part of the vibrant and innovative business community of North Carolina,.
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
North Carolina’s transition to a clean energy economy enhances our reputation as a forward looking, attractive business location. Smart Wires’ selection of the Research Triangle for its headquarters shows our state has the skilled workforce and public policies to support one of the most promising new industries of the 21st Century, and we welcome this innovative company to our state.
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper
By participating in this project, EirGrid is not only helping to future proof its network but contributing to the global energy transition by supporting the development of tools that can be rolled out to grid operators across the world. We are delighted to partner with Smart Wires and EPRI on this important work.
Mark Foley, EirGrid Chief Executive
Power flow control technology will be crucial to countries meeting their climate action obligations. This project will be watched with interest globally and is another example of European technology leadership in the energy transition. We already see major global interest in this work as countries seek ways to unlock the full potential of their grids to enable the energy transition
Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO
The value of Smart Wires’ mobile technology is that it can be delivered in months, installed in hours and reused at multiple different locations. Power flow control is not new, but this innovative mobile deployment method provides the industry with an incredibly flexible and high-impact solution, which ultimately delivers a faster, lower cost and better way to plan and operate power systems.
DIMITAR ZARCHEV, National Dispatching Center Director, ESO
This project showcases true innovation – redeploying large scale grid infrastructure seamlessly from one grid to another to solve multiple problems. This equipment was first deployed in Greece in 2019 to reduce renewable congestion as a joint project with the Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator. ESO and IPTO have shown global leadership on this project which has caught the imagination of operators from all over Europe, the US, Australia and Latin America. We’re proud to partner with the Flexitranstore consortium to ensure these types of tools can be adopted across Europe.
MARK NORTON, Vice President of European Business Development
Coming from the wind industry, I understand the pain that renewable developers feel as they wait years and pay upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars to interconnect to the grid. This legislation would ensure that fast, low-cost solutions like Smart Wires and other GETs are considered as grid operators seek to resolve the system constraints created when new generators connect.
PETER WELLS, Chief Executive Officer
This legislation would complement efforts already underway at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to increase alignment as Transmission Owners contemplate implementing these flexible and efficient technologies. It’s very encouraging to see multiple branches of the US Federal Government coming together to tackle various challenges associated with achieving President Biden’s goal of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
MARK FREYMAN, General Manager, Americas
“For the past several years, Marie has been a key part of our success in Europe and Australia, and we are excited about the impact she will have leading our engineering team."
PETER WELLS Chief Executive Officer
"Modular FACTS will allow us to technologically drive the development of the electricity sector in our country, and the successful results of this project will enable its use in Latin America,"
“ELES is proud to join forces with Smart Wires. Both companies have seen the strength in each other’s capabilities and have similar outlooks in terms of our commitment to innovation”
“Smart Wires has a compelling product, and clear strategy within a rapidly growing market and a phenomenal team focused on serving our customers to enable them to create the highly efficient grids the world needs. I am personally and professionally committed to this vision and look forward to working with our customers and the entire team to help facilitate the global energy transition.”
PETER WELLS Chief Executive Officer
“Electricity grids play a pivotal role in achieving the 2030 and 2050 climate action goals for Europe. We need to build flexibility into our existing and new infrastructure to cater for the uncertainty that is inherent when predicting how society will use our grids in the future,”
MARIE HAYDEN General Manager - Europe
“We are proud to partner with electric utilities to accelerate a low-cost path to global decarbonization by dramatically increasing the delivery of electricity through today’s existing power grids.”
GREGG ROTENBERG Chief Executive Officer
“We see this innovative technology as having the potential to allow us to use the network more efficiently and reduce the need for redispatch”
“Optimization of the grid is a no-regrets option.”
“This is probably the world’s top honor for a company that has graduated from the early growth stages and is now making a major global impact"
GREGG ROTENBERG Chief Executive Officer
“Smart Wires is honored that our solutions were included on a very short and prestigious list of technologies recognized as critical enablers of the energy transition”
GREGG ROTENBERG Chief Executive Officer
“Smart Wires’ power flow technology is a game-changer in the energy industry and is changing the way grid operators across the world think about integrating renewables.
MICHAEL WALSH Managing Director - Europe
At its heart, this is a story of optimization. It continues to forge the path towards renewable energy, while saving money for our customers. It’s the key to unlocking extra capacity in a safe, cost-effective, and fast way.
IAN CAMERON Head of Innovation - UKPN
With Smart Wires we foresee the potential to optimise the use of our existing infrastructure by making our network more dynamic, to redirect electricity quickly with the aim to meet our customers’ needs in a reliable and efficient way.
SEAN MC GOLDRICK Executive Manager for Asset Management - Western Power
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